Tuesday, 6 March 2018

What do you think of a blog without David ?

Josh are you there ?

Yes, Rach....

The name is Rachel Josh, not Rach.

Sorry Rach. What can I do for you ?

I think we should ban David from the blog today.

Is that because he played those two punk records yesterday ?


Is it because yesterday's blog did not attract a big audience ?  You are not going to sack him are you Madam Chairman ?

No, I just thought we could talk about the webcam broadcast from yesterday without David chipping in all the time.

What do you think Jo, should we ban him today ?

Don't ask me, I didn't watch him playing records on webcam. besides I've got to get my little one ready for

He is a bit of a nutter but the way  he presented the webcam show was funny.

I guess so, to use your terminology Josh I guess he was a bit of a nutter even at school.

A lot of people listened to the music during the broadcast though.


What do you think of David's blog yesterday ?  Nobody posted any comments which is unusual.

I think it may have been a bit too much for people to take in. (If you missed yesterday's page CLICK HERE)

It will be great when David's dream does come true.

Will it come true Jo?

Of course it will.

When he was messing about with the vinyl on webcam yesterday David played You'll Never Walk Alone by Gerry And The Pacemakers.

I  love that song.

So do I Rach.

Shall we play the way David has made this a station anthem ?

I am looking forward to playing the music at the Willen Hospice fete in the summer.

Will be good Josh. Yesterday Graham gave us some giant speakers we can use to fill the field with sound.

Gary has set up a JustGiving page for the event. CLICK HERE.

I like the video he made to support Jo's Hope.

I think that David should publish that appeal more widely.

I do not think The Royal Opera House will be pleased with the review David has published widely about last night's performance.

I doubt Cineworld will be thrilled to read that either.

It's a Cineworld building David used to illustrate his dream on yesterday's page.

Was it ?

Did you know tha David received a letter from Her Majesty's Revenue And Customs yesterday ?  It was all about paying tax on the profits Radio Love International Limited makes.

Yeh, he said when he has had it translated from gobbledegook into proper English he will share it with us.

David, were he writing this blog, would play some music now.

What about this ?

During that webcam broadcast yesterday David said we have a lot of vinyl featuring Adam and the Ants.  I wonder if we have that.

HMRC is NOT a good cause we want to support. But this is.

Did you see all the bags and boxes behind David on webcam
yesterday ?  They were the FIVE HUNDRED prizes people gave for the music tombola in Ronald McDonald House next Tuesday.

AND these are some special prizes which we will be looking for new homes at the party.

It's going to be a great day isn't it ?

It is.

You know what Josh, I don't think this blog is working very well.

No, it's not Rach.

It's RachEL Josh, not Rach.

Sorry Rach !

You know why it isn't working ?

Why's that Jo ?

Because we are a team: Jo, Josh, Rachel, Andy, Sokol and David. We need all of us working together.  In David's dream our team will be hundreds strong. To make the dream come true, David's dream, OUR dream - we need such a team.

So let's work as a team to SPREAD THE LOVE and make that dream come true VERY QUICKLY.

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