Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Well that was a bit of a failure wasn't it ?


That was a bit of a failure wasn't it !

What was a failure David ?  Yesterday was an awesome day here at Radio Love International.

The audience figures for yesterday's music blog Josh, just look at them !

Oh that !  Who cares about that ?

One of those one hundred and sixteen listeners was this lady.  She listens to the music on our blog every day, carefully takes a note of what we play and works it into her plan.

Her name is Madam Destiny.

Oh so that is what she looks like.

You going to play a song for her ?

Guess I better had. After yesterday we need to say THANK YOU.

Josh, David stop playing around TELL EVERYONE WHAT HAPPENED.

Did you notice a bit of an increase in the temperature round about two o'clock yesterday afternoon.  Weatherman Andy did you record it ?  We are sure that Madam Destiny made a note of it on her clipboard.

I went out for lunch with Josh and Jelena. I took with me a copy of the presentation I had put together to send out to fifty iconic businesses and organisations within the area. Presentations asking for help finding a studio we can broadcast from. I had emptied my printer of ink producing those fifty copies. 

On Tuesday I 
hand delivered one, posted three with forty-six sitting in stamped envelopes ready to post.

Fortunately paper can be recycled because today they are all going in the bin.

David rang me...........

And me..............

He sang down the phone - WE'VE GOT A STUDIO !

David is not a particularly good singer but those words were like something Shakespeare could have written and David Essex could have sang.

Play a bit of David Essex Josh.

Ok Rach.

The name is RACHEL Josh.

OK Rach.

Within fifteen minutes of saying bye to David after lunch he was hitting me with text messages, missed calls and messages on Skype.

David can be a pain at times but yesterday I will forgive him for going over the top.

Top ?

All four directors of Radio Love International were on TOP, over the top, which ever way you like it - On Top Of The World when we heard the news.

It must have been that bra David looned about in Asda a few weeks back. Asda have offered us a room to use as as studio.

David said to me while we were talking on Skype:  Josh, we make things happen !


Tomorrow the four directors of Radio Love International will be meeting at Asda to look at two rooms. We have our fingers crossed they are suitable.

Excuse me !  This is Madam Destiny speaking, would I have put that on to my clipboard and into my plan if the room was not suitable for your studio.

David take that bra off before those policemen arrest you !

Yes, Madam Destiny.


Yes, Madam Destiny.

Play some music for those two brave officers.


Thing is that offer of a room for a studio was not the only
good - GREAT thing to happen yesterday.

Things come in three's don't they ?

Yesterday I was working on playlists of music for the LEONITE reunion on Sunday. I have included this.

Yes, THREE things happened yesterday.

ANOTHER supermarket chain got in contact. Their Chief Executive Officer got someone to call me and invite us to submit an application to their community fund.  Over lunch Jelena came up with an utterly BRILLIANT idea.  Jo,
we need to talk about that.

What was that David ?

I'll tell you tomorrow Jo.

So what was the third thing then ?

Ooooppppsss !


A pictoral typo.

That's the picture we want.

Either way there isn't any room for any little girls in the back seat. Certainly not in a formula one racing car !

Red Bull Racing would like to donate a prize we can prize we can use within our music to support good causes.

Don't know about walking back to happiness - Radio Love International is walking forward - NO RUNNING, running like crazy to a wonderful happy future.

Yes, Billy we are only half way there at the moment but

Excuse me.....

Yes Freddie.

Can I sing something for you all at Radio Love International ?


Do you think those looking at today's page will understand all of this ? Do you think they will be as excited as we all are ? Is the excitement coming through ?

Working on the playlists yesterday evening someone had requested this.  It's a nice song, David said we have it on vinyl. Listeners to Radio Love International, the charities and good causes we support never forget in us YOU HAVE A FRIEND - YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN US.

Only 116 listeners yesterday !  Who cares ?  On Monday 14th May, when we start live broadcasting from our new studio we are going to ROCK THE WORLD.

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