Thursday, 29 March 2018

We have a guest D J today........

Welcome to the first day of Easter......

Look who we have joining us to spin the music discs today.

WELCOME to the music blog page for this Easter Friday, welcome to all our listeners.

Let's have some fun.

So Mr Easter Bunny what are you going to play for us ?

That was a bit retro !

Thought Radio Love International was a retro pop music station.

OK we stand corrected Mr Easter Bunny.

Easter isn't only about we bunnies you know, must not forget the chicks so I thought I would play this...........

Where are you digging these songs up from Mr Easter Bunny ?

OK let's try something different....

At three o'clock here in England our friends at Sheffield Wednesday kick off against Preston.

So how about I play this for the boys ?

Just a minute - where did we find this bonkers guest DJ ?

Easter Bunny, football is NOT played using a rubber ball !

David who is Sheffield Wednesday's top goal scorer this season ?

Gary Hooper.

What kind of music does Gary like ?

Don't have a clue.

Mr Easter Bunny put this on your turntable and play it for Gary.

OK Sir...................

Come over here and let me whisper, I don't want Easter Bunny to hear what I am about to say.

This picture shows me with mega DJ, Dave Tee - have a look at his website CLICK HERE....

Dave was showing me pics on his phone of some gigs he has played. My gob was truly smacked. He played music for this guy. Mr Bunny spin Darth Vader's theme.

Here's another DJ, radio presenter from MKFM - Greg. He interviewed David last week live on the station.

CLICK HERE and listen to the interview.

You liked his style of presentation didn't you David ?

Yes, he was relaxed and informal yet completely in control of the microphone.

A bit like me you mean ?

No quite Easter Bunny.

OH - what music should I play for him ?

This guy listens to Radio Love International, he has been behind Dave Tee's decks and recorded a video for one of his hits just down the road from MKFM's studio.  Most of the people who will listen to the music on today's music blog will be wired for sound so take it away Mr Easter Bunny.

FRIDAY - that means it's Mama Jo's Caribbean Kitchen run by our very own Jo in support of the homeless. Have you placed your order ?

If not - why not ?

What music should we play for Jo and Mama Jo's Kitchen ?

There's only one song we can play Mr Easter Bunny - this....

Jo do you limbo ?

Mr Easter Bunny you can shut you noise or next week rabbit stew will be on the menu !

How many days to go before Radio Love International starts broadcasting ?


This is Radio Love International's Chairman Rachel here now.

Josh, are you going to give Mr Easter Bunny a job ?

No comment Rach !

Ah go on don't be mean.

Well we could do with someone to make the coffee and serve the cake.

Cake ?

Yeh, you know that delicious chocolate cake you make !

Chocolate cake ?  I  personally prefer carrot cake !

If Josh did give you a job this could be your theme tune....

I am not going to give him a job Rach..............

Remember this picture Rachel ?

Yeh, the very first roadshow in Asda - that was before you came up with the idea for Radio Love David.

Yeh, was just playing music back then. It was even before The Wave of Love Blog. This was the first song we played on that first blog and it will be the first track we play when Radio Love International goes live.

It was you Rachel who came up with the words which are now central to everything we say. SPREAD THE LOVE.....

We are planning another roadshow in Asda Supermarket on Saturday 19th May to celebrate our on-line launch. This week I will be contacting a number of good causes inviting them to join us.

One will be the Food Bank. Let's build a tower of tins during the roadshow. Could we get one thousand customers to add
a tin to the mountain ?

Let's feature Willen Hospice's Family Fun Day. We'll be playing the music there and providing the PA system.

Red Bull F1 have been kind to us so let's feature their chosen charity - Wings For Life.

I think that the way to present a radio show is to have a playlist of likely songs ready then to wing your way through them, not to have a script which you have to follow. I think
that life is better when you wing it.

I agree.... I use my ears as wings when I fly.

I suppose this talk of wings means we should play something by wings. What have you got ?

What about this ?

I have never met Paul McCartney but I did once meet Wing's manager Brian.

You never David ?

Oh Yes Mr Easter Bunny. It was forty years ago but I sat in Paul McCartney's chair as I chatted to Brian.

You sat your bottom on Paul McCartney's office chair ?


So you have a famous bottom ?

Oh SHUT UP and play some more music. Play this.

MARCH OF THE MODS   How many people listening to today's music know what a MOD was.  If you do tell us. CLICK HERE

This piece of music is THE BEATNIK FLY by Johnny And The Hurricanes. Who knows what a Beatnik is ?

And here's a bit more pop trivia for you. Why did John, Paul, George and Ringo call their group BEATLES when the word is properly spelt BEETLES - anyone know ?

So do you want me to play something by The Beatles ?

Only if you play something a bit silly. After all Rabbits are silly aren't they ?

Hey Mr Easter Bunny, are you by any chance related to Buggs ?

He is my older brother.

If you like things silly how about that video David made a while back.

McDonald's do not know yet, I have not told them, but they will be donating one hundred meal vouchers for a FREE tombola we will be playing at the roadshow on 19th May.

Rabbits are vegetarians David, does McDonald's serve carrot burgers ?

How many pieces of music have you played so far Mr Easter
Bunny ?


That's not enough, we always have at least twenty songs on the daily blog.

Really ?  Let me play The Birdie Song for The Easter Chick.

That's RUDE !

Let him play it Josh !


A song for each team member of Radio Love International. Josh - my boss - this is for you THE ETERNAL TEENAGER...

David The Geriatric DJ this next song is for you. Can I also play it please for my Granddad, The Geriatric Rabbit......

Here we go..........

And for Jo, the lady with the big smile and even bigger heart....

Tecccyyyyman I know this is your favourite song .........

Am I doing Ok ?

You are getting better Mr Easter Bunny.


I'll play Weather Man Andy's theme now shall I.

Here's a lovely picture of Chairman Rachel's  granddaughter in the studio of MKFM when her dad, Ben, was being interviewed about his nomination in the Milton Keynes Inspirational Awards.

What shall we play for Nanny then ?

Don't you even think about it Easter Bunny !

Too late the disc is running.

JOSH SACK HIM..............

Actually I thought that was quite funny.

Thank you Boss.  Let me play this now for Ben, Rachel's son.

The words of that song lead so beautifully into the last song I am going to play. The Radio Love International Anthem.

SO this is The Easter Bunny signing off and saying two things....

Thank you for having me on today's music page.  I hope you liked my choice of music.



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