Friday, 23 March 2018

Time to get ready to rock

This is DAVID writing, a solo effort this morning. Usually I edit the page after chatting with all team members but yesterday evening Josh, Rachel and Jo were busy with other things so the normal conversation did not happen. However, we have some AMAZING and EXCITING news to share.

Let's have a song.

Jimmy Clanton reached No.7 on the American billboard charts in 1962 with that song. 1962, OMG that is 58 years ago, I had not yet reached by 12th birthday when this was a hit.

All of today's music will come from the same era. As I write more the reason for this little jump back in time will become apparent.
When the history of radio and music in the twenty-first century is written this picture will become famous. Radio Love International's Chairman RACHEL and myself sitting in a room high up above the customer floor of Asda Supermarket in Bletchley.

Another picture.........

Can you see the shirt I am wearing ? Can you read the words ?



Another piece of music.

The biggest supermarket in the region, part of the world's biggest retailer wishes to give us the room to use as the studio for Radio Love International. The store has caught our vision and is on fire for all we want to do. We are just waiting now for Asda's Head office to give approval
and then we will move in as soon as we can after our mega event at Hillsborough on Saturday 7th April.

You know those app thingies you can run on Facebook ? I clicked into one yesterday morning. This is what it came up with.

Am I smiling ? YOU BET I AM.

More music.

Why music from this particular era ?

Broadcasting will commence at 6am on Monday 14th May. At that moment Radio Love International will rock the world and
SPREAD THE LOVE. I plan on that first day to anchor a show running from 6am right up to 10pm - SIXTEEN HOURS. Asda said they will keep the coffee flowing !

Starting next week I am going to build up a playlist of music to fill those sixteen hours. That last song ran for two and a half minutes. We will need twenty-four similar songs to fill an hour. 24x16 = 384 songs.

Let's have another one.....................

My plan is to divide the broadcast into sixteen different eras of music. Within each hour I will have different people popping by, people from all walks of life. We will chat, enjoy the music and SPREAD THE LOVE.
We have businesses and organisations all round our home city of Milton Keynes lining
up to help us, to support us and to bring their own knives with which to spread the love. If I were to tell you the names of the people standing patiently in that line you would simply not believe me !

It is going to be impossible to stop Radio Love International becoming the world's biggest radio station.

Another song........

Saturday 19th May will be the anniversary of my beautiful daughter Rebekah's death. It is going to be a hard day. Yesterday I suggested we should have a music roadshow on the shop floor of Asda on 19th May to celebrate Rebekah's smile, the smile which is behind Radio Love
International. When I ran the idea past people yesterday they jumped at the idea and said Beck would love it.

Is that OK with you Beck ?

Director of Music, Josh, and I went for coffee yesterday to talk about how we will fill the schedule and play music 24/7/365 !

We do have some presenters waiting in the wings. Time to bring them in and start building the music team.

We have asked Asda if we can have the room as our studio until the end of the year. We believe we will need bigger premises by then.

Our very first music blog was published on 19th January, just over two months ago. Josh was the first person to join me and take my dream forward. We were then soon joined by Jo, Rachel, Andy and Sokol.

Together we make an INCREDIBLE team. There is a strong bond of friendship among us. Who else will become part of
that team ?

Who else will become a part of our friendship group ?

This lady knows.

That lady is Madam Destiny, see the clipboard she is holding ? On that clipboard she is carefully working out her plan for Radio Love International.

Rachel and I chatted yesterday about Destiny. It is creepy how at every turn when we have needed something to happen Madam Destiny has tapped us on the shoulder and said THIS WAY PLEASE.

Over coffee yesterday lunchtime yesterday Josh started to brainstorm some of the things we will need to put into the studio. By the evening Madam Destiny had shown us where those things are to be found.

Radio Love International, the radio station with the biggest heart.

One more song.....

One more song then time to click the mouse and publish today's music page.

How about this ?

Have a wonderful day and SPREAD THE LOVE.............

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