Saturday, 31 March 2018

This will be our last blog

We have to announce that this will be the last music blog published by Radio Love International.

We will NOT be going live as a radio station as planned on Monday 14th May 2018.

Later this morning our website will be taken off-line.

Radio Minus One has served a writ in the high court preventing our operation developing. We can not argue with
the judge. He said that if we played another note we may like to start a prison radio station.

To make matters worse the
manufactures of Hartley's Jam have objected to our use of the words SPREAD THE LOVE.

So before we click the mouse and publish this final blog, before Radio Love International falls silent for ever we have just one thing to say, our epitaf for today, the day the music died..................

Let's rock.....

Robert sing this for Hartley's Jam will you. Thanks................

Samuel sing this song please for all who actually listen to Radio Minus One....................

That's a bit of a dull, miserable song so we suggest you don't bother listening to more than a few bars ! That is unless you are a Radio Minus One fan.

Radio Minus One prepare to meet your doom. There will be no tears shed at your passing.

Did you know that Ken Dodd's song TEARS kicked The Beatles off the number one spot on the charts ?

Radio One you destroyed the pop music charts so make sure you are ready for Radio Love International to kick you off your place in today's music.

Freddie, is it true that you and Ken Dodd once recorded together ?

Oh no not that song !

You did then Freddie ?

It was an April Fool but go on play it.

Next week David and Josh will be working hard on our schedule ready for broadcasting to begin. They plan to take a break from work and watch a video of THE BOAT THAT ROCKED.

The spirit of fun the Dj's on Radio Rock is what we are
looking for here at Radio Love International, we will not be including their adult humour but we will be including their SPIRIT OF FUN.

David insists that the music we play, no matter what genre it is, has fun, spirit and a BEAT.

The two discussed a banned list of music. 

Did you know boring old Radio One (MINUS ONE) once banned this song ?

AND they banned this !

But they did not ban this...................

Radio Minus One - obviously not clever enough to know what the song is all about !

Radio Love International's chairman Rachel posted this on facebook yesterday.

Let's have a look and see what we have pencilled in for our Saturday evening broadcast schedule.

Ah yes, at eight o'clock we will be playing songs from the shows.

Music like this............

And this........................

WOW - doesn't Marti Webb have an incredible voice ?

The late night spot on Radio Love International's schedule, running up to midnight, will be Cruising The Classics.

Here's a quick sample.

This next song is something which we would perhaps play in
our early morning schedule.

This will be in the 3am spot.

Working on the website yesterday, getting ready for Radio Love International to start broadcasting on Monday 14th May we produced this page - CLICK HERE. It's a bit matter of fact but tells the story of how Radio Love International came from
nowhere on Friday 19th January 2018 to today Sunday 1st April 2018.

Forty-three days to go, forty-three days to live broadcasting, seven weeks tomorrow. Here's another page for you on our website - CLICK HERE

This is in the playlist for the first hour of our twenty-four hour launch day marathon.

That song runs for three and a half minutes which is typical
for a song. Tomorrow when David and Josh plan the schedule they will need to put 18 songs into each hour. Multiply by 24 and we will need 432 to get through the day.

Every hour we will be inviting friends to come into the studio and enjoy the music with us. Invitations will start to be sent out towards the end of
next week.

Yesterday Josh was working on jingles we will use between the songs we play.

Last week David played this song on the blog. You may have wondered why ? It's a catchy little tune but how could it fit into a play list ?

David wants to turn it into a jingle and that is no April Fool !

Monday 1st April 2019 - April Fools Day next year - what should we do in the studio that day ?

You will have to wait and see. He he.............

Monday - that's request day isn't it ?

Wonder what songs people will request on Monday April Fools Day next year.

Before then MONDAY 2nd April - TOMORROW - is Monday Request Day so send us your requests either via Facebook or using the CONTACT US page on the website.

Almost mouse time ?

Mouse ?  What mouse ?

Not that kind of mouse you APRIL FOOL.

Oh you mean this mouse...............


What was that ?

Just a little April Fool.



Happy April Fool's Day Radio Minus One...............

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