Saturday, 24 March 2018

Swinging the sixties

Who didn't remember to change their clocks last night ?

Here in Britain we have now moved to British Summer Time and have abandoned Greenwich Mean Time until October.

TIME for some appropriate music LOL....................

What year is that from David ?

You are Director of Music, you  tell me.

I was just testing you. It was 1961.  How old were you then ?

For most of 1961 I was ten years old, eleven in the November.

1961 ?  I was MINUS thirty then.


Were the sixties really as swinging as people say they were ?

Don't ask me my darling, I wasn't around then.  Josh, if you took my age and your age - added them together you STILL would not have a total to match The Geriatric DJ.

David please tell me you are not going to wear those ridiculous shoes at today's
event !

He better had be Josh or there will be trouble.

Have no fear the shoes are packed with all the disco equipment in the car. The flare trousers and the hippie shirt are ready.

Play some hippie music David.

What I don't understand is the shoes, the wig and the flares are 1970's, the shirt and your real hair are 1960's.

I will not be wearing the wig today, just my natural hair.

David, you look like a girl - you really do need to have it cut.

Shut up Josh.  I am growing it ready for San Francisco next month and YES I am going to wear some flowers in my hair.

I was going to have it cut when I came back BUT I have an idea.  How about I continue to grow it until MONDAY 14th
MAY and the launch of Radio Love International as a live station, I could have it cut in the studio while broadcasting and be sponsored for Jo's Hope's cancer project ?

You going to wear a bra again David ?

*!xx** OFF !

Josh, you asked if the sixties really did swing ? YES they did.  Music was at the very centre of every young person's life. Pop music is really sad in 2018 - is there any pop music today ?

Radio Love International has a serious duty to revive the pop music culture.

We don't have much Swinging Sixties music in the playlist for today's LEONITE reunion ?

The Leonites are from the late 1970's up to the end of the 1980's.

My era that.

Yes Rachel but music from the 1960's influenced the
seventies and the eighties. It was only in the 1990's that music began to lose its sense of purpose.

In my opinion two factors destroyed pop music in Britain - Technology and the BBC.

You don't like the BBC do you David ?

Hate it, particularly RADIO MUNUS ONE.  Radio Love International has a serious duty to put that station out of business !

That was the first song Radio Minus One ever played. It's a great song, shame it is associated with that wretched radio station.

David, I am wearing my lawyer's hat now. Be careful we do not want to get sued !

OK Jo, I will be a good boy. Promise.

If you think of social media Facebook and Twitter come to mind. Perhaps even Instagram and the like.

The day is coming when Radio Love International will roll off the tongue as quickly as Facebook does.

Facebook has brought so much to the world, today's Leon
School reunion would not be happening if it were not for the power of Facebook. Radio Love International can do the same as it SPREADS LOVE all round the world.

Yesterday we had listeners to this music blog in all of these countries.  Just stop and think what will happen when we start live broadcasting.

And look at how people listen to us !
It's now 4.44am, YES I did remember to change my clocks, and already five people have logged in to see if today's blog edition has been published.  Hang on friends, won't be long.

So David what is your favourite song from the Swinging Sixties ?

That's a hard question to answer.  My personal favourite song of all time, Bridge Over Troubled Water comes from 1970 so just misses that fabulous decade. I guess it would be this.................

As a teenager I had the hots for Sandi Shaw. I think it was her feet, she always sang bare footed.  We have Puppet on A String on Vinyl, I may be tempted to play that later today.

Today's event is being organised by Rachel. Her favourite singer may have topped the pops in the 1970's but his career began in the 1960's........

Rachel, you are a lovely kind lady, we are all so proud that you are the head of Radio Love International, we are proud you are a friend and THANK YOU for today. Not from the Swinging Sixties but we all think David recorded this just for you..............

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