Thursday, 1 March 2018

SOD THE WEATHER the music we play is HOT

It's The Geriatric DJ here spinning the discs and getting ready for the music extravaganza in Asda on Saturday.

You are coming down aren't you ?  Don't you DARE say  no !

Never mind the weather, no room for wimps.

Radio Love International will be in the biggest supermarket in the region using music to support Jo's Hope's Easter appeal for cancer patients in Milton Keynes Hospital. We are collecting toys and stationary, books and magazines.

Josh, The Eternal Teenager, seen above with yours truly and Jo will be on the digital decks while I  will be playing the vinyl.

Fun songs like this.

We had an e-mail yesterday from England's best football club.  REMEMBER a football club is more than two goalposts and a bit of grass between them.

Sheffield Wednesday has a fantastic community programme. On 5th May the club is organising a 27 mile hike through six of the Derbyshire Dales.

I am a proud holder of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. I did my Bronze expeditions in the Derbyshire Dales so when I learned of this event I determined we would get behind it.  I did not bother to consult my fellow directors.  You are all OK with this aren't you.


Unfortunately I can not take on the challenge myself as with Josh i will be spinning discs at
Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th anniversary celebration.

Yes you cheeky thing Josh. Of course I could walk 27  miles.

Not in those silly stacked heel shoes from the 1970's you couldn't !

I'll not reply to that Josh as I need your help in a moment !

I am chatting to the club to nominate one person taking part then to feature them each day here on the music blog and get people to sponsor them.

What help do you need from me then ?

Josh, we do not have the club's adopted end of match anthem on vinyl so would you be so kind on Saturday in Asda Supermarket to play it on digital ?  Play it now will you for our friends at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

Now this we do have on 7" vinyl single and I'll be playing it on our disco twin deck for the shoppers as they hunt down the bargains.

When I popped this next song on to YouTube as a test for Saturday LEONITE Nigel gave it the thumbs up.

It's a good song, even for someone who supports - who is it Nigel - Chelsea ?

We've got a Sheffield Wednesday scarf in Monday evening's music tombola if you fancy trying to win it.


Do you know Radio Love International has an ORIGINAL copy  of this next song.  We will have a security guard standing by it all day - it is worth a lot of money !

We are looking forward to supporting Willen Hospice in the summer. When we posted this picture on yesterday's edition organiser Gary Marling made this comment:

Thanks for the mention of the Willen fun day and music was great... appropriately my favourite group Queen was straight after the blog.. :)

So for Gary let's play our most precious and valuable single:

The weather here in England is COLD !  Road conditions are not good. Bunnings have cancelled the sausage sizzle we were to play the music at on Sunday but the ASDA event tomorrow is still going ahead. It does not matter how cold it gets the music will be HOT - RED HOT.

Is the music hot ?  The chocolate is.

Playing that on Facebook yesterday attracted comments from: Chairman Rachel, Sarena Wright and Cheryl Brooks.  Thank You LADIES - glad you enjoyed the music.  Come down to ASDA tomorrow and we'll play it again for you.

Chairman Rachel posted a comment on yesterday's music blog. 

I hope dave kept his tights on from last night with his busy heating is like a blizzard in brickhill so going to sit on my bum all day in the warm have a good day embrace the love.

I want to start a debate !

We have this single on vinyl, sung by the ever famous Bee Gees...................

Testing it out on Facebook yesterday evening comments were made by: Debbie Cerone, Lisa BBirt Burton, Charlott Dunsford and Dianne Walsh.

I think that the version by Boyzone is better. What do you think ?

Jo and I met up for coffee yesterday. Although it was lunchtime Morrissons cafe was almost empty, few shoppers in the supermarket - all staying at home in the warm.

We talked about Jo's Hope and the three areas of work it does - supporting cancer patients, working with ex-offenders and its homeless project.

Leaving Morrissons we walked to Poundland. On the way we passed a homeless man wrapped in blankets, sleeping in the snow. How long before that man is dead ?

I must point out that our local council has a programme in operation to accommodate all homeless people in this cold weather. That man did not have to be there. I am not crticising our local authority but I AM criticising a society which allows homelessness to exist. Jo's Hope nas a big ambition for its homeless support division. On coming blogs I will be pushing very hard for friends to get behind Jo's Hope. In twenty-first century Britain this problem should not be happening.

What do you think ?

I went to the doctors yesterday for a blood test. There was chaos. Some patients had not turned up as they did not brave the cold.  The medical centre had closed its car park incase anyone slipped on the ice.

Not one single doctor, not one single nurse, not one single receptionist had failed to turn up for work to care for the patients !

Listener Maggie posted this picture on Facebook. 


More music. I wonder if anyone is old enough to remember this.  Come down to ASDA supermarket tomorrow and you can watch me dance to it !

What happened to our audience figures yesterday.  One hundred and ten people listening to the daily music blog yesterday !  That was a disaster !  Don't see how you can blame that on the cold ! 

More music.

Fanfare For The Common Man by Emerson Lake And Palmer. Listener William Hewitt popped a like for that when I played it on Facebook yesterday evening.

No IMAO I believe there is no such thing as a COMMON man, or woman for that matter. This is a BEAUTIFUL world where the natural state is to be a BEAUTIFUL person. Some opt out of that and refuse to wrap themselves in beauty. I have no time for rubbish but for beautiful people my arms and the music I play will always be wide open.

This is an ancient piece of music, it dates from the year when I was ten years old.

When I was a teenager nobody would ever bother with a song released on the Decca record label. Decca was a record company for old people. In 1960 and the years of being a
teenager I never believed I would actually become an old person myself !

Come down to ASDA tomorrow, come and support Jo's Hope's Easter Toy and Book appeal for cancer patients in Milton Keynes Hospital. Come and listen to the music The Geriatric DJ will be playing.

To quote something from my youth.......


There was a time when Milton Keynes, where Radio Love International is based, was a centre of pop music. NOT ANYLONGER.

Status Quo played Bletchley Youth Centre.  Cliff Richard recorded his video for Wired For Sound in Central Milton Keynes. Cliff could not afford that today, he would never be able to meet the council's rip off parking charges !

Michael Jackson played Milton Keynes Bowl. Milton keynes Bowl, what a dump that is now - nothing more than a Sunday car boot sale but this guy once played there.

I remember that day well.  The traffic chaos David caused makes the present snow-induced road mess look like a walk in the path.

Stuart Rouse posted this on facebook yesterday.

Don't know about you but it made me giggle !

Giggle but it isn't funny is it ?  WASTE oF RESOURCES.  Waste of money that would be better employed supporting good causes working to make this a better world.  Good causes like Jo's Hope.

What do you think ?

When it came to supporting good causes here's a man who knew how to make it happen.

Yes Bob - SIR Bob - we will play that at ASDA tomorrow. Sir Bob - here is a challenge for you.  If you were to do for this country what you did for Africa with BAND AID and LIVE AID, if you were to work with Jo's Hope you could wipe out homelessness in this country.

Bob are you up for that ?

So TOMORROW the whole Radio Love International team will be there:

The Geriatric DJ   The Eternal Teenager  Rachel and Jo

We will be in ASDA Supermarket in Bletchley playing music from 8am to 5pm  to support Jo's Hope.  PLEASE come down and say HI.

Radio Love International has listeners in 17 different countries of the world, for some Asda
in Bletchley may be a bit of a long trip.  WE ARE NOT FORGETTING YOU - not never no way !

We will be broadcasting the entire day into FACEBOOK - CLICK HERE AND BECOME A FRIEND so you can hear all the music we play.  Facebook, before you get your pants in a pickle we do have a licence to play the music in ASDA tomorrow.

SOD THE WEATHER the music we play is always HOT.

See you there then...........................

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