Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Singing The Blues

David was working away at his laptop when the phone rang...


It's Sheffield Wednesday FC here. Can you come to the Fulham match and play music ?

David called me with the news.

A couple of weeks ago he gave me a Sheffield Wednesday scarf and told me that one day I would be playing music at  Hillsborough Stadium.

I smiled and thought to myself: that is an ambition a bit too far.

Was I wrong or was I wrong ?  QUESTION - will a Sheffield Wednesday scarf go with the colours of our Radio Love International tee shirts.

When I heard the news I just had to call David. OMG how 
ever did he pull this off ?

Well I think it is quite amazing.  Josh do me a favour will you ?

Sure Jo.

Make sure David does not wear that bra at Hillsborough.


OH THAT FLIPPIN BRA will you all shut up about it. That was to support ladies with breast cancer, this is to support Sheffield Wednesday's community programme.

So what's happening David ?

Josh and I are going to have to drive up to Sheffield either next week or the week after to plan what we do.

The idea is to set up the Radio Love International Roadshow outside the club shop then ahead of the game to have fans rattling buckets for Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme which supports St Luke's Hospice and Sheffield Childrens' Hospital.

Players will come by to sign autographs in return for cash in
the buckets and the club's chairman will be there for people to take selfies with him.

Watch this video for a moment. When it comes to the MATCH OF THE DAY BIT look at the brief clip of a football team - I think it is Sheffield Wednesday.

Playing music for three hours outside the club shop ahead of kick off should add £1,000 to the funds of Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme.

We could make a LOT more than £1,000.

How ?

Sheffield Wednesday has two adopted anthems. At the start of a game Hi Ho Silver Lining by Jeff Beck is played and the crowd sings HI HO SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY.

The second anthem is Singing The Blues from Guy Mitchell.

Those two anthems are played over the stadium's pa system.  How about if Josh and David are in the sound box pushing the faders up to play the songs ?  We then get people to sponsor them ? Could we get another £1,000 from that to add to the club's community programme ?

Anyone remember this song ?

David is on record (NOT VINYL lol) - MANY TIMES - saying a football club is more than two goal posts with a bit of grass between them. That is so true at Hillsborough, the home of Sheffield Wednesday. Their community programme is something very special. How fantastic for Radio Love International to be able to be a part of this.

On an earlier music blog David shared his dream for Radio Love International.

Josh and David playing music at Hillsborough next month surely takes that dream a big step closer to happening.

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