Monday, 12 March 2018

Rocking All Over The World

Meet Radio Love International's board of directors........

Left: Chairman Rachel and MD David

Right: Director of Music Josh and Project Director Jo

We have a board meeting on Thursday. Initially this was called to brainstorm around the recent events our music has supported but something else will now top the agenda.

Monday 12th March 2018, the day Radio Love International Rocked The World !
Monday 12th March 2018, the day Radio Love International crashed Google.  So many people were trying to get into our
music blog there just was not enough band width so the page kept crashing.

Director of Music, Josh suggested the leaflets we have been handing out were taking effect.  We didn't hand any out in PERU yet there were THIRTY listeners from that country.

We really do not have a clue what happened but what we do
know is this dramatic and unexpected increase in our audience raised the profile of the good causes we were supporting on Monday.

One of those was Willen Hospice's Family Fun Day in July when Radio Love International will be playing the music.

This is being organised by listener and friend Gary. CLICK HERE to support this event.

Gary is a great fan of Queen and we have played a couple of Queen songs for him on recent music blogs. Gary is also a life-long West Ham fan. We nicked West Ham's anthem to put together this. Let's play it now for Gary and for Willen Hospice.

Listener Nigel posted this picture on Facebook yesterday and spoke about his love of country music, in particular the music of John Denver.

We do not play anywhere near enough country music on our daily music blog, that had got to change and when we go live as a fully-fledged radio station on Monday 14th May we must work towards a country show.  Nigel, we need you to educate us.  So let's pay this from John Denver.

One of David's favourite songs is The Strangest Dream.  Perhaps the most famous presentation of the song was when John Denver played it live to a crowd round the Washington Monument.

Let's play it now.

There was a conversation on Skype yesterday that went something like this:

Hello David....

Hello Josh......

Can you see me ?

No Josh, only hear you.

That's good, 'cos I am sitting here wearing Lena's bra.


Only joking !

Will nobody let me forget about that damn bra I wore to promote Jo's Hope ?

Yesterday 1,842 people saw the picture on the blog. OMG !  Better play some more music - QUICK !

It's 4.30am. In twelve hours time we will be parking the car in Central Birmingham. We will be spending the evening in this tall building - Ronald McDonald House, sometimes known as The House The Love Built but in truth THE MANSION OF LOVE.

Radio Love International is holding a music tombola and party for the sixty-four families currently staying in the house, sixty-four families who have a child sick in hospital

No, David will not be wearing an item of ladies clothing tonight but he WILL be in his Geriatric DJ costume.

Same wig, same flared trousers, same platform shoes and even the same Travolta Shades but wearing his Radio Love International shirt instead of that hippy shirt in the picture.

So much love has been poured by our listeners into this evening it just has to be a success.

Packed into the boot of David's car are FIVE HUNDRED gifts of love for the tombola prizes.

David is excitedly looking forward to this evening, excited but terribly nervous. David's family was one of the first families to stay in the very first Ronald McDonald House in Britain. That was more than thirty years ago. Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham is the biggest in the country.


See if you can spot the TYPO in this video.............

Did you find it ?

It is David's grandson, Adam, we feature on our website's Roadshow poster.

Adam once asked David how he would like to be remembered.

David replied: As a silly old man !

Someone posted this on Facebook.

David answered naming two famous ancestors:  Daisy Ashford the author and Thomas Ashford who won the Victoria Cross for bravery.

David is an author, indeed one of his books is
a prize in this evening's tombola but he will never achieve the fame that Daisy Ashford did. Neither will he win the Victoria Cross for bravery as did Thomas Ashford.

David does not want any more to be the Silly Old Man he suggested to Adam a while back.  Instead he wants to be remembered, and he wants every single member of Radio Love International's team to be remembered in the same way.....................

The people who brought love through music to help make this a better world.

How many people will read today's music blog ?  Will it be 1,842 ?  5.08am and 15 people have already looked for the page so better get it published.  Better spread the love.

David, click the mouse and publish the page.

One more song PLEASE.

Something a bit special for tonight and the last song we will play right at the end of the party.

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