Thursday, 8 March 2018

Ooooopppsss What Have We Done Wrong ?


Has Radio Love International suddenly developed a bad case of Cyber BO ?

Has our station's ambition to become the world's largest radio station been taken over by the world's worst radio station - Radio Minus One.

Does our music stink ?
On yesterday's music blog we announced the most amazing news yet only seventy-seven people read the blog and listened to our music.

Seventy-seven listeners !  That is the worst possible number, it is the lowest audience figure we have had in the short time we have been in operation.  Better play some sad music.

What will today's audience figures be ?

Yesterday David told everyone on the blog that he and I would be playing music at Hillsborough Stadium with twenty thousand and more people attending.  That both scares me and excites me at the same time but such a major announcement appears to have  passed by without our friends noticing.

One week today, Friday 16th March, David and I are driving
up to Sheffield to spend time at the club planning the event.

Come on friends - this is utterly amazing.

AMAZING but without your support it means little.

Some more music....................

On Tuesday next week, myself, Jo, Josh and Mrs Josh aka Jelena will be spending the evening at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. We have been overwhelmed with love and support with the FIVE HUNDRED, yes FIVE HUNDRED gives you lovely, lovely people have given us for the tombola.

Everything is ready for the party. Everything save just one. We need four pineapples.

Pineapples ?

Yes, I will get those on Tuesday morning.

What will they cost ?  £1 each perhaps. No problem.

We plan to split the families at Ronald McDonald House, families who have a child sick in hospital, into four teams. We will give each team a pineapple then play this.


Sokol here, your technical guy.  I don't usually speak on the blog but I have something to share with you all.

It may cost £4 to buy those pineapples you all need for the Ronald McDonald party but I have a bigger bill for you.

I live in Canada where £4 = $7.12.

I have a bill for you of $359.88 which in your money is £201.60.

Owch Sokol, what's that for.

To broadcast live you need a special sort of web hosting package, you can not simply publish a page like this blog and expect it to work as a live music page.  If you get more than one or two listeners it will crash.  You need lots and lots and lots of bandwidth. That I am afraid costs money.

Well I've got an idea !

I have called a team meeting on Thursday to brainstorm all that is happening.

Think about this.

How about we have a stall on a car boot sale ?  Surely we could raise the two hundred and one pounds sixty pence to pay for the web space Sokol needs.

David, how much will our broadcasting licence cost ?
£175.20 for the rest of the year if we buy it on 1st May.  If we buy it on 1st April it would cost an extra month so be £197.10.

So if we could raise £458.70 we could start broadcasting ?

YES ! Two car boot sales ?

HEY - Andy here. Can we talk about important things for a moment - THE WEATHER.

Would you play my song for me ? Haven't heard it in a while.

Sure thing Andy.

David edits this daily music blog and includes the different things we say to him.  I like the blog but, unlike David, I have a logical mind. I put everything into order, David jumps about like a grasshopper on speed !

We are talking about car boot sales, we are talking about playing music in a football ground and we are talking about a music tombola.


At SEVEN O'CLOCK tomorrow evening I will be playing that song using our digital system as David and I start the music
at a surprise party.  That music will keep playing right up to eleven o'clock.  FOUR hours where Radio Love International has been given the awesome responsibility of helping a family celebrate a special day.

PLEASE everyone think of David and myself tomorrow,  Fix your minds on us from seven o'clock to eleven. Give us your karma and help us make a great success of the evening.

David do you plan to play this at the party ?


No Geriatric DJ  

Jelina will NOT be painting your face, that can wait until Tuesday.


QUICK before David starts complaining about the bra let me have a word.

Go on then Jo.

David wore that bra to help promote Jo's Hope. I thought he did well.  Mind you I did not think much of his idea to have a Jo's Hope swear box to raise money. I'd be ^*!!@ing bankrupt !

Jo, when you worked as a barrister did you used to swear at the jury ?

No, only the judge !

Can I remind you of Jo's Hope's Easter Appeal.................

And Mama Jo's kitchen will be cooking tonight.................

Seventy-seven listeners yesterday. NOBODY posted any comments on the blog.

Josh have there been any special requests for tomorrow's party ?

Yes, Jo. This..................

Here on the blog MONDAY is request day but I want to put in
a request.

OK Jo..........

I don't do anything by half so I want you to play a few songs for me.

I want to start off with that song David used to share OUR dream for Radio Love International.

And now I want to play the song which sums up what we are all about...............

And this for those who did not read yesterday's page................

What is it David says about life ?


Now ^*!!@ing share today's page and get hundreds of people to SPREAD THE LOVE.

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