Friday, 30 March 2018

Now that is what I call a game of football !


What a result !

Sheffield Wednesday 4

Preston 1


That is what I call a result ! That is what I call a game of football.

Next Saturday, one week today, a team from Radio Love International will be heading up the motorway to the iconic Hillsborough Stadium to play some music outside the club shop to support Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme.

So come on boys can we have a similar result on Saturday
7th April against Fulham.

Before we talk about that let's check out those four goals from yesterday and play some music for the scorers.

Not one but TWO goals from Atdhe Nuhiu.  Atdhe come from Kosovo, David
has fond memories of a visit he made to Pristina in Kosovo but that was before Atdhe was born !

Not one but two goals !  The first scored in 50th minute and another 2 minutes into added time.

So what can we play for this great player ?  This was the number one hit on the day Atdhe was born.

Perhaps the club should change the music played when the team enters the pitch, change it to this - Entry Of The Gladiators.  There were certainly gladiators on the pitch at Hillsborough yesterday.

A second piece of music for Atdhe Nuhiu,

It was gladiator Lucas João who banged the ball in the net for Wednesday's second goal in the 52nd minute.

Most of the music we play on our daily music blog, much of the music we will be playing when we go live as a radio station on 14th May is retro pop. Here's a classic retro pop number The Duke of Earl played now for Lucas João The Duke of Hillsborough.

Meet Fernando Forestieri who banged the ball into the net in the final seconds of the game to turn the expected Wednesday 3 - 1 victory into a spectacular 4 - 1 victory.

There must have been some tears in the city of Preston last night. No tears in the Steel City and no tears in Fernando's home country of Argentina.

Hey SkyBet what odds will you give for Sheffield Wednesday being promoted to the Premier League next season ?  Work it out will you and next Saturday we will pop a fiver on it.  Then when we win we will give the money to Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme.  Seriously, work out the odds and we will bring
the fiver.

There is more to a football team than two goal posts and a bit of grass between them.

How many times have you heard our music blog editor, David, say that ?  We think the stadium director at Hillsborough may need to buy a new away goal net as the
current one is getting worn out !

No, seriously Sheffield Wednesday Football Club is far more than the pitch and the stadium, it is much more than the players, the manager and those spectacular goals from yesterday. It is more than the crowd who must have danced home SINGING
THE BLUES yesterday.

Next Saturday we will be playing music outside the club shop and rattling buckets for the community programme. We will be playing fun, bouncy music to put the fans in the right mood for another victory.

Here is Josh looking over an empty area at the back of the stadium which next Saturday will be the packed location for our music and a whole lot more the club has planned.

A quick word to all fans who are coming to Hillsborough next Saturday - our buckets are ready so have your coins ready. Coins scratch the buckets so try to have notes ready !

So what music will we play ?

It's got to have a thumping beat................

A bit like that.

Did you know that Black Lace recorded a version of Hi Ho Silver Lining ?  Not as good as the original Jeff Beck version.

However, nobody but nobody can sing that song as do the fans of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

When we have finished writing today's music blog we will be clicking the mouse to buy lots of balloons in Wednesday colours. When people throw coins into our buckets we will give them a balloon. We want the fans to blow them up and throw them into the air when Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday is played.

We also have tubs of sweets we plan to hand out as thank you gifts for your generosity.

Have a look at this video. When it comes to the I PLAY MATCH oF THE DAY bit is the very brief clip Sheffield Wednesday ?

When we pack our music away next Saturday, when the coins in the buckets have been counted and given to the club, the next time we will be getting it out in public with more music will be Saturday 21st April in San Francisco.

We are having a hippie party in Golden Gate Park. We will be taking a Sheffield Wednesday Away Shirt to give to Ronald McDonald House in The City By The Bay. On that day Wednesday will be at home to Reading.  Another victory please boys.

Yes, David IS going to wear some flowers in his hair in San Francisco but he promises not to wear any at Hillsborough next Saturday !

He has been growing it for months ready for the music. Back in England he will be having it cut off as part of a sponsored haircut for Jo's Hope.

Our friends on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean have difficulty with football, they will insist on calling it soccer. Never mind...................

We will SING THE BLUES in San Francisco - we will take a photograph of our team wearing Sheffield Wednesday Scarfs on Golden Gate Bridge. There are four of us heading to California for this event. We will then give two of the scarfs to Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco and two to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham England.

Music in San Francisco is a bit gentle isn't it.  Perhaps we should play this version of Singing The Blues.

But it will be this version next Saturday. SEE YOU ALL THERE.

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