Monday, 26 March 2018

Music for San Francisco and for David's hair

At 11.50am on Friday 20th April a Virgin Atlantic 747 will roll down the runway at London Heathrow Airport to begin its eleven hour journey to the world-famous City By The Bay aka San Francisco.

On board will be four people- David, Gary, another David aka Rodney and Matthew.  All will have a mission TO SPREAD LOVE....

YES, the four have a mission....

Firstly..... to support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham with a sponsored walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. That will happen on Saturday morning 21st April.

CLICK HERE and sponsor them.

The team will be staying in Hotel W on Fisherman's Wharf.  Jet-lag will have them all awake early on Saturday morning so it will no doubt be an early walk, jog, run, crawl across the world's most famous bridge.

The second part of their mission will be to thoroughly immerse themselves in the geography, culture and history of San Francisco, to take thousands of photographs which we can use here within Radio Love International

YES, David will be wearing flowers in his hair. He has been
growing his hair for more than six months for this visit to California, David's hair is something we will address in a moment.

After the team has crossed The Golden Gate Bridge they will make their way to Golden Gate Park and the Hippy Mound where the whole flower power movement of love began.

The team will stay in San Francisco until they board an Eastbound 747 back to London taking off at 9.10pm on Monday 23rd April. 

Did you know that this song, the city built on Rock and Roll is San Francisco ?

Before we board that red-eye overnight flight back to England the team will take a gift to Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco. A gift of love from all of Radio Love International's team and listeners.

It was Jo from Radio Love International who came up with
this idea. Brilliant thought Jo.......

The players at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club have signed TWO team shirts.
The plan, the original plan was to give the two shirts to Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco but actually we are going to give them just one. The other will hang on the wall of Radio Love Internationals new broadcast studio.

Every time we look at the shirt in our studio we will think of its brother in Ronald McDonald House San Francisco. We will 
think of the families in the house who have a child sick in hospital. We will think of every family in every Ronald McDonald House in every country of the world.

At the moment Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham
England is the house that centre's our minds on the work of Ronald McDonald House Charities. When the team return home with a camera full of photographs and the second shirt is hung on our studio wall our minds will focus on TWO Ronald McDonald Houses.

The picture here shows Josh playing music in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham. On Monday 14th May at 6am, that will be 10pm Sunday 13th May in San Francisco, Radio Love International commences broadcasting live as a fully-fledged radio station. David is planning to anchor a 24 hour on-line disco party. We will be playing music for our friends in Birmingham and our soon to be new friends in San Francisco.

Here's a photograph of David taken at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. That was probably taken round about 1991 or perhaps 1992. David does not look quite so cool these days. ALSO his hair is longer, much longer.

So what about David's hair ?

This is kind of a remote musical link to David's hair and to the City By The Bay but have a listen to this...............

That song comes from the musical HAIR.  During the 24 hour
music marathon to launch Radio Love International David will play that song and every other piece of music on today's blog.  Those songs will be played for Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco, YES David will wear the same flowers in his hair at that time as he will wear in Hippie Park.

But at that point David's hair will have just a few days left to live.

On Saturday 19th May it will be cut off !  David's hair will be cut close to his scalp. He will be sponsored for £1,000 with the money going to Jo's Hope's Cancer Support and Homeless projects.

He will then start to grow it again. When it reaches an
acceptable length he will again board a westbound 747 and head to The City By The Bay to have it cut off again.  This time in Hippie Park.

This page, today's music blog has been written for all of our daily listeners but particularly for our soon to be new friends in San Francisco.

To our friends in San Francisco can we explain we have a Radio Love International anthem. 

We would like to play it for you now ?

We also play this next song a lot on our daily blog. When we go live as a fully-fledged radio station on Monday 14th May we will play it every hour.

Here is David's passport and his USA entry thingy, all ready for Monday 20th April.


Now here's a thought..... If he has it cut off on 19th May he WILL have to grow it again before the passport can be used again.

4am - 8pm yesterday in San Francisco - time to click the mouse and publish today's music blog but before we launch the page on to the internet and SPREAD THE LOVE let's reprise one of today's songs for Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco and for David's hair !

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