Sunday, 11 March 2018

Monday request day

As a team we look forward to Mondays - Monday is REQUEST DAY. Today we have some requests to play for some special people.

You are ALL special people. We are ALL special people. Isn't that true ?

A while back Susan Hopkins, The Mayoress of our city, said to David:  It does not matter which charity or good cause
you support providing you do support one. So our first request today is here played for all of the charities and good causes the listeners to Radio Love International's daily music blog support.

This is something David threw together after the incident on Saturday with our bubble machine !

Josh spent many hours preparing playlists for the fiftieth  wedding anniversary party we were honoured to play the music at on Saturday but there was a request for a song he had not included.

So sorry..........   Here it is now.

One song we did play on Saturday was Sugar Baby Love by The Rubettes.

That has been requested by Debbie Cerrone - Debbie here it is just for you.

David writing now.............

Actually I write the blog every morning using words from other team members wrapped round what they have said to me over the past twenty-four hours but right now this is me speaking and speaking from the heart.

Yesterday was Mothers Day. Rebekah always made a big thing of Mothers Day and Fathers Day. She died shortly before Fathers Day last year. Former student and LEONITE Paul sent me a beautiful message on Fathers Day, I will never ever forget that Paul. He sent another message yesterday for Mothers Day.  Paul I want you to know how much that message of love and kindness means
to Maureen and myself.  You are a wonderful man and a great friend.  THANK YOU.

Rebekah was always known as Little Miss Sunshine, her song is You Are My Sunshine.  I find it impossible to listen to that song any more as it hurts too much but there is one version I can listen to and a version I really love.  Paul I want to play this for you now.  THANK YOU.

This picture captured the moment when David and Josh asked Rachel if she would be Chairman of Radio Love International, look how clever the camera was catching her expression.

We thought that Rachel would be a non executive chairman keeping an eye on what we would be doing.


Non executive ?  Rachel is just about as EXECUTIVE as she could possibly be. 

It was Rachel who introduced the phrase SPREAD THE LOVE and every day she keeps Radio Love International firmly on track spreading the love.

Rachel requested this song.

Willen Hospice Family Fun Day is firmly in our diary.  Thank You Gary Marling for letting Radio Love International be a part of this day.

Yesterday David and Josh were chatting about Willen Hospice, both sharing people they knew who had been cared for by Willen.  LEONITES will remember the 24 hour discos David used to run. The very first 24 hour disco was held to support Willen Hospice.  If we can find a suitable hall in which to stage the event Radio Love International would like to hold its own 24 hour disco.

Gary is a fan of Queen so let's play this for him and for all the wonderful, loving team at Willen Hospice.

Pictured here are the FIVE HUNDRED toys people donated with love for our Music Tombola at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.  They are now packed into the boot of David's car ready to head up the motorway tomorrow.

This pic shows David, Josh and Jo with the collecting trolley in Asda Supermarket for Jo's Hope's Easter Toy Appeal.

Jo is the Jo in Jo's Hope and is a director of Radio Love International.  She is an incredible and inspirational lady who we all love so very much.

If you would like to make a gift of a toy or a book to the Jo's Hope Easter Appeal all you have to do is to go to our website:  and click on the CONTACT US button.

When we have completed our music tombola in Birmingham tomorrow we plan a new Radio Love International slideshow of pictures featuring the toys so lovingly donated for both events. We will be using this music which Jo we are now playing for you. Just for you Jo.

Today Josh will be firing off some e-mails, e-mails to the two Milton Keynes members of parliament and to The Prime Minister's office in Downing Street.  He will be asking them to watch this video.

We are trying so hard to get this video to go viral. At the moment it has received 1,801 views. THAT IS NOT
ENOUGH.  Have you watched it ?

It is a disgrace that society allows people to be homeless. It isn't as if it is all that difficult a problem to solve !

That wonderful lady Jo and her Jo's Hope could solve our city's homeless problem if only she were given the resources.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this video. If you care -  if you love this world then let's solve the problem.


Packed into the car, part of the five hundred gifts we are taking to Ronald McDonald House In Birmingham tomorrow
are some gifts of love hand-made by Maggie.

Maggie has given so much love to share within all we are doing. Maggie has requested this song.

Here you go Maggie.

A request we played on Saturday for the lovely couple
celebrating 50 years together was My Guy. David overheard Josh say to Jelina In forty-four years this will be us. Yesterday Josh and Jelena took David out for Sunday lunch.

Over recent weeks so many of us have come to know and love these two very special people so let's play a song for them.

What could it be ?  Ah yes........................

A Sheffield Wednesday Fan posted this picture on Facebook. Her daughter wearing her second birthday party dress.

Isn't she lovely ?

We want now to play a song for this little lady, a belated birthday wish.

While playing this it is here as a dedication for everyone who has a birthday this week. HAVE A GREAT DAY.

Over lunch yesterday Jelina told David that Josh is really looking forward to going to Sheffield on Friday for a meeting to discuss Radio Love International's support for the club's community programme.

David is a bit worried about taking Josh to his much loved Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. David watched Josh on Saturday briefly play football with a little girl at the party.
Josh's skills in kicking the balloon about may mean the club steals him from Radio Love International and sign him up as a player !

Chairman Rachel butting in to the conversation for a moment.

Tomorrow David plans to put £30 of fuel into his car and on Friday another £50. Fuel to take our love to Birmingham and to Sheffield.

David does not have a problem doing this but I thought if friends were to toss a £1 coin of love into our bucket that would mean they became a part of what we are all doing. They may not be at Sheffield Wednesday's ground and they may not be in Ronald
McDonald House in Birmingham but their £1 coin of love would take their spirit there.

Does that make sense ?

£8 has been thrown into the bucket of love. THANK YOU. However, that is just 10%.  Today David is going to spend another £4 buying pineapples for a silly game at Ronald McDonald House tomorrow. £8 towards £84.  Would you like to throw a coin of love into the bucket ?  CLICK HERE AND DO JUST THAT.

So what is the silly pineapple game we are going to play at Ronald McDonald House tomorrow ?  It can only be this.....

Almost time for David to click the mouse and publish today's music blog.

Before he does that three things.

1.  PLEASE share the homeless video.

2.  PLEASE throw a £1 of love into the bucket CLICK HERE

And number three...... David which song would you like to request to be played today ?

It has to be this.

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