Sunday, 25 March 2018

LEONITES - Spread The Love

We are the four individuals who are the directors of Radio Love International Limited but we are only one tiny, tiny part of the operation.

Four people from four different, completely different backgrounds who are passionate about using music to make people smile, be happy and make this a better world.

  • Jo aka Jo Jo T - The Lady With The Bi Smile And The Even Bigger Heart..............
  • Josh aka The Eternal Teenager
  • David aka The Geriatric DJ
  • Rachel - Madam Chairman

Monday is now REQUEST DAY MONDAY here on our daily music blog. Monday 26th March 2018 we are doing things a
little bit different, we asked people who attended yesterday's event to give us their requests.

So what was yesterday ? It was a reunion of David's former students. Seen in the centre of this picture in the pink shirt is ANDY, Radio Love International's weatherman. Yesterday he had to report on a heatwave of love rising high into the sky from Little Brickhill Village Hall.

And seen here on the left is David's son Peter.  He is a senior lawyer within The Environment Agency. He had to explain to the prime minister the heatwave experienced in that tiny English village which sent love all the way round the world.

So where's that clipboard from yesterday with the requests on it ?  Ah here it is.

First request...................

That  song was requested by Charlotte for her mum Rachel. Rachel, husband David and daughter Charlotte organised yesterday's extravaganza.

The youngest person at yesterday's party was David's granddaughter, Frances. She asked us to play this for her.

Seen here in this picture is LEONITE William who has asked us to play the next song. We are going to play the FULL version which will take you twenty-five minutes to listen to. William says to listen to the lyrics which are very poignant. William is a member of our local town council.

Seen here showing Josh pictures from his phone is LEONITE David. David is the DJ at Pinewood Studios.

Gobsmacked is possibly the expression on Josh's face as he looked at the pictures of people David works with.

David did not actually request a song but we are going to play this for him. One of the people he talked to Josh about recorded the promo video for his song Wired For Sound just up the road from where Radio Love International's studio is to be located.

Seen here with Jo Jo T is Sam.  Sam and Jo are friends, Sam is a Leonite. She works for airline Virgin Atlantic, the airline David and three others will be flying with for our music to an event in San Francisco next month. She said she would have a word in certain ears to make sure they are all looked after on the long flight to The City By The Bay.

Sam asked us to play this.

San Francisco brings us to the subject of David's Hair. Josh says David looks like a girl. David's wife, Maureen, says he looks like a scruffy old tramp.

David has been carefully growing his hair ready for that music
event in San Francisco, a hippie party, in support of Ronald McDonald House San Francisco.

This appeared on David's Facebook timeline.

Jo is an incredible lady but she does have one fault - she does not know the meaning of the word NO.  

She has decided that David will have his hair shaved off by hairdresser Charlotte and be sponsored for £1,000 to support Jo's Hope's Cancer and Homeless projects. Let's play this for Jo and for David.....

Do you think that David will be able to grow his hair again by July when Radio Love International plays the music at Willen Hospice's Family Fun Day ?

Graham fixed our generator which we will need to use that day. He also donated two giant speakers which will fill the field with music and love.

Graham and his wife, Samantha, have asked us to play this song.

Director of Music, Josh, is the youngest member of Radio Love International's management team.  We think that Josh is learning something from Jo - he is starting to ignore the word NO as he works to take music to people and make them smile. Josh's playlists are starting to become quite famous.

Here he is with Mrs Josh - sorry about that it's a bit of an in-house joke, the lovely Jelena. Both worked so hard to make yesterday's party a great success. They have not made a request to be played today but Josh and Jelena this is for you...........

So many friends - so much love.....................

So many cakes !

Rachel and Charlotte put out a donation box so friends could toss in a few coins to help Radio Love International Spread The Love.

Rachel sent David a text message yesterday evening - an amazing total of £54.22 was tossed into the tin. This next song is played for all who so kindly popped in their donations.

Did you notice the football scarf behind the music decks ?

Later today we will e-mail this picture to our friends at Hillsborough Stadium. On 7th April we will be playing music in The Steel City to support Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme.

Josh slipped the next piece of music into yesterday's playlist almost unnoticed. Let's play it again for England's number one football team.

Here is David trying to recruit granddaughter Frances to become a Wednesday fan !

David, Josh, Jelena, Rachel and husband David will all be at Hillsborough on Saturday 7th April playing music to support Sheffield Wednesday's community programme.

The week after we will start moving into our new studio ready to begin broadcasting as a full-fledged radio station on Monday 14th May.

Another request...........

That was requested by and played for Rachel's granddaughter Freyer.

Thank you Freyer for taking many of the pictures which appear here on today's music blog.

It was great to have many former teachers, David's colleagues from Leon School, come along yesterday.

Shall we play some music for them ?

Former Leon School Deputy Headmaster, Barry, used to teach the guy singing in this piece of music.  Take it away Elton..................

Leonite Dave made two requests...........



The very clear mission of Radio Love International is...........


That was achieved yesterday wasn't it ?

Another request. This one from and for Simon.........................

That's eighteen pieces of music played so far. Can't leave it there can we..................

Did you spot the typo ?  

Country music fan Nigel we had no idea you were camera shy !

Going through one hundred photographs taken yesterday we have not been able to find one of you !

So we nicked this from your facebook page. Now that is a real LEONITE !

Josh played this for you yesterday................

Then David slipped this in when nobody was watching him....

Twenty one pieces of music for Monday Request Day.

3.55am, David has been editing today's music blog since 1.30am.  His eyes are starting to drop so we need him to click the mouse and publish today's page.

Before we do that we will play three more pieces of music.

David's all time favourite song.......

Something for Radio Love International's chairman..............

Finally something Freddie recorded just for us.

Click the mouse......................

Now go and spread the love..................

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