Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Last Night In Birmigham

It was joy  and a privilege yesterday evening for Josh and David to play music at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham for some very special and lovely people.

Families who have a child sick in Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital. 

We went there to give them love, we came away having received love ourselves from these beautiful people.

Josh has played this piece of music a number of times at recent events.

Last night he took this photograph of David dancing to the music.

YES, it is out of focus and so we have tried to hide that with a bit of photoshop editing. It is out of focus simply because David was moving too quickly for the camera.

At the end of the party a little girl came up to David and said:  Is that a wig you are wearing ?

David smiled and put it on the young
lady's head.  A very dear friend and former student of David's, Tanya, also made a comment yesterday evening about David's hair. Just to confirm and end any speculation it IS a wig, much as David would like to claim it was his own hair.

We left our vinyl music collection at home, we used only the digital system. So when a gentleman asked us to play something by Slade we did not have anything in the playlist. Let's play something for him now.

We recently made a Radio Love International promo slideshow inviting people to blow bubbles of love for their chosen charity or good cause.  Josh played the music yesterday evening.

As we prepared for yesterday's event FIVE HUNDRED bubbles of love were blown towards Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.  All of those bubbles, the tombola gifts so many, many people gave us were faithfully taken to Birmingham and blown with love to those who joined in the fun of our music.

Another piece of music please Josh.

Time for Andy's weather report................

Radio Love International is NOT about raising money for good causes, we are trying to raise the profile of the good causes so as many people as possible will blow their bubbles
of love towards the good causes. As we prepared for yesterday's event way over two thousand listeners had read on our music blog over two days and knew what we were doing at Ronald McDonald House. We have been very successful in raising the profile of the work done there but let's raise the profile even more.  Another piece of music please Josh.....................

There will be some people in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham who will be eating pineapple for breakfast this morning, pineapple from those we used to fool around with when we played this song !

It was quite late in the evening when David popped a couple of pictures on Facebook reporting briefly on the evening.  Within minutes people were liking the post and adding comments.

Happiness and Love are closely related. A few days ago the man who did so much to help the world be happy passed away aged 90. We did not play this last night but let's play it now to sum up last night at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

A SPECIAL WORD TO ALL FAMILIES IN RONALD McDONALD HOUSE BIRMINGHAM - will you help us to keep raising the profile of the house ?

If you use Facebook please CLICK HERE and become a
friend. We use David's Facebook account for Radio Love International.  If you do not use Facebook please go to our website: www.radioloveinternational.com and click on the CONTACT US button.  PLEASE send us your requests to play here on our daily blog, add a message
if you wish, help us keep Ronald McDonald House Birmingham always in front of our readers and listeners.

Within our e-mail inbox are TWO messages from the licencing authority regarding Radio Love International's licence requirements for when we begin live shows on Monday 14th May 2018. On Thursday we are having a team
meeting to brainstorm around all that has been happening and working towards that very important day.

When Monday 14th May 2018 arrives it would be so easy to retreat behind our microphones and stop going out and about to play music as we did last night.  NO that must not happen, the studio and our music broadcasting MUST simply be an extension of our roadshow events.

More music please Josh.......

Oh yes, you played that last night didn't you.

While we were driving up the M6 yesterday, clogged up a bit
in heavy traffic, Chairman Rachel was at a meeting sorting things for when we play the music at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

That is going to be a night and a half........

Ahead of being at tomorrow's meeting Jo has a meeting at Milton Keynes Hospital. Fingers crossed she fixes it for us to take music into the childrens' ward as part of Jo's Hope Easter Toy Appeal.  THEN after our team meeting Jo is off to spend time with our city's mayor discussing Jo's Hope House and all work the charity does.  Busy - busy.......

Friday, David and Josh are going to Sheffield to blow bubbles of love for Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme and
support for Sheffield Childrens' Hospital.

We did try to get everyone at Ronald McDonald House in Brum to sing the Sheffield Wednesday anthem. Not a great success LOL - too many Aston Villa and Birmingham City supporters ! When we push up the faders and the music rings out to twenty-five thousand and more football fans we hope the sound will be loud enough to be heard in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

That's Sheffield Wednesday Football Club's adopted anthem.  This is Radio Love International's:

Well David you had better click that mouse and publish
today's blog. Give it a firm click of love for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

PLEASE CLICK YOUR MOUSE - comment on today's blog and help raise the profile of Ronald McDonald House - The House That Love Built - The Mansion of Love.

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