Thursday, 15 March 2018

It's ALL happening folks.........................

Chairman Rachel called a meeting of the directors to brainstorm around what we have been up to and what we have on the agenda for the coming weeks.

We thought we would make the contents of that meeting the
focus of our music blog today. WARNING this could be a page of self-congratulations but so what - those congratulations include YOU our listeners.

Let's play some music.

That's the first letter in an alphabet of music Josh and David have been putting together.

Rachel added the phrase SPREAD THE LOVE to our vocabulary.  Referring to that snow-.ridden day when we played music at Asda Josh added this to Radio Love International.

He made sure that was included in the discussion  for the minutes of yesterday's meeting.

Let's have some more music.

Óur day in Asda supporting Jo's Hope's Easter Appeal is the
biggest event we have held so far.

Wasn't it great ?  Wasn't it fun ?

Who can forget this shopper rushing up to David, giving him a cuddle while she took a selfie ?

David fooled around all day wearing the bra to raise awareness of post operative treatment for ladies suffering
from breast cancer.

David's addition to the Radio Love International lexicon is LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE.

Could be a bit difficult dancing in that bra David !

Asda was a fabulous day wasn't it ?

So were those two coppers dancing with you ?

More music.  Life Is A Disco - So Dance !  

Yesterday we received this e-mail from Libby, House Manager of Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.  David and Josh took our music there on Tuesday evening.  While
there were not that many families at the party we did have a beautiful time.

Hi David and Josh

Thank you so much for everything you did on Tuesday, I know we didn’t have a huge turnout but I’m a big believer in quality over quantity and it was clear that
those who attended had fun.

I hope Josh survived the trip to the services with you in your flares J enjoy San Francisco (I’m very jealous )

And don’t forget to make time for  you and your family its important.

Have a lovely weekend and week off

Best wishes   Libby Aston House Manager

Actually our music duo did not stop off at Burger King on the motorway on their way home last Tuesday.  They both intend
to make refreshment breaks tomorrow. Breakfast in Harry Ramsden at Leicester Forrest and a Flame Grilled Wopper with Cheese and extra fries on he way home !

Asda may have been our biggest event but the words SO and FAR need to be added.  Tomorrow David and Josh are heading to Sheffield
and Hillsborough Stadium to plan Radio Love International's music event with an anticipated crowd of 27,000 to support the club's community programme and Sheffield Childrens' Hospital. We are
also supporting the club's Six Dales Challenge.

Guess we should play some music again. NO, we are not going to play one of Sheffield Wednesday's adopted anthems but something we nicked from West Ham. Come and blow some bubbles of love for the charity or good cause you support.

Listener Gary Marling is a West Ham Fan.  Yesterday he posted this on his timeline.

Please go to our facebook page CLICK HERE - read the story and be generous.

Gary is also organising the Willen Hospice Fun Day in the summer where Radio Love International is playing the music and providing the PA.

You can support this fun day by CLICKING HERE.

There is also a JustGiving page where you can help this lovely little girl, please be generous.

We are looking forward to that day - Weatherman Andy you will fix the sunshine for us all won't you ?

Just to remind all of our listeners Graham donated the mega speakers we will be using that day to fill the field with music and love.

Graham, Josh said when  he buys his new car he will be bringing it to you to maintain and service.

Graham does your garage fix Aston Martins ?

Will those speakers be loud enough to blast Radio Love International all over the world. After crashing Google with so many listeners earlier this week we need to reach a wide audience !

Before our directors' meeting yesterday Jo had a meeting with our good friend Mayor David Hopkins to talk about Jo's Hope and her ambition to solve the homeless problem in Milton Keynes.

Here at Radio Love International we are PASSIONATE about the plight of the homeless.

In twenty-first century Britain this should not be happening !

We are proud to be promoting this incredible and powerful video.  PLEASE watch it and share it.

Before that directors meeting yesterday, as well as spending time with Mayor David, Jo went to Milton Keynes Hospital to talk to them about how we can take music into the hospital to support patients.

For both Jo's Hope's Easter Appeal and our Tombola Party at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham we put together this.

Yesterday these arrived in the post. Two Sheffield Wednesday Football Club shirts signed by the players. On 20th April we will be taking these to San Francisco as gifts for two families who have a child sick in hospital and who are staying in Ronald McDonald House in the famous City By The Bay.  Something to emphasise the INTERNATIONAL part of our name - Radio Love International.

Over the past four weeks we have had a wonderful 7,647 lovely people listen to music on our daily blog. Yes, we are International. Yesterday our 425 listeners came from UK, USA, UAE, Poland, Brazil, Peru, Ireland, Canada and Spain, Albania.

Our audience is predominately made up of 18 to 35 year olds.  Yesterday 75% of our listers enjoyed the
music using their phones. AM/FM traditional radio is OLD TECHNOLOGY, the future is the Internet.

Meet one of our international listeners, meet Grace who listens to Radio Love in Tirana.

Our friends at Radio CRMK broadcast into the Internet. When we spent time with them a while back we played the Radio Love International theme song which sums up what we are all about.

On Saturday, tomorrow, a radio station owner from Norfolk is popping by. He is bringing some gifts of equipment we will use when our station starts live broadcasting on Monday 14th May.

Chairman Rachel has come up with an idea, exactly the same idea that Mayor David had. She thinks we should get
out and about, talk to the older members of our community, get them to share their memories and play music they request.

There are those who are old enough to remember being evacuated as children during World War Two. There are those who grew up in the rock and roll years of the 1950's.

This will help extend the age range of our listeners and give something a bit special to our younger audience.  Good idea ?  Thanks Rachel it's a BRILLIANT idea.

Last Saturday Josh played the music at a 50th wedding anniversary. That was a lovely evening, what a privilege for us to share in that
family's special celebration.

Josh turned to Mrs Josh, Jelena, and said: Just think - this will be us in forty-four years.

Josh had prepared his playlist with great care but had not included one song the couple requested. Sorry about that so let us play it for you now.

Our next roadshow is happening on Sunday 25th March - a LEONITE REUNION. David calls his former students from
Leon School his LEONITES.

So many, many of the FIVE HUNDRED gifts we took to Ronald McDonald House on Tuesday were given by Leonites.

This is something David used to play at the Leon Disco.  Josh played it at Ronald McDonald. David whispered in his ear - you do know the words and actions to this are rude !  Josh went to fade the music but David put out a hand to stop him.

Lovely LEONITE Dianne gave us a fantastic Vinyl collection which belonged to her late husband. We play the records in memory of Pete.

You have heard of "Open Microphone"...... At the Leonite Reunion we plan to have "Open Deck" where we will invite those coming along to play something from our vast vinyl collection.

Within our vinyl record collection we have an ORIGINAL version of Bohemian Rhapsody in perfect condition and still in its original EMI cover. We think it is worth somewhere between £1,000 and £5,000. It is very precious and special.

Yes Freddie, we will play it for you now.

In May we will be setting up our vinyl system again for a truly exceptional roadshow. We have been invited to celebrate Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th Anniversary.  David and Josh will be paying the music but with a guest DJ.  Mayor David attended the centre as a teenager and has some amazing memories. He can remember Status Quo playing at the centre.

Fifty-nine days to go before Radio Love International becomes a fully-fledged radio station. It will take a bit longer until our dream is completely realised. We have set Tuesday 3rd November 2020 as the day when our dream comes true.

It was Weatherman Andy who said we should set David's dream - OUR dream - YOUR dream to this particular piece of music - HAPPY TALK.  Let's play Andy's theme song shall we ?

Today's report...............................

Radio Love International is not yet two months old, our birthday will be on Monday next week. On that day David published the first music blog with this as the very first song played.

A day later David shared his love of music with Josh. There is a lovely little story where David gave Josh a lift in his car. As the engine started David moved to turn off the CD player. Don't turn it off, I love music. Next thing Josh knew he was
part of the project.   David met Jo in early January, When he asked her if she would be a director of Radio Love International she smiled and said YES. Jo - the lady with the big smile and an even bigger heart.

When the history of radio is written this picture will become famous. It was Mrs Josh aka Jelena behind the camera and capturing the moment when David and Josh asked Rachel if she would become Chairman of Radio Love International.  Just look at the expression on her face. What an incredible chairman she is.

David's very special friend joined us as Technical Wizzzzz and Leonite Andy who takes his dog for an early morning walk then posts on facebook became our weather man.  Waiting in the wings we have several friends who will be presenting shows within our schedule of live broadcasts.

We have played letters A and B, let's have letter C...............

How about D ?

I less than two months we have achieved an incredible amount. It's all happening folks and we did say this was going to be a page of self congratulation !

We have a powerful team, a team which has love and friendship binding it together, a team which believes wholeheartedly in our mission...............

We have a very large and truly international audience.  It is difficult to see how we can do anything but succeed.

Chairman Rachel do you think today's music blog would serve as the minutes for yesterday's meeting ?

Jo what do you think ?

I think that David should wear that bra every day of the week.

Josh play this for Jo will you please................

How many songs have we played today ?


Let's make it twenty-four.

Better make that a round twenty-five. Rachel is a great David Essex fan so let's play this both for her and for all of our team and listeners.

Time to click the mouse.

Time to spread the love and publish today's music blog.

Time to set our music free on this beautiful world.  

David and Josh, you have a great meeting at Sheffield Wednesday - we look forward to reporting on it tomorrow.

Oh go on then - one more song !

Will you sponsor David and Josh for Sheffield Children's Hospital when they push up the faders and twenty-seven thousand people sing to our music ?

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