Friday, 9 March 2018

Today we celebrate LOVE

In NINE days time Radio Love International will be TWO months old. 

Yes, we are still a baby in the radio world but if you were to take every other radio station in the world and compare love like for like across every day of existence Radio Love
International would come out right on top. The VERY top.

That is not down to our team members alone but to our wonderful, beautiful LISTENERS - YOU. 

Today we are going to look at the love you listeners have poured into what we are trying to do and celebrate that love. Please read ALL of today's music blog, right to the final full stop. Listen to the music we play and celebrate love.

So here we go..........................

Bring on the love.

Let's have a song. Let's have a disco song. Let's dance.

What's the weather like today Andy ?

We are proud to support the love Gary Marling is pouring into organising Willen Hospice's fete next Summer. We are proud to be able to help and are looking forward to playing the music.
Please CLICK HERE to support Gary by making a donation on his JustGiving page.

Gary likes Queen so we asked Freddie and the boys to put something together for us to play here.

Booming out the songs across the field at the fete will be a set of powerful speakers so kindly donated by garage owner  Graham.

THANK YOU for the speakers and THANK YOU for the love.

Yesterday another kind listener nominated David on the Milton Keynes Inspirational Awards.  David says he hopes he will win, not for himself but as an ambassador for all the love shown by so many people for all we are trying to do.

We keep poking fun at David for wearing the bra in Asda Supermarket last week but he secretly likes the applause as it generates awareness and support for Jo's Hope's cancer project.

Let's have some bra music from last Saturday and celebrate the love.

Saturday and Sunday are the days in the week when we have the most listeners so let's look forward to several hundred today celebrating love.

Look at these fun little friends. There is LOVE in every stitch so carefully placed there by one of our listeners. These and FIVE HUNDRED other gifts of love will be packed into the car on Tuesday as we head to
Birmingham and our Music Tombola at Ronald McDonald House.

Five hundred gifts of love from so many, many people.


Friday night is Mama Jo's Caribbean Kitchen night selling delicious take away food from the beautiful Caribbean to support Jo's Hope's project for the homeless.

By chance we stumbled across this video on YouTube.  Please watch it and share it.

Add your love, share this video and help it go viral.

This evening David and Josh are heading here, to this community centre, to play music a part of a 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

David will be playing the vinyl while Josh plays love through our digital system.

Let's have a song. Tonight between seven o'clock and eleven o'clock think of the love our music will be celebrating.

We are to be involved in another 50th anniversary celebration. On May 5th we will be playing the music at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th Anniversary party.

Do you know what ?

David is secretly proud of his bra.  

Josh is secretly proud of his Sheffield Wednesday scarf.

There was a time when it was impossible to pick up a knife or a fork and not  read the words engraved on it - MADE IN SHEFFIELD.  The fourth largest city in the England, SHEFFIELD was and still is known as THE STEEL CITY.

On Friday David and Josh are driving to Sheffield for a meeting at Hillsborough Stadium, the home of Sheffield Wednesday
Football Club.  On Saturday 7th April Radio Love International is playing music to support the club's community programme, Sheffield Children's Hospital and Saint Luke's Hospice.

For an organisation which is not yet two months old this is an INCREDIBLE honour. Playing music to twenty thousand and more people.

When the first note rings out from our decks at Hillsborough they will chime for THREE hospitals where we have supported children.

Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital.

The Childrens' wards in Milton Keynes Hospital.

Sheffield Childrens' Hospital. 

When we have completed next Tuesday's party at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham we will take pictures we have of children we have been able to support and pictures of the five hundred wonderful gifts our listeners have so kindly donated to make a slideshow using this music.

With so much love to celebrate we have achieved such a lot in such a short space of time.  Surely, surely, Radio Love International is going to achieve it's dream.

Yes, we have played that before today but let's play it again.

Rachel here as we bring today's music blog to an end.

When David publishes today's music blog I want him to tag in all you beautiful people who have given us their love to spread.

When history writes the story of our music project LOVE will be at the centre and all over what we do.

This week two big things are happening.

On TUESDAY the team will be at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham with our music tombola. Then on FRIDAY David and Josh will be going to Sheffield to plan the biggest event we have in the diary.

I want to invite you all to go with them.  PLEASE CLICK HERE

We have to buy four pineapples for a game at Ronald McDonald House on Tuesday - total cost of four pounds.

We need to put thirty pounds of fuel into the car to take the team to Birmingham to have our Music Tombola party with the families who have a child sick in hospital.

We then need another fifty quid to go to Sheffield on Friday.

David is planning to dip into his pocket for the eighty- four pounds we need.  

He does not have a problem with that but I have had an idea.

Could we find eighty-four LOVERS, eighty-four beautiful
people who will each throw a one pound coin into a bucket of love. One pound coin which will personally take their love to Birmingham and to Sheffield.

We have had no problem in asking for gifts for the children, the response has been overwhelming. Asking for money is different. But we are NOT asking for money we are asking
for LOVE.  

We are not asking for pound coins but for coins of love.

Please CLICK HERE to throw your coin of love into the bucket and join us in Sheffield and Birmingham.



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