Saturday, 10 March 2018

I'm for ever blowing bubbles

David PLEASE tell me you are not going to play that song when we do the music at Hillsborough..............

That's a West Ham song and Hillsborough is Sheffield Wednesday !

If course not.  I am playing it for last night, when we fired up the bubble machine at the party.

Anyway You'll Never Walk Alone is Liverpool and we include
that in the Radio Love International anthem.

Just incase anyone has not yet heard, David and Josh are playing the music at Hillsborough when Sheffield Wednesday
play Fulham on Saturday 7th April.

Never mind all this football stuff you two, how did yesterday's event go ?


It was your idea to use the bubble machine David and yet I was the one who had to clean up the floor !

We did make a bit of a mess didn't we but still it was good fun.

Leave the bubble machine for when we do OUTDOOR events in future !

You mean like when we play music at Hillsborough ?

You'll never get that bubble machine past the club's risk
assessment !

But seriously......


We are so proud to have been allowed to be part of this special family's special day.

HAPPY 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.  There were two songs of importance we played during the evening.

David keeps teasing me about the number of text messages I sent him during the day as I prepared the play list for the family, he will tell you it was twenty but actually it was only ten !

We also chatted for an hour on Skype during which time David showed me this video. PLEASE WATCH IT.

I think you will know why that video is important to me.  PLEASE SHARE IT.  David, on Monday I want you to e-
mail all of your powerful contacts and make them watch it.

Chairman Rachel here.....

You did a great job yesterday Josh - well done.

Yesterday I floated an idea for people to throw coins of love into a bucket and so be part of our next event.

So far EIGHT coins of love have been thrown into the bucket. We could really do with another twenty-six for Tuesday.

Please toss your coin in and SPREAD THE LOVE. 

Rebekah is my (David's) daughter.

When Rebekah was only a very small child she was diagnosed to be suffering with chronic renal failure. Throughout her childhood she was in and out of Guys Hospital in London.

She was a very, very poorly little girl. The hospital being so far away from home made everything difficult.  There was no such thing as Ronald McDonald House in those days.

She had two failed kidney transplants but when she received
a third, successful operation the very first Ronald McDonald House in the country had just opened. My family was among the first to spend time there.  Without Ronald it is hard to think how we could have coped.

Rebekah had a short but beautiful and happy life. I challenge anyone to find a
photograph where she is not smiling.

I know she will be smiling when we have our Music Tombola in Ronald McDonald House, Birmingham on Tuesday.

There isn't a day when my heart does not bleed for the loss of my Beck but there isn't a day I do not feel her close to me.  I know she will be close on Tuesday.

We have FIVE HUNDRED gifts of love to

take to Birmingham as tombola prizes. We have some crazy games played.

Josh play some music we have ready for Tuesday.

How about this ?

Some of the coins people have been throwing into RACHEL'S BUCKET OF LOVE will be used to buy real
pineapples for the Agadoo game !

David, do you want me to play another preview of a game ?

Yeh, give our listeners a taste of Millie.......

Okey dokey........

Pictured here at our recent ASDA event is David in that now infamous bra and Jelena aka Mrs Josh.

David was utterly crazy in Asda prancing around in that bra to raise awareness of Jo's Hope's breast cancer project.  On Tuesday Mrs Josh is going to face paint David to look like Roy Wood.  David says he isn't going to wash his face for a week !

Before Tuesday we have MONDAY - Monday is always request day.

To request your song either go to our website: and  click on the CONTACT US bit or hit us on FACEBOOK.

You all know what a LEONITE is don't you ?  A Leonite is one of David's former students going back to the days when
he was head of year at Leon School.  So many of those five hundred gifts of love we are taking to Ronald McDonald in Birmingham came from Leonites. 

Radio Love International's chairman Rachel is a Leonite.

Weatherman Andy is a Leonite.

It was Leonite Graham who fixed our

Leonite Maggie made many of the gifts we are taking to Birmingham.  Yesterday the postman brought a packet of more gifts from Maggie, knitted heart keyrings to help promote the love of our radio station.

Leonite Alexa posted yesterday on David's facebook page
inviting people to vote for him in the Milton Keynes Inspirational Awards.

David is deeply moved that several Leonites have nominated him. If he wins it will not be for him the award is given but for all the beautiful, lovely friends he has.

Can we have some Leonite music please ?

Josh played this song at last night's party.  David used to play this at Leon Disco. We understand he also played this. (It's rude !)

NO we are not using the bubble machine at Hillsborough !  It
took me half a kitchen roll to clean up the mess last night and I am not going round an iconic football stadium mopping up deflated bubbles !

On Friday Josh and David are driving up the M1 to Sheffield to sit down and chat with friends at the club to plan what we will be doing in April.

We hope our efforts will raise £1,500 for the support Sheffield Wednesday gives to St Luke's Hospice and Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Rebekah was a Wednesday fan - when we play SINGING THE BLUES her voice will be singing as loud as anyone.

We WILL play that at Ronald McDonald House on Tuesday.

We are going to play the second Sheffield Wednesday adopted anthem at Ronald McDonald on Tuesday.  First of all here's something David filmed the last time he was at Hillsborough.

On Tuesday we will play the original Jeff Beck version but when it comes to the words HO HO SILVER LINING everyone has to sing HI HO SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY.....

There will be prizes for those who sing the loudest.

David plans to lead the air guitar part of the song.  There will be prizes for the best players.

One thing is certain......

We have a fantastic week ahead of us.  It's NOT David's dream it's OUR dream - it's YOUR dream and the coming week will see us ALL stepping up the ladder another rung.

Yes, we will be blowing bubbles but not from that infernal disco mess-making bubble machine but BUBBLES OF LOVE.

Come and blow bubbles with us.  Throw a few bubbles into

This is a beautiful world full of beautiful people.  Please help is to blow beautiful bubbles of love.

Now before we end this music blog a couple of things................

REMEMBER Monday is request day so let's have your requests to play.

We would like to play that special video again.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share it.

Surely there is enough LOVE in this world to remove this problem from our society.

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