Saturday, 17 March 2018

Time to dance


......and a warm welcome to Sunday from everyone here at Radio Love International.

Are you ready to dance ?

Are you ready to spread the love ?

Sheffield Wednesday fans were dancing yesterday after the boys beat Leeds United 2 - 1 away from home.

Two fantastic goals from Atdhe Nuhiu.

Goals the boys at Hillsborough are sponsored for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. It is not too late for you to sponsor Atdhe's goals. CLICK HERE

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club has been somewhat on our mind over the past past twenty-four or more hours. Josh can not get the song Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday out of his head. Rachel, who aus she is not interested in football, sent David a text the moment the final whistle was blown and the victory secured.

TWENTY DAYS before Radio Love International is at Hillsborough playing music.  Will you come along and help us SING THE BLUES ?

CLICK HERE and read yesterday's music blog to find out all that is happening.

Before our music rocks Hillsborough Stadium we will be raising the rafters of Little Brickhill Village Hall with a Leon School LEONITE reunion.  Look at David sitting in the middle of the picture like Lord Muck !

Rachel is organising this event, Josh is building up the music playlists covering the years from mid 1970's to early 1990's when David was Head of Year at Leon School.

Rachel is a LEONITE, Josh - poor guy - went to Sir Frank Markham School.

Many will remember David looking like this, it's the image the organisers are using for the event, but these days in the second decade of the twenty-first century David looks like this !

He is growing his hair ready for our hippie event in San Francisco.....

Problem is, as fast as it grows at the back it recedes at the front. Yesterday Rachel asked David if his hair colour was natural or if he dyed it. CHEEK lol - he assures us it is perfectly natural.

Let's play some music.

We plan an open deck session at the party. We are asking Leonites to bring along any vinyl they have and to play it on
our deck.

Leonite Nigel Sholl, celebrated Country Music DJ, we want you to bring along one or two of your country albums and spin some discs with us.

How about something from John Denver ?

You do not need to bring the next song, we have the album in our vinyl collection. It is part of the vast collection Leonite Paul Deering gave to us.  Nigel, if you don't play it we will.

David's granddaughter Frances is coming to the party.  Make no mistake she will be dancing.

Frances is the most formidable four year old you have ever met !

She likes to dance to this music. Yes, we have this in our vinyl collection.

Yesterday we were given two professional studio CD players by LEONITE and radio station presenter Alan. The date for Radio Love International starting live broadcasts is getting ever closer ! 

Just fifty-seven days to go.

What will be the first CD we will play on this fantastic equipment.

We have this both on vinyl and on CD. David and Josh were listening to it on a rock and roll CD in the car coming back from Hillsborough on Friday.

Gary Marling is not a Leonite but has been a friend of David for decades. Gary is organising Willen Hospice's Family Fun Day where Radio Love International is providing the PA and the music. Gary is a West Ham fan.  We nicked his club's signature tune to make up a Radio Love International slideshow. Here Gary, let's play it for you now.

CLICK HERE and support Willen Hospice Family Fun Day.

Gary, what are you doing on Saturday 7th April ?

We are taking our bubble machine to Hillsborough so why not come along with us and blow some bubble. (Secretly you can pretend they are   West  Ham  bubbles !)

SERIOUSLY we do need some friends to come along that

Rachel, you OK to blow up a few thousand balloons, 27,000 if you can manage it. No, do not panic the fans can blow up their own balloons. We will be giving out balloons then when Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday is played we want them to thrown them all up into the air.

Gary is also working hard on this lovely, special project.
PLEASE CLICK HERE, read the full story and support Emilia.

More music please......................

FIVE HUNDRED gifts were taken to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham for our music tombola.

That event has taken place and the five hundred gifts of love have been given to families who have a child sick in Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital but Jo's Hope Easter Appeal is still running.

Pop down to Asda in Milton Keynes and put a toy into the trolley.


What's the weather like where you live ?

Here in Milton Keynes there is snow !

There are people sleeping on the streets in this weather.

How are these people today ?

Homelessness is OBSCENE, it is a slur on society. We should not allow this to be happening. These are good people - they are fellow human beings. The obscenity is not the unfortunate people who have no home but US for allowing it to happen.

Jo's Hope has a project to support those who are in this terrible situation.

By pure chance we came across this video on YouTube. have you watched it ? Please watch it NOW and please share it.

Share it and spread the love.

Leonite Patrick Pearson posted this on Facebook.

Homeless near g-casino in town.waiting for my sis and got talking, offered them some chips to keep them warm.went over and paid £2.50 for small portion from the portable kiosk, I told them I was getting them for the homeless couple over there and they said £2.50..ok ....then she made a song and dance about they may have a house and car and all that. I gave a fiver and she was asking if I had a fifty pence,so I asked a few people,then she gave me £2.50 change........I went over to the people gave them the chips and they ate voraciously. Lets hope we all get help when we are in need.

Here's Andy's weather report for today:

Please think of those who have no homes and are sleeping out in conditions like these !

Last Monday we caused a bit of a problem. It's in the archive now but last Monday's Request Day is still being checked
out, 1998 listeners so far.  

Tomorrow is request day again.  

Have you given us your request ?

Tell us on Facebook....

Or go to our website and click on the CONTACT US button......  

So what a week it has been.

We played music in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham. We had a directors' meeting to chat over all that is happening. We rather took Hillsborough and Sheffield Wednesday by storm. We have been given two studio professional CD players. And OH YES we crashed Google !

What a team eh ?

That team now needs to become bigger. We need people to join us at Hillsborough on Saturday 7th May.

Looking ahead we want people who MAKE music to be part of our team. We want to feature your music here on our daily music blog, we want you to play live at our roadshows, when we start broadcasting on Monday 14th May we want your music on our station.

6.15am - time to click the mouse and publish today's edition of our music blog.

One more song - The Radio Love International Theme......

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