Thursday, 22 March 2018

Good Morning Starshine

Today is the day.

4.09am..........  In six hours time our four directors will be in a meeting with the kind business which is offering accommodation for the Radio Love International Studio to begin broadcasting live on Monday 14th May 2018.

The location is good, the people making the offer are genuine - we have worked with them before, but all four of us are nervous and hope that the offered accommodation will be suitable for our needs.  If it is not then we will just have to look again elsewhere but PLEASE at 10am this morning cross your fingers, think of us and send us your karma.

While we are going to spend time this morning with one business, the location we hope for our studio, we have received SO MANY messages and e-mails of support from other organisations and companies. The first songs to ring out from our music decks will be backed by many as we seek to take music to make people smile, be happy, make others smile and support good causes.

Who knows their times tables ?
How man weeks in 52 days ?  


That's a bit scary isn't it ?

Seven and a half weeks before the first song blasts out from Radio Love International.

It will be this song by The Monkees, the first song we played on our first blog on 19th January.

No matter. If we come away this morning with our studio located in Asda Milton
Keynes or if we have to revert to Plan B and locate everything in David's Garage there is a lot of hard work to do.

Have you seen the state of David's garage ?

The local branch of the world's biggest retailer or David's garage we can not simply set up on the morning of Monday 14th May and expect everything to work.

We need to begin work, moving our equipment in and making everything work once we have had our big day at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and before David heads off to San Francisco.

I am looking forward to getting up in the morning, heading to work then coming home again at the end of the day, rather than fitting Radio Love International into the day as and when I am able to.

You and me both Josh although I am think on Day One we should not just play back to back music but present live for the whole day from say six in the morning with Daydream Believer all the way to say, ten o'clock and this.

We could have all kinds of special guests in the studio playing music in a marathon launch as Radio Love Rocks The World from its new studio.

Talking of studios, David will be in the studio of MKFM on Wednesday next week. Tune in at 6pm.

David has a FIVE minute slot. Five minutes, David talk for only five minutes ? That will be a first. He is more suited to the sixteen hours planned for the launch day of Radio Love International.

What does Radio MKFM want to talk to you about David ?

The Milton Keynes Inspirational Awards. A few kind people have nominated me for an award.

I am not going to win, let's face it but in five minutes I will pack in all I can about Radio Love International and how we want our music to be an inspiration to all who tune in.

5.09am.  Has it really been an hour since we started writing today's page.

One more song.

Click time.

Time to publish the page.

Be with us all at 10am.

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