Monday, 5 March 2018

David's Dream

Today's page is going to be a bit different.

It is David writing, no contributions from other team members today but I will be speaking about them throughout what I am about to write.

It was Martin Luther King who made the words I HAVE A DREAM famous but I too have a dream.  Martin Luther King was thirty-nine years old when he was killed, I am significantly older than that !  I wouldn't mind being thirty-nine years old but in my heart and in my mind I am exactly as I appear in the image above left and not as in reality the image on the right ! Martin probably thought he had another forty years to see his dream come true, I perhaps have four.

I did not plan to start Radio Love International.  It was not actually my idea at all. 

It was DESTINY that put the idea into my head and put a ladder in front of me, a ladder to climb and make Radio International a success.

Common Sense tells me to run away from this idea as fast as I possibly can.  What if Radio Love International fails ?  It is all very well to say it will become the world's biggest ever radio station but if that does not happen then what a fool I will be !

I lay in bed at night and dream of the day when Radio Love International will move from the small studio we are still seeking to begin broadcasting in May this year. I can picture clearly a vast complex befitting the biggest radio station in the world.

People will walk into a vast building, the floor in the entrance will be made up of tiles in the form of vinyl records.  Music will be playing, lights will be dancing, smiling Radio Love International staff will be wearing our corporate tee shirts.

To the left will be a restaurant - Mama Jo's Kitchen. Food will be cooked and served by ex-offenders from Jo's Hope's project, people who have turned their lives around and are now contributing to making this beautiful world even more beautiful.

To the rear of the building will be a theatre and cinema.

There will be music practice rooms where people can make their own music.  There will be a recording studio to put this music out for the public to buy. Every supermarket in the
country will sell the records we produce. YES they will be on vinyl but we will have CD's for those who can not cope with vinyl technology.

There will be a suite of offices to publish a  weekly music magazine which will fly off the shelves the moment it is published.

There will be the radio studio broadcasting music to a world-wide audience of millions, billions, trillions, zillions of people.

There will be a team organising Radio Love International Roadshows all over the world. 

Part of this vast complex will be Jo's Hope House with self-contained flats where friends can stay. Homelessness will no
longer exist where Radio Love International lives.

Charities and good causes will be able to come into this vast complex and use it in any way they wish to raise awareness for what they are doing.

Radio Love International's Headquarters will be the happiest place on Earth.

Is that too big a dream to become reality ?  Is the ladder to steep to climb ?

Today - Tuesday 6th March 2018.
Radio Love International started - Friday 19th January 2018
Planned date for live radio broadcasting to begin - Monday 14th May 2018

How long before that dream comes true ?

How long before that dream rocks the world ?

So that is my dream but I believe, while they have not shared it, this is also the dream of Rachel, Jo and Josh who are 
working with me to build Radio Love International into the station with the biggest heart in the world.

I think we have climbed up the steps on that ladder, we have moved from IDEA to DREAM and are now stepping on to the

Yesterday we should have been in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham running our music tombola for families who have a child sick in Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital.  The bad weather postponed this but the music will be ringing out on TUESDAY 13th March.  The wonderful people who listen to the music we play here on our daily blog gave us - WAIT FOR IT - FIVE
HUNDRED gifts to use in the tombola. FIVE HUNDRED !

With love like that how can we possibly fail to achieve the dream ?

I do not think I am ever going to live down wearing that bra in Asda last Saturday but my fooling around raised the profile of Jo's Hope so much.

Easter is coming. Jo's Hope is collecting toys for children, magazines, books and so on to give to cancer patients in Milton Keynes Hospital to enjoy while they are undergoing difficult chemotherapy treatment.

Would you like to contribute something to this special cause ?

Please be generous.

In the summer we will be playing music at Willen Hospice's fete..........

Listener and fete organiser Gary Marling opened a JUST GIVING page for the event.

Please CLICK HERE, visit the page to support Gary and Willen Hospice.

I was a bit worried about this event. I was worried incase our sound system was not powerful enough to fill the field with

The word WAS is past tense !  

Local garage owner GRAHAM has donated giant speakers to more than fill the field. Indeed i think these speakers may be more powerful than those used in a football stadium !

This evening Sheffield Wednesday FC is playing at home to Ipswich Town.  It's a bit of a crunch time for the club but as I NEVER stop saying there is more to a football club than two goal posts and a bit of grass between them.

Radio Love International is supporting Sheffield Wednesday's Community Programme and its Six Dales Challenge on Saturday 5th May which is being organised in support of St Luke's Hospice.

We will not actually be there as on the same day we are playing the music at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th
Anniversary Celebration.  Josh will be playing the music that evening, he will play the club's adopted anthem for all taking part in the challenge. We are working with the club's community team and will very soon be asking you to put your hands in your pocket to sponsor one specific challenge team member.

Bletchley Youth Centre's party will be making a donation from tickets to support the work of Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Both our city's Mayor AND Poet Laureate will be taking part with Josh.

Before that I will be playing music in San Francisco to support Ronald McDonald House in the City By The Bay.

I am growing my hair ready for the occasion and I promise you I WILL be wearing flowers in my hair.

Yesterday, listener Steve from California asked us to use the daily music blog to raise awareness of Prostrate Cancer. Let's repeat that we said yesterday....................

Listener Steve Chapman from California sent us a request to help raise awareness of prostrate cancer.

On Saturday we were in Asda raising awareness within Jo's Hope to support cancer patients.  David wore a bra and fooled about as people donated money to support ladies who has been through surgery to have a breast removed.

Everyone thought that David in a bra was funny.

David said to Jo, who heads up Jo's Hope, that as a man he did not really know what it must be like for a woman to suffer from breast cancer.

But David knows more, however limited his knowledge, about breast cancer than he
does about prostrate cancer.

That is the same for every man in the world who does not have personal knowledge of the disease.

The location of the cancer in a man is so intimate and so personal that the male species tends to ignore prostrate cancer and believes it will never happen to them.

David may have fooled about in a bra in front of hundreds of people on Saturday but what could have have done in a similar way to raise awareness of prostrate cancer ?

This killer cancer is not going to go away so we have published this at the end of today's fun music blog to do a little bit to help raise awareness of PROSTRATE CANCER.

Among the music tombola gifts we will be handing out at Ronald McDonald House next Tuesday are some lovely hand made items donated by listener and friend Maggie.

On its way in the post is a package with even more gifts of love from Maggie to use here in Radio Love International.

With love like this how can my dream - OUR DREAM - YOUR DREAM not be realised ?

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