Sunday, 18 March 2018

David is a miserable coward

David is a sad, pathetic, wretched, miserable coward who is not fit to be held in the regard he is.

Pardon ?

You heard ! David is a sad, pathetic, wretched, miserable coward who is not fit to be held in the regard he is.

Who is saying this about the founder of Radio Love International ?

I am.

Who ?

Me, David. I am saying this about myself. I am a chicken.

Hold on a moment everyone while we sort this out.  Today is Monday - REQUEST DAY MONDAY so let's look a the request list and play some music.

Stuart Rouse requested this.  BLUE MONDAY by New Order. There you go Stuart.

Great piece of music Stuart.

Now then David what is this all about ?

Today is blood donor day. At 12.20pm I will be giving a pint of my blood.
How does that make you a bad person ?

How does that make you a coward ?

Play another dedication while I pluck up the courage to share my story.

Cheryl requested this.  Billy Joel, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant.

This picture was taken the year Ieft school. Look at that hot, sexy young man. Now look at me !

After leaving school I embarked on a career in retail management before becoming a PE, games and music teacher (unqualified) in a boys' private school. In 1972 I came to Milton Keynes to start a three year teacher training course.

It would have been some time in 1974 when the college matron received a gold badge from the National Blood Service for donating FIFTY pints of her blood
to save lives.

Matron asked we students to give a pint of our blood.  I WASN'T DOING THAT !  Have a needle stuck in my arm and a pint of blood drawn out - NO WAY.  A needle in my arm - that scared me.

Another request........

Status Quo Rocking All Over The World played now for Debbie Cerone. 

People are still dipping into the archive and listening to requests played last Monday. The audience figure for that day has just hit two thousand. Throughout the day we had so many people trying to get on to our page we crashed Google Blogger. 

I want today - Monday 19th March 2018 to be another record day. I want as many people as possible to know what a stinking rotten coward I was when I refused to give blood when Matron asked me to.

Throughout her childhood, all those times she was in hospital, Rebekah had EIGHT operations. During every one she received a blood transfusion.


Today is ten months since my beloved daughter Beck died. 

Today when I give my pint of blood it will be pint number twenty.  I say that it is my ambition to live long enough to get my gold badge as did the college matron. Another ten years.

Today staff at the donation centre will make a fuss of me, saying I have passed a milestone at 20 pints. If I had not been such a sad, pathetic, wretched, miserable coward today would be pint number 125 !  

I would have received two gold badges and be half way towards my third !

I will never forgive myself for being a coward and for living the majority of my life as a coward.

I want as many people as possible to know that I have lived my life as a miserable coward.

When people nominate me for The Milton Keynes Inspirational Award, when I can pull off things like getting Radio Love International to play music at Hillsborough Stadium, when I can take our
music into some amazing locations I want you all to know that I have been a coward.

I am not proud to have been a coward but I am not ashamed to tell as many people as I possibly can about my cowardice.

Another request.

Something for Chairman Rachel - MORE David Essex and Hold Me Close.

Are you a blood donor ?

Please do not be like I was, please give blood.

After you have donated a pint of blood, a few days later you will be sent a text message.  It will not tell you the name of the patient where your blood was used to save a life but it will tell you the name of the hospital.

Last night I received a text from The National Blood Donor Service, let me read it to you. We really need to build up stocks after the recent bad weather............

Yesterday I finished updating the draft website for Radio Love International - please would you have a look ?

I would be pleased if you could beta test it and find all
the typo's and busted links.

Radio Love is all about using music to 
make people smile, be happy, to make others smile and to support good causes.

We spread the love.

Click on the good causes button. See where we are pointing our music.

When you are laying back in the chair giving blood a radio is playing gentle, soft music to help you relax.  I have been wondering if Radio Love International could take its music into some donation centres up and down the country to provide music.

What do you think ?

Today I am going to work on a simple presentation to send out to about twenty places up and down the area seeking a
location for our initial studio. Never forget we go live as a radio station proper on Monday 14th May.

Yesterday I shared a back up plan with the team, a back up plan to clear the junk from my garage and use that as a temporary studio.

Last week we took on the amazing commitment to play music at Hillsborough Stadium on Saturday 7th April.  If we make a success of that, which we will, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club would like us there during the 2018/2019 season for EVERY home

Radio Love International is doing some amazing things. However, if today's music blog could help to find more blood donors anywhere and everywhere in the world with no disrespect to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club that would dwarf playing music to twenty-seven thousand people.

If you are not a blood donor please think very seriously about becoming one. Just Google the donor programme in your own country and sign up.  PLEASE.

I want to end today's music blog with my personal favourite song. I believe this is the greatest piece of music ever written. Please listen to it, please do not skip it by. Take the words and apply them to your own life.

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