Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Come and wish upon a star


We did not publish a music blog yesterday. 

We have come close to not writing the page again today. 

There is so much happening in the life of Radio Love International, we have our fingers so tightly crossed that actually rattling keys on a laptop is difficult. Fingers crossed as we wish so hard for dreams to come true.

Our fingers are right now crossed that Asda's head office will agree to and rubber stamp our local store giving us the accommodation it wants to for our studio so we are ready to start broadcasting live on Monday 14th May. That's just six and a bit weeks to go !

Scary !

David appeared on MKFM yesterday, he was interviewed by Greg Burnet. Thanks to those who listened and said they thought the interview went well. Greg was a
fantastic presenter, David really liked his style - it is exactly what we are hoping to find within the members of our team.

Part of our wish list is to find the right people to join our team of presenters. Let's have some music..................

David, why did you play that ?  How does The March of The
Tin Soldiers fit in with what we are saying ?

Because I like it !  

That's good enough reason isn't it ?  Josh, as you build up our playlists can you add this in please ?

Sure thing David.

MONDAY 14th May 6am - we go live BUT before then we have some mega events happening. Our fingers are crossed and these events are on our wish list for success.

SATURDAY 7th April Radio Love International is playing music at Hillsborough Stadium to support the club's community programme.


CLICK HERE and have a look at a draft page we are working on to build up our own team. During the 2018/2019 season we will be playing music in a family zone at every home game. High on our wish list is finding people to staff this area of our music.

On Friday 20th April, that will be only 24 days before our music goes live from the studio in Asda, we have four of us heading to San Francisco.

CLICK HERE and see what we will be doing in The City By The Bay.

Then CLICK HERE to help our wish list support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham when we have our fun jog across Golden Gate Bridge.

Back from California we will then be working towards playing
the music at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th Anniversary Celebration.

There are some VIP guests coming along, a lot of responsibility rests on our shoulders to make the night a resounding success. Our music is following in some rather special footsteps. These guys played at Bletchley Youth Centre !

Radio Love International will be rocking all over the world from 6am on Monday 14th May. To launch our station we are having a 24 hour music marathon hosted by David. CLICK HERE and see what we are planning. Within that plan we will include Status Quo to rock all over the world.

We have at the very top of our wish list HANDS !

We had a team meeting yesterday to talk our way through all we have to do before 6am on Monday 14th May. We are now preparing to invite people to hold our hands as we spread the love. We need partners to help us do that. We need sponsors. We will be looking for ONE HUNDRED sponsors to help us wish upon our star and to spread the love.

This was the first song we played on our first music blog back in January. It will be the first song we play on 14th May. We will then play it every hour throughout the next 24 hours in our marathon as we SPREAD THE LOVE.

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