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Beautiful people shop in ASDA

David chose the title for today's music blog but this is Josh aka The Eternal Teenager writing.  Radio Love International Limited has four directors, we were ALL at Asda yesterday supporting Jo's Hope's Easter appeal for cancer patients in Milton Keynes Hospital. 

Every one of the directors is going to contribute to today's music blog so stand by this will be a LONG edition.

David, what piece of music should we play here now ?

How about The Skaters Waltz ?

David does like his classical music. 

It is appropriate. Early yesterday morning David popped this picture (RIGHT) on to Facebook.

He added a comment WE ARE NOT WIMPS  - WE WILL BE AT ASDA !

No we are not wimps here at Radio Love International but I wondered if the customers would be and so we could end up playing music to an empty supermarket.

We skated our way to Asda and began setting up.  Here I am, above left, unloading the equipment in Milton Keynes newly opened ice rink aka Asda's car park.

We played that song yesterday as a request and dedication for  Debbie Cerone.

Jo here Josh................

So were the customers wimps ?

No way Jo !  Despite the snow they turned up in their thousands to listen, to dance and to have selfies taken with the team, to put toys into the baskets and money into the buckets. Actually the buckets were not that heavy at the end of the day - five and ten pound notes do not weigh a lot !

Can I say something Jo ?

If you must but would you first of all play a bit of music for the Easter toy appeal.  What was that Val Doonican song you played the other day ?

You can this ?

Never mind what I am wearing !


This picture shows Yours Truly David aka The Geriatric DJ with Mrs Josh aka Lena.

I was behind the decks with the music when I saw Lena hand a Radio Love International leaflet to an Asda customer.

No thank you he said. But let me give you this.

He opened his wallet, took out a five pound note and gave it to Lena for the appeal.

Lena you were a star yesterday. Let me play something for you.

So many beautiful people in Asda stopped to spend time with us and support what we were doing.

Yesterday Radio Love Internationaal showed what we are made of - NOTHING is going to stop us become a great radio station dedicated to using music to make people smile, be
happy and support good causes.

Radio Love International's chairman Radhel taking over the music blog for a moment.

I think we need to explain David's wearing that bra.

OMG Rachel do we have to ?

Yes David.

Josh here............................  I think I'll go away and hide for a bit while you write the away for the next few paragraphs.  I asked David yesterday evening, we were chatting on-line, what his wife thought about the bra.  He told me to play this.

Rachel again...... Are you getting confused whoi is speaking ?  Here I am, on the right, with David in the bra.

Rachel are you giving my nipple a tweak ?

Oh be quiet !

Jo's Hope has a number of projects running, one of which is to provide post surgery bras for breast cancer patients.

David had said he would wear a bra and pose for a picture which could be used to promote this part of the charity's work.

Little did he think we would allow just the one picture he planned.

Nice picture David !

Here we are putting the bra on David ready for the picture.

YEH but the staff at Asda did not think my boobs were big enough did they ? They packed me out with paper towels.

You are lucky David they did not use melons - or pineapples !

You were hiding at this point weren't you Josh ?

Yeh, I was scared you'd put one on me and take my photograph. I will allow this photograph to be added to the blog - my fingers using the digital system to play music.

What are you playing Josh ?

This !

People lined up to have their pictures taken with transvestite David.  Pictured here: Asda's Community Champion Suzanna, Jo, Lena - yes well TV David and Chairman Rachel.

Suzanna you will put that picture on the front cover of the next Asda customers' magazine won't you ?

Josh play a bit of music for Asda's Community Champion then we'll add the number one selfie of all time to the blog.

So are you ready for this ?

Here is TV David..................................

CHANGE THE SUBJECT.................

No David not until I have played some music for those two police officers who came to arrest you.

To explain...........................

The group is THE POLICE................

I thought the weather conditions in which the video was made are appropriate to yesterday !

What's wrong with David wearing a bra ?  I used to wear one all the time.

SHUT UP FREDDIE and listen to the music.

We have a vast collection of vinyl records including an ORIGINAL vinyl copy in perfect condition of this.  We'll play it for you  Freddie.

When we formed Radio Love International Limited we had to register shares with Company House.  We said our assets were worth £10k. That original 7" single of Bohemian Rhapsody
in its original EMI cover and in perfect condition is valued at FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS !

Jo speaking now.........................

I am the Project Director at Radio Love International and, given my legal background, I keep an eye out that we stay within the law and protect our financial interests.

So it was you who persuaded those two policemen to released David without charge ?

No, I tried to get them to take him away ! What I was going to say was, when we next have a board meeting we should take out a special insurance policy for that record.

Josh play some music I can dance to.................


Listener figure for yesterday's music blog were not that good. Come on everyone check out today's playlist.

I wish this woman would stop sending me e-mails and start listening to Radio Love International.

David I DO listen to Radio Love International. This picture was taken just as I saw you wearing the bra !

I didn't see you shopping in the isles of Asda yesterday.

No David but you were broadcasting everything via webcam weren't you ?

Ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had an international audience for that webcam broadcast - ALMA in Tirana, STEVE in Sacrament.  Thanks everyone who tuned in.

We had sweets to give away to the children. And balloons.

Every time you bust a balloon Jo you nearly gave me   a heart attack !

YES JOSH and don't think I did not see you and David munching sweets behind the decks was you played the music.

Jo we were eating LOVE HEARTS and this, after all is Radio LOVE International.

OK, I'll let you off but play some sweetie music will you please ?


This Asda customer came up, handed her phone to someone to take a selfie then hugged me.

David I am going to make it my mission in life that you never live that bra down !

Thank you Josh, I thought you were a friend.

SERIOUSLY - Beautiful people shop in Asda. We had a wonderful day yesterday.

David why have you just played that ?

It's a video we I shot at Hillsborough a week ago. Radio Love International is supporting
Sheffield Wednesday's community programme and its SIX DALES CHALLENGE for St Luke's Hospice.


What was the score at Hillsborough yesterday ?

We'll not go there !

Asda is next door to the MK Dons Stadium.  I have to say I am a bit embarrassed that I did not recognise them.  These guys came by, chatted and said they liked the music I was playing. One put his hand out and we touched fists in friendship.

They were MK Dons players David.

Yes I know that now.

Anyway I played a piece of vinyl for them and for my friends at Sheffield.

You taking part in the Sheffield Wednesday Six Dales Challenge then David ?

I'd love to but on that day we have a Radio Love International event with our city's mayor
taking part and I am sure spinning some discs.

You played something yesterday for Mayor David didn't you ?


Radio Love International is playing the music at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th Anniversary Celebration. Mayor David used to attend the centre when he was a teenager. Status Quo played Bletchley Youth Centre so I played this yesterday in Asda.


Tell us what you think about the music we play

Before then we have the Leon School Reunion where we will be playing the music. Chairman Rachel is in charge of that event.  Josh I noticed on the laptop you have a file of music ready to play that day.

Do you have this ?

Morrissons sell pineapples at £1 each but I saw in Asda yesterday they are only 75p. I think I will get a load in and use them to dance as we play this song.

We did have a fantastic day in Asda yesterday didn't we ?

Tell us what you think about the music we play


The snow did not matter - we are not wimps - the entire Radio Love International team was there in force.


We had a FANTASTIC day.

We raised the profile of Jo's Hope and added lots to the Easter Toy Appeal.

Not to mention the post surgery bras.....

Shut up about those friggin bras will you !


Josh opened the blog today, as Chairman I will now bring it to a close.

Josh spun the dics, David wore the bra, Jo, Lena and I handed out the balloons, leaflets and sweets.

The object of Radio Love International Limited filed at Company House is to:


We all achieved that yesterday.  Myself as Chairman, David as MD, Josh as Director of Music and Jo as Pproject Director.  WELL DONE TEAM.

Josh please play that song, the one I want to become the anthem for Radio Love International.  David please take these pictures from today's blog and make a slide-show to add to YouTube.

Tell us what you think about the music we play

David, click the mouse and publish today's music blog.

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