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It's a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day - that's official.  Meet Radio Love International's new Company Chairman - Rachel. Seen here with DJ's The Geriatric DJ and The Eternal Teenager.

As well as being a trustee of Bletchley Youth Centre and running her own business Rachel is involved in two major roadshow events: Leonite Reunion on Sunday 25th March and Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th anniversary celebration on Saturday 5th May. She listens every day to our music page so was the obvious choice to be our boss.  David and Josh whooped with joy when they asked her to take on the role and she agreed. 

Cutting and posting the e-mail from Director of Smiling, Jo, her reaction was: This is awesome!!!!!
Rachel arranged for us to set up the two music systems in the hall of Bletchley Youth Centre and run some sound checks.

WOW what a party we had with that.

As we report on yesterday a 

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Day let's use some of the music Josh played while we tell you the latest news.

WARNING - this is going to be a BIG page today so get ready to Rock Your Jaws with the music.

Josh, The Eternal Teenager, calls this DANCY MUSIC - David, The Geriatric DJ, calls it  BOPPY FUN MUSIC.   It wasn't fun earlier in the day when Josh tried to fire up our
generator. We are going to need this for the roadshow at Bunnings non Saturday 4th March. 

Anyone know a good mechanic who could achieve what Josh could not yesterday ?

The pictures here were all taken by Mrs Josh. She said to David yesterday - I have a name you know !

Sorry - These pictures were all taken by Lena.  BUT yesterday on Facebook Josh himself called his Missus Mrs Josh. 


Lena captured on camera the moment when David and Josh asked Rachel to become our chairman. Brilliant photograph - look at Rachel's expression.

Lena also captured some amazing video footage of Josh dancing to the music. Unfortunately it is still on her phone but we will bring it to you on a future music page. That is if Josh does not get hold of the phone and delete it first.

Fortunately she did not capture David's attempts to dance punk rock style when Josh played the next song.

David is proud of his music tastes which extend from ballet to pop, from classical to country. As you would have seen had you been at Bletchley Youth Centre, David also likes SOME - not all - punk.

Take it away Josh.

Our next roadshow is happening one week today.  We are providing the music at Jo's Hope's Bingo evening.

This evening, as is now happening every Friday evening, Radio Love International's director Jo will be running the Mama Jo's Caribbean Kitchen take away.

This and the bingo night are part of the Jo's Hope charity Jo heads. Radio Love International is honoured to be supporting all that Jo's Hope does.

This evening Josh and Lena, David and Maureen aka Josh and Mrs Josh, David and Mrs David will be dining on this dish from the Mama Jo's Caribbean Kitchen.

CLICK HERE for the menu and to place your order.

We are working towards a roadshow at Hillsborough in Sheffield to support the community programme at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Originally Josh claimed he was not interested in football. Then he said he was a Manchester United fan.



Playing about and playing music yesterday in the hall at Bletchley Youth Centre Josh showed his true colours.

You can see that Josh is singing along to the music. What was he singing ? He was singing the blues of course !

The Mayor's Office was in contact yesterday asking if we could invite a civic guest to accompany The Mayor to the Bletchley Youth Centre Event - Mark Niel our city's very own
Poet Laureate.


Josh did not actually play this yesterday but we'll include it now Mark for you - hope it is not too big a pun.  We have within our on-demand play list The Eternal Teenager's choice of music from the 1950's in which he included this.................

What is David saying in this picture captured by Lena ?  And is Chairman Rachel dancing to what he was saying ?

David is working on a collection of Strauss tunes for our on demand playlists. A shiver ran down his back when Josh suddenly changed the genre from boppy, dancy music to play The Thunder and Lighting Polka by Johann Strauss II - Josh that really was RETRO pop !


Technical Director, Sokol, is working on an amazing professional website which will front Radio Love International as we run up to becoming a fully-fledged Internet station in May.
While this work is happening David has completely changed the draft website we set up three weeks ago and turned it into just music. CLICK HERE - GO ON CLICK HERE and check it out.

Do you recognise this guy on the left ?

On The Night That Music Died he, The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly were all killed in a plane crash.

Josh played Richie Valens La Bamba in the sound check. In the car with David giving Josh and Lena a lift home they were stuck in a enormous traffic jam. Richie started singing from the car's CD.  Josh said I think I'll just get out and breakdance for a bit. DON'T YOU DARE was Lena's response.

Take it away Richie.............

This was posted on Facebook yesterday by fiend Chris..........................

Poet Laureate Mark what is your opinion on that ?

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah ?

It is EXACTLY what Radio Love International is all about. Infecting the world with smiles, making people happy with music and using the music to support good causes.

David is a Black Lace fan, Rachel does not like Black Lace music. Yesterday Josh played this.

We will most certainly be playing that song in Birmingham on Monday 5th March. We will be playing it as part of a music tombola in Ronald McDonald House for the sixty-four resident families from all over the country who have a child sick in Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital.

We are busy collecting tombola prizes. This is what we have collected so far.

This will be the third of three roadshows.

On Saturday 3rd March we will be in Asda Milton Keynes, the biggest supermarket in the region, playing music from 8am to 6 pm supporting Jo's Hope's appeal for Easter gifts for children being treated for cancer.

On Sunday 4th March we will be at Bunnings Warehouse for a Sausage Sizzle playing music from 10 am to 4pm.

Monday 5th March it's into the car and off to Birmingham for the Music Tombola with Ronald McDonald House.


Problem is Josh believes we should only play lively, dancy boppy music. Can you imagine how we will be feelinging at the end of all that ?

NAH ! Easy !  David has an idea for a future roadshow to have a 24 hour disco where charities and good causes can come along, dance and have sponsors for what they do.

David pushed Josh of the decks yesterday and played his favourite piece of music. Of course he played it on vinyl.

A small crowd gathered round the decks as he played it.

You can't dance to that, Josh protested quietly.  

David then preached his sermon about Bridge Over Troubled Water saying that is how we should always lead our lives.

Last week David said it would be a courtesy to write to all radio stations in Milton Keynes, tell them what we are aiming to do with Radio Love International and explain that we are not in anyway in competition with them.

Yesterday we had a lovely e-mail from Mike who runs CRMK.

Mike, that was so kind of you. THANK YOU. Let's play this from The Buggles. Video certainly isn't going to kill our radio stars !

When we started Radio Love International on 19th January 2018, yes we have not been going for a month yet, David said that Josh looked uncannily like Marty Wilde.

What do you think ?

Josh certainly wears his hair in a similar style. Perhaps Marty's is a bit longer.

What about David's hair ?


David was born with scruffy hair and has worked hard all his life to maintain the standard.

But David is up against a deadline. He is growing his hair for a hippie party roadshow in San Francisco where we will be supporting Ronald McDonald House in The City By The Bay. 

Let's play this.

Today is Glen's birthday. Glen is one of our listeners. Glen this is for you and for everyone who is celebrating today.

Yesterday David asked Lena what was her favourite all time song. She replied saying she liked R & B Music. Lena THANKS for taking those pictures yesterday. This is for you.

Radio Love Internationa's Chairman, Rachel, is an avid David Essex Fan. So for the boss of our radio station here you go..................


This appeared on Facebook.

There can only be one answer can't there ? When this was played yesterday everyone gathered round the decks and said what a great piece of music it is.

Of course we played it on vinyl !  Played it from the original EMI single.  Yes Radio Love International owns a copy of this precious and highly valuable single.

When the music came to an end David said he was going to his dentist to order a new set of dentures modelled on Freddie's teeth.

Time to bring today's music page to an end. Let's push Josh off the decks, let The Geriatric DJ take over and play something from Black Lace - SORRY Chairman Rachel but you will like this. We plan to end the music tobola at Ronald McDonald House with it.

When you sail on the sea of life, when a storm comes along there will be a friend by your side saying You'll Never Walk Alone.  That is EXACTLY what Ronald McDonald House and all the good causes Radio Love International supports seeks to do.


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