Saturday, 17 February 2018


Yesterday our music blog hit a record !

341 listeners.

Well Done Josh, that was down to you.

Sorry folks it's not The Eternal Teenager speaking with you today but the silly old man aka The Geriatric DJ aka, as listener Chris would have it, DAV !

Chris posted this on David's Facebook yesterday evening.

Chris let me play a song for you.

Why did I play that ?  Because I like it.  I was 19 years old when that song was released, Chris you were not born. Josh there were another twenty years to go by before you made your entry to this beautiful world.

Chris and ALL other friends and listeners,  Radio Love International needs your help. 

I was 14 years old when The Beatles sang that !

Traditional Radio broadcast by way of invisible waves through the air is OLD TECHNOLOGY. Look at how those 341 listeners from yesterday picked up our music blog.

Listening to radio via the Internet on a mobile device is the future.

Tomorrow Radio Love International will be ONE MONTH old. We have not yet played any
modern pop music, everything has been either classical or retro pop from the 1950's, 60's,  70's and 80's.

Our audience is predominately young people, 18 to 35 year olds. The system does not track those under 18 years of age but if it did then I believe it would show an even higher listeners demographic than the others in this chart.

Why ? Because the retro pop we play is better than the music of today.

PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE - help us by checking it out. CLICK HERE PLEASE

While the daily music blog has a wide readership that can not be said for our website.

WHEN YOU VISIT OUR WEBSITE you will see there is a countdown clock on every page, a clock counting down to the day in May when we will go live as a fully-fledged radio station.

We need to build up our audience towards that day. A day which WHEN YOU CHECK THE WEBSITE you will see is only 85 days away.

You will also see on every page the linking button.

Please GO TO THE WEBSITE and click the button. The page is under construction but there are musical presentations for two of the good causes we have supported in our first four weeks of operation. Over the next day or so I will add in all the others......... Jo's Hope, The Homeless and Click Sargent.

As the time moves on towards that date in May many more will be added in.

All of us work as volunteers right now.  Rachel, Jo, Sokol and Dav all have income to keep a roof over our heads and food on our table. Josh does not.  Eventually we all will be paid as will every single person contributing to make Radio Love International the worlds biggest radio station.

When we do indeed become the world's biggest radio station we will have people lining up round the block to advertise with us, they will throw money at us. In May we will have advertisers wanting to be a part of Radio Love International but we need to spend a lot of
money between then and now.

We have a licence fee to pay.

We need insurance for everything we do.

We need to buy equipment.

We need to give everyone something for their time, starting with Josh.

Hopefully today I will be adding to OUR WEBSITE an Advertise With Us page where people can chip in right now. For that to work we need our website visitor figures to be as big as our daily music blog listener figures.

It has always been my philosophy that it is better to have one hundred people each giving you a pound than one person giving you one hundred pounds.

To put some money in Josh's pocket for the work he is doing and to cover all of the costs associated with RADIO LOVE INTERNATIONAL'S launch in May we need the equivalent of three hundred people a week. 

Next week we will be discussing taking the company name we own Radio Love International Limited off the shelf and making it active.  Personally I dread the red tape and government bureaucracy that will bring but we have to do it.

On Friday Josh and I are appearing live on another radio station to speak about Radio Love International. That invitation is quite incredible. I know we will come away excited and looking forward to going live ourselves.

Those of you who live in Milton Keynes, do you remember a company by the name of MAILCOM ?

The company went bust more than seven years ago since which time their building has remained empty.

Every time I drive past it I dream it could become the headquarters of Radio Love International, it would be perfect. The now owners of the building have not had a penny in rent for years so we would rent it for a song.

The steps toward it becoming our radio station's HQ are simple.
1. Build up the listeners visiting our WEBSITE
2. Find 300 people, or equivalent, who will sponsor RADIO LOVE INTERNATIONAL now for £1 a week.
3. Take the station live in May.
4. Become the world's biggest radio station.

NO this is NOT an impossible dream.

Our ambitions for Radio Love International are not simply an ego trip.  Our clear intent was set out on Day One.

We have doe a lot to meet our aims already. We have a packed diary of events which kicks off this coming Friday. Radio Love International will be taking its music out into the community to make this an even more beautiful world.

Just think what we can - WHAT WE


achieve when we become the world's biggest radio station.

Please help us:

1. Build up the listeners visiting our WEBSITE
2. Find 300 people, or equivalent, who will sponsor RADIO LOVE INTERNATIONAL right now for £1 a week.
3. Take the station live in May.
4. Become the world's biggest radio station.

We can achieve this - we WILL achieve it - will achieve it if people get behind us and walk with us through those steps. If that does not happen then we will fail. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

Radio Love International, even in its infant form, is the radio station with the biggest heart.

This is a BEAUTIFUL world with BEAUTIFUL people in it.

There are some people who find it hard to understand that. They are in hard situations wondering if they have a friend.

Beautiful people are reaching out like a bridge over troubled water to help these people in distress. People who are homeless - people who have cancer - people who have a child sick in hospital - people with every trouble imaginable.

Dav and all of Radio Love International's team will do everything we can to make this the world's biggest radio station and to use music to make this beautiful world an even more wonderful place.  


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