Sunday, 11 February 2018


David writing here but others will  be chipping in.

This was the lead picture on yesterday's music page. I make no apology for repeating it - WHAT A TEAM !

There are three of us in the pic but there are others.

Yesterday was Sunday - a day of rest - time to chill out and relax. NOT for  our team.  Both Josh and Jo called me, text me and sent me e-mails. Their minds were firmly on Radio Love International.  Our technical adviser Sokol spent ALL DAY working on our website.

I have overslept !  It's 5am but Weatherman Andy has already been out with his his four legged friend and posted his Weatherline.


I spent most of my day yesterday working on Josh's 1980's playlist. I put together a back to back one hour collection of songs then published it on YouTube. The robot at YouTube said
there were copyright issues so I did it all again. For a second time it was rejected !  DEMENTED DAMN ROBOT - if it looked beyond the end of its metal nose it would see that everything is within the YouTube Licence.

Until we have our own radio licence we have to put music on demand into the website via YouTube.

First thing this morning, before I started writing the page, I made a single song presentation and published it you YouTube without any problems at all. DAMN ROBOT.

Fortunately we ONLY have real people in our team.

Gary you requested this song so let's play it for you.

Have a look at this photograph.

This afternoon Josh, myself and listener/supporter/ all-round great lady Rachel are attending a meeting at Bletchley Youth Centre. We are to discuss the centre's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Radio Love International will be playing the music. The event will be sponsoring OurRebekah with a donation to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Pictured left are the raffle prizes we have collected for the event:

A football and a football shirt signed by all players at MK Dons FC.

A DVD signed by Will Young, a DVD of his great film Mrs Henderson Presents.

An ORIGINAL 1966 World Cup 7" vinyl record of Lonnie Donnegan and World Cup Willie. That is worth a LOT of money.

Let's play the song.

THANK YOU to all who responded yesterday with offers of gifts we can use at the Music Tombola in Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham on Monday 5th March. We are all
working hard towards this event and to giving the 64 families from all over the country who have a child sick in Birmingham's Children's Hospital a fun evening.

Please keep the tombola prizes coming in. Josh, Jo, David and Mrs Josh are running the evening but if anyone would like to come along and help you would be mega welcome.

On Monday 5th March we are having a TOMBOLA - NOT a PENNY ARCADE but let's play this bit of fun music for Ronald McDonald House and our MUSIC TOMBOLA.

I know Listener Rachel does not like Black Lace but I like their punchy style and LOVE their silly content.  This next song is not typical Black Lace.

I have said many times that the song YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE should become an adopted anthem for Ronald McDonald House. Families staying in the 365 houses round the world will NEVER walk alone. Ronald is always there for them.

As we end our party I want everyone to stand in a big circle, to place their arms about the shoulders of the person next to them as we play this song.  I can tell you I will have tears in my eyes.

We are still on the look out for a face painter to join us at Ronald McDonald House.

Do you know someone who would come along ?

Do you know anyone who is skilled enough in the art to paid David's face so he looks like Roy Wood ?

Before the tombola we are playing music at a Jo's Hope Ladies Bingo Night. The joke about
the only two men attending, Josh and David, has worn a bit thin. No physically we will not be in darag but perhaps mentally we team members will be hideous drag queens.


But can you hear Jo saying YOU MAKE SURE YOU BRING IT !  


Josh is working on the music we have to play that night.  Josh what do you think about this ?

When Jo called David yesterday she was pushing him to buy his and Maureen's Friday evening meal this coming week from Mama Jo's Caribbean Kitchen.

Jo you said the menu was on the Jo's Hope website, yeh we all know that David is thick - he could not find it.

YES he will have something deliciously Caribbean from your menu this coming week.

The only stipulation David makes is that after eating a slap up Caribbean Takeaway he can still limbo dance.

Mama Jo's Kitchen is working towards setting up the Jo's Hope Homeless Project.

Time for Andy's weather report.

Do we or do we not have a fantastic team here at Radio Love International ? Our first music blog page was posted on 18th January - just look at what we have achieved in such a short time. EVERYTHING has been achieved by people from totally different backgrounds and ages coming together as friends, close friends, and sharing the mission to use music as a tool to make people smile and be happy - to use music to support good causes and help to make this a better world.


Then late last night David received an e-mail from a very dear friend in Canada. Our technical adviser has come up with something so INCREDIBLE.

David's gob is totally smacked - for a man who never stops speaking, for a man who is a published author with seventeen books in print (well e-books anyway) he is LOST for words.

Somehow he has to find those words to tell the team what Sokol has come up with and then share it here.

Sokol we know when you were in England you loved this song.  Let's play it for you now.

And with that it is impossible to write anything which could possibly follow on from the work Sokol has done !


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