Monday, 26 February 2018

What is today's music blog all about ?

Our music blog today has a central theme running through it.

Let's see how many songs we have to play before you are clever enough to pick up and work out just what that theme is.

We'll start with something from MADNESS dating back to 1982.

House Of Fun was released as a one-off single in 1982 and went to number 1 in the UK, staying in the chart for nine weeks. The song is arguably the best example of Madness' "nutty sound", a combination of fairground vaudeville, ska and out-and-out pop.

Have no fear..............

The sausages will be SIZZLING on Sunday.................

Our generator has been fixed and is running perfectly........

THANKS to Leonite Graham and Auto Electrical Services.

If you need your car fixing take it here. OK, yes for our international visitors it may be a long way to drive but it is worth it.

Let's have another song.

That was released in 1965. SOMEWHERE THERE'S A PLACE FOR US.

Any the wiser as to our music theme ?  Let's confuse you by playing this silly little song.

Got it yet ?

NO you got it wrong !  The theme is NOT houses !  Doh !

This is a bit scary ! 

In 76 days time Radio Love International will start live broadcasting. You will be able to hear our live shows via the Internet.

Today the management team will be meeting to chat about what we need to do during the coming seventy six days.

We probably need another £1,000 to pay for our licence and buy a few more bits of equipment. A grand ?  In the scheme of things that is not a lot of

(For goodness sake David - change that picture of you - you grumpy old sod !)


Josh is being a GOOD BOY.  Have you had an e-mail from him recently.  He is obeying company law by adding the required legal footer to his messages. (Creep !)  No, seriously we must make it clear in all our communications that we are Radio Love International Limited - a company registered in England Company Number 112139041.

What the heck has that got to do with today's music theme and Monday 14th May 2018 ?

Nothing really, just trying to pad out the space before playing the next piece of music.


We are trying to attract listeners NOT drive them away !

That's the page padded out quite nicely so we can now have the next piece of music.  Back again to 1965 with The Drifters !

We need somewhere to broadcast from !  

We need a base !

We need a studio !

Nothing grand, nothing elaborate. Just big enough for the equipment, a large cupboard would do to start with.

We do need the Internet of course.

A toilet would be good.

Yeh we need electricity. Can't use the generator for that even if Graham and his amazing garage have fixed it. 

24 hour access would be good but not essential.

If we could get it rent free would be cool ! (Cheeky)

Let's have another song.

Forget the lyrics of that song, they are not happy. Just take the title - THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN.

The sun will soon be rising for Radio Love International to shine bright in the sky and spread the love.

We need a place from where we can make the world dance, smile and have fun.

So which one of our listeners today has the magic wand ?

Who has a bit of spare space in their business, office, factory or shop ?

There is a space waiting.

A space which will become the studio of the world's biggest radio station.

Get those magic wands waving.

Sorry Donald, Washington is a bit far for us to travel each day but do keep on listening. 

Do you have a spare room in your mansion Cliff ?

Nice song Billy but we need a bit more than a blanket on the ground.

One last song. We need a studio from where we can rock the world.

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