Tuesday, 13 February 2018

This moring I am going to receive a right good telling off !

Today is the most important day of the year.


Within this year of 2018 it is more important than Christmas, Easter, any bank holiday, more important than your birthday and even the day your football team beat stiff opposition 2 - 0 !

Last night..............

Sheffield Wednesday 2
Derby County 0

Today is, of course, the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF LOVE

It is the day when we feed the profits of the rip off retailers buying cards and flowers at inflated prices for that special person in our lives. Yes I've done that so when She Who Must Be Obeyed wakes up my Valentine's card and gift will be there for her.

Love is more than a card and a bunch of flowers. If you truly love that special person in your life you do not need a designated day once a year to show it.

Love should be a permanent state of affairs in your life.

Roy Wood and Wizzard sang I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY - he is still performing you know. Hey Roy how about a new song I WISH IT COULD BE VALENTINES EVERY DAY ?

Love comes in different shades, different forms. Perhaps today we should celebrate love in all forms...................

Love for family, love for friends, love for strangers, love for those we have lost, love for the world.

Let's listen to Roy Wood. As you listen change the word Christmas in your head to Valentines........................

Here's love......................

On this International Day of Love I am going to receive a right good telling off. My wrists will be slapped and my backside kicked !

At 9.20am please think of me.

I am going to see my doctor.

Doctor Hilmy of Whaddon Medical Centre is a wonderful man. When Rebekah died in May he called me with beautiful and loving words of support. He said: I am not just your doctor, I am your friend.

My body is weird - matches my mind I guess. My blood sugar figures fluctuate like a graph on speed. Doctor Hilmy says I am type 2 diabetic and insists I take medication.  I have the medication but have not taken any tablets for more than a year.  I am still alive, I am perfectly well. Yesterday, for Valentines, Maureen gave me a giant cream cake ! I will not be telling that tio Doctor Hilmy as he chastises me and tells me to take my medicine.

Let's play something for my lovely GP. Doctor Hilmy,  I do not know if you are an opera lover like me, yesterday I added this to the Radio Love International listen on demand playlist.

I received another telling off yesterday. A right royal reprimand from my fellow Radio Love International director Josh.  I had nicked a bar of chocolate from the tombola box and ate it while watching TV.  Doctor Hilmy close your ears to this story, I did not say CHOCOLATE !

In my defence I PURCHASED THE BAR OF CHOCOLATE IN THE FIRST PLACE - cost me a quid from the pound shop. Before Josh gave me that cyber slap I had replaced it with TWO bigger and better items of much greater value.

I do not think the police will be banging on my door to arrest me on a charge of GRAND
THEFT SWEETIE but if they do I have in another fellow director and friend Jo a good lawyer !

Telling this silly little story on social media yesterday ignited a flame of love in two people who saw the funny side of things and have both come forward with gifts to put into the tombola box for music games we will be playing at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham on Monday 5th March.

One of the pieces of music we will be playing for a tombola music game is this. I believe Josh will be leading the dancing for it.

Two nights running I have had weird dreams about Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

In my dream last night I called my friend Club Director Trevor. Without thinking I made the call fifteen minutes into a game at Hillsborough. Chatting with Trevor he explained there was a chemical leak at a factory near to Hillsborough Stadium so was about to abandon the game and evacuate twenty-seven thousand fans.

Silly dream !

Trevor gave me a Sheffield Wednesday Santa Hat lst December. Here is my best fiend Jake wearing it. The night before last I dreamed I took Jake to Hillsborough to watch a game. I sneaked him in as doggies are not allowed at football matches. I had my phone ready to call Trevor if the stewards refused to admit Jake to the ground.  Inside I found that all fans had brought their dogs with them to watch the game.

What is going on in my head to have two daft dreams about Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Perhaps I had better share that with Doctor Hilmy this morning.

I have spoken with Trevor about Radio Love International running a roadshow at Hillsborough to support the club's community programme. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours making a presentation to the club offering to run a music party outside the club shop.

Josh tells me he is not into football. He will be soon and must be by the time we go to Hillsborough.

Josh when we meet tomorrow for the music sound test I will have a little gift for you.  Just something to encourage you to become a Sheffield Wednesday supporter.

One more bit of Sheffield Wednesday music then I will move on to something different.

This is something I filmed on a visit to England's best football club.

It has been a few days since we have had Thought4Today here on the page. I would like to find a friend who would take charge of posting a motivational picture each day rather like Andy gives us his weatherline.

Standing with me at the September Frog Challenge is Chris - LEINITE Chris.

Chris has a sense of humour which I really like. He posts some very poininet material on Facebook. The four motivational posts, the four Thoughts4Today on this, the most important day of the year, all come from Chris.

Thanks Chris.

Chris runs his own successful business. Hey my friend how would you like to take on the vacant role of Company Chairman at Radio Love International.

Time for some more music.

I have been working on Josh's 1980's playlist. Here's something for you to enjoy.............

5.10am and I can hear the bedroom radio thundering through the house.  Better go upstairs and give She Who Must Be Obeyed my Valentine Card.

A friend popped this onto my Facebook timeline yesterday.

I want my kitchen floor ro look like that.

Radiove International Director Jo says that when we get an operating base we should have the floors set like this.


I have in my e-mail inbox a long and detailed message from my friend Sokol who has been working as Radio Love International's Technical
Adviser.   I think the word adviser will soon be replaced with Director. 

Yesterday I sent a recorded delivery letter to PRS/PPL giving the licence authority a kick up the backside, insisting they answer my questions so I can put to my fellow Radio Love International directors the kind of licence we need once we start on-line broadcasting.

Yesterday I played this song for PRS/PPL. I'll play it again for them when they open my letter.

Radio Love International listener Rachel has just posted this on Facebook.

A perfect way to bring today's edition to an end. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY

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