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No need for an apology David, Jo here. (Everyone will have an input to today's music blog.)

I suppose if you were to stretch your imagination you could say that Josh and David are beautiful people but look at the two miserable sods in the first picture I took. After giving
them a bit of a telling off they struck the pose above.

THANK YOU JO........Do you like the tee shirts ?  David speaking again.

On Friday Josh and I will be at Radio CRMK wearing the shirts.

Today we are going to check out the station's location and parking. We have been asked to take some CD's along to play on Friday.

How about this ?

That was the very first song played on Radio One aka Radio MINUS One.

This was the first song played on Radio Love International.

This is Rachel speaking now - Chairman of Radio Love International, can I point out that at yesterday's meeting we agreed to set up the company Radio Love International Limited so get's the name right shall we.

Josh now taking over the blog. As the Director of Music I think we should play something for our Company Chairman.

How about this ?

That dates back to 1970, twenty-one years before I was born.  

Before my time - this is Jo.

Well I was nineteen at the time. David here again.  Flippin heck.............I've been trying to write today's blog, so if my friends and fellow board members will shut up for a minute.

Yesterday was a hard day for me. It was Rebekah's 35th birthday. Beck died suddenly and
unexpectedly on Friday 19th May last year.

I knew the day would be hard, it was hard.

BUT, so many friends knew I was having a hard day, so many friends smothered me with love. I want to thank you all for your kindness.

Radio Love was my idea but Josh, Jo and Rachel shared the vision and quickly formed our management team.

My dear and special friend, Sokol, is working to help with with our website. We all love Andy's weather reports don't we ?

Without this love yesterday would have been impossible.

Rebekah was always known as Little Miss Sunshine. Her song was You Are My Sunshine. I find it hard to listen to that song now but I can listen to and enjoy this version.

Josh, thank you for your support and for your text message at the end of the day.  Jo, thank you for being there for me.  Rachel, thank you for that lovely cake.

We are a team David.

Now then David and Josh, you are ready for Friday's bingo night, yeh ?

My Missus says says she is coming.

Does she Josh ?

Chairman Rachel are you coming ?

Of course, and I am bringing both my daughter and daughter-in-law.

Better play some music for the ladies eh Josh ?

Mama Jo's Kitchen will be part of Friday. 

I 've been having a bit of a problem trying to find Carribean music for the playlists.

Josh try making a Google search for The Merrymen of Barbados.

Cool, thanks.

Argentina isn't far from The Caribbean is it ?

About three thousand miles Chairman Rachel.

Oh that's along way isn't it ? I thought perhaps you could play a song from the musical Evita, something from David Essex.

That's a bit of a stretch of the imagination Chairman Rachel.

Well play it for me anyway.

Can I ask something ?

If you must David.

Do you think this music blog makes any sense to anyone other that we directors of Radio Love International ? It's jumping about more than a demented jack in the box.

Who cares ?  It's the music people listen to not the words we rabbit on about.

So let's play this then ?  Something for our DJ's and their Radio Love International shirts.

Maggie, a great friend and listener, posted this yesterday.

Yesterday we added a new collection to our classics page on the website.

Chris Watt's posted this.  


You know those silly game thingies that appear on Facebook ?

They are called apps David.

Are they ?    Really ?     Well you know those silly game thingies  that  appear on Facebook ?  After our meeting yesterday Chairman Rachel took part in one.

Did she ?

Yeh look at what her result was .

Let's play some music while I have a go with the silly facebook thingy myself.

Ooooopppppsssss !

It's OK David, you know a good lawyer.

Yeh, suppose I do Jo.     Change the subject.

That piece of music I just played, played it on vinyl from a stack of 7" singles listener Dianne Walsh gave us.

Yesterday was Dianne's birthday so let's play her some music.

Happy Birthday Dianne.

It's getting close to time where we should bring today's page to an end. We've already
played thirteen pieces of music.

That's an unlucky number David. Come on team each one of us chose another piece of music and play it before David clicks the publish button on his laptop.

Chairman Rachel what would you like.

Something by David Essex of course !

Just for you then. Josh you think what you want while we all listen.

Director of Music Josh, what would you like to play.

Well, when we go to Birmingham to run the Music Tombola in Ronald McDonald House Lena is going to facepaint David to look like Roy Wood.

I'd like to play something from Roy Wood so Lena can check her design for David's face !

Ok Josh let's play this then.......

Now for my choice.

Josh I know you and david are having a working lunch today to chat about Friday's bingo night. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to persuade him not to play this.

Jo, you don't think I can do that do you.

Well tell him not to play it when Ann Summers is doing her bit !

Jo is it true as Project Director you are planning a chippendale night. I am worried that David may want to take part in that !



Weatherman Andy.................

What would you like to play ?

Well for me, Sokol, I'd like Hotel California. brings back memories doesn't it David ?  

Hotel California it is then.

Andy ?

Could you play the signature tune David set up for me ?

David, what's your choice ?

We have now played 18 pieces of music. If I  were to play two that would give us an even twenty.

Greedy !

Can we play Bridge Over Troubled Water - everyone knows that this is my favourite piece of music. If Radio Love International can encourage our listeners to live their lives like bridges over troubled waters this would be a much better world.

That was beautiful.  Go on then David what's your second piece of music

Yesterday was a hard day for me. My ship sailed into those troubled waters. As I walked across the bridge I was surrounded by love, so much love from so many people I just did not walk alone. THANK YOU.................

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