Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Old Lady And The Unicorn

At the beginning of January I was given a cheque. I put it in the back of my diary and forgot all about it. Now and then I thought to myself: I must go and pay that into the bank. Yesterday I finally got round to doing that.

As I walked towards the bank there was an old lady coming in the other direction.  Walking for her was a serious effort. She was putting her right leg forward then using her entire body to swing the left leg in order to take a step. Shen the repeated the system to make progress along the pavement. She followed me into the bank.

We both wanted to use the automated paying in machine but the demented robot was off on a fag break so the machine was out of order.

Joining the long queue to be served by a real person we started chatting. Chatting turned to joking, turned to playing the fool, turned to having a right old laugh.  OLD - she said to me I hate being old, I feel inside just like I am a teenager.  I know EXACTLY what she means.  I bet this dear old soul, the old lady with the gammy leg was a right raver when she was a teenager.

Yesterday evening I was working on Radio Love International's 1950's  playlist. I am now three quarters of the way through it and would here like to play the first 45 minutes of the collection for that dear  lady I met at Halifax Bank yesterday.

Coming out of the bank I felt uplifted by my conversation. I almost danced across the road to TWICE BOUTIQUE. I tried not to look at the ladies clothing hanging on the racks, I tried to
ignore what Jo, Radio Love International's Director In Charge of Smiles had said about Josh and I having to dress up in drag for a Ladies Bingo Night we are supporting. Problem with Jo is you can never tell when she is joking and when she is being serious. Anyway I made my way to the till.  I must say I thought I may look very sexy in a mini skirt I saw. SHUT UP DAVID !

I was not there to buy a mini skirt but to buy tickets for the Clic Sargent name the unicorn TWICE BOUTIQUE is running. Clutching a five pound note and a pound coin I paid for tickets for myself, Maureen, Jo I got one for you, Josh and Mrs Josh.

Let's play some music for TWICE BOUTIQUE. Hey, do you have any of these in stock ?

We may be needing some of these.  Jo has come up with an idea for an event which may require all male team members to wear such an item. TWICE BOUTIQUE I may need a size slightly larger than Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie and yellow is not my favourite colour.

I have been doing some work on our website and have included on the front page a list of charities and good causes Radio Love International has supported. 

OurRebekah supporting Roanld McDonald House     Jo's Hope   Clic Sargent   The Homeless

That is not a very big list but Radio Love International is not three weeks old yet.

Opening up the laptop this morning I found a message asking if we could help raise awareness for Prostate Cancer research. Philip OF COURSE WE WILL.  Everyone reading this part of today's page please CLICK HERE and raise your awareness of this horrible disease and the work being done to tackle it.  PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Philip please tell us of any events where our musical roadshow can help and we will be there.

Before we set up Radio Love International I said that this next tune should become an anthem for Ronald McDonald House. It should but it should also be an anthem for ALL of the causes we are trying to support. When times are hard, when you need support and you need love these wonderful organisations are there saying YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE - come let us hold your hand..

Josh is in charge of our music, he has been working mega hard putting together the playlists for our different roadshows. I suggested to him that when we do the Music Tombola in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham we should end the party with this. Josh perhaps we should play it at EVERY roadshow.

Yesterday Josh uploaded 85 songs to the server for the Leonite Reunion on 25th March. Incase you missed it Josh posted this on facebook yesterday.

Josh I am so proud to be working with you and Jo in this music project. THANK YOU.

Why have I played that song ?  Why am I now going to play this ?

I love Barbados, I love The Caribbean. I love the sunshine, I love the beautiful people who live there. It truly is paradise.  When Jo and I spoke on the phone yesterday and she
suggested a Caribbean party I jumped down the phone shouting YES, YES, YESWe could limbo dance I said.

Of course, Jo said. She then added something about what we should all wear. TWICE BOUTIQUE - that is where the bikini stuff comes in.  You don't have any in stock do you ?  Please tell me you do not sell grass skirts !  PLEASE.

Josh, Jo and I have a board meeting this morning. Josh if I vote to ban grass skirts will you vote with me ?

Anyone know of a steel band we could get to come along ?

Change of subject.

We were talking about building up a team of music moderators for Josh to check out the content and style of all we play. Rachel and Dianne said they would help but Jo came up with another idea - we should have an OPEN Facebook Group for Radio Love International, something where anyone can post comments about the music, ask for requests and IMPORTANTLY ask for help supporting their good cause.

Change the subject again.

It is getting seriously close to the most important day of the year. Wednesday next week - THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF LOVE.  You will find this on Radio Love International's website Listen On Demand area.

Play this for the special person in your life.

Josh's playlists are fantastic but he has not included anything for the Leoinite Reunion by Black Lace. Just  to wind organiser Rachel up let's play  this.

Something tells me that both The Unicorn AND The Old Lady would dance to this !

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