Friday, 9 February 2018

The Most Important Day Of The Year

David writing here.......The young man in the image left used on our website for our roadshow diary is my grandson Adam.  Yesterday he told me that he was going to the school disco. It's a Valentines Disco, he explained.

Oh really, I smiled, who is your girlfriend ?

Don't have one !

FOUR days to go, FOUR DAYS to the most important day of the year.  Radio Love International is not planning a Saint Valentine's Disco - well not this year - but to celebrate the Day Of Love we do have a special hour long back to back play list of beautiful music for the one you love.

Yesterday went pear shaped !

We had a planning meeting at Asda Supermarket to  chat over details for a roadshow. When Jo and I got there we were told the person we were to meet was not in the store, her shift rota had changed.

*!#???!!!**********  Jo changed her role from being The Director In Charge of Smiles to The Director In Charge of *!#???!!!**********  

Oh dear - what a shame - never mind !

We are going back again today. Keep your fingers crossed for us at two o'clock !

Frustrated at wasting our time Jo and I sat in the cafe where our Director In Charge of Smiles hit me with a long list of additional roadshow dates. Rachel also sent me over details of a sound check for an event so as I get my head round all of this I think I will put our diary on today's playlist.

TODAY - Saturday 10th February:
10am - Jo meeting Operations Manager at National Trust Stowe
2pm - David, Josh & Jo meeting Community Champion at Asda
MONDAY 12th February 1.30pm: David and Josh meeting at Bletchley Youth Centre
THURSDAY 15th February 4pm: Sound check Bletchley Youth Centre
FRIDAY 23rd February 7pm: - Jo's Hope Ladies Bingo Night
SATURDAY 3rd March 7am set up then 8am to 6pm: - Asda Milton Keynes - supporting children with cancer
SUNDAY 4th March - 9am set up then 10am to 4pm: Bunnings Milton Keynes - supporting Jo's Hope
Monday 5th March - Leave 3.30pm home by 10pm: Ronald McDonald House Birmingham Music Tombola
SATURDAY 10th March - private party
Sunday 25th March - 12noon to 4pm: Leonite Reunion Little Brickhill
SATURDAY 21st April - Hippie Mound Golden Gate Park San Francisco
SATURDAY 5th May - set up 6.30pm end 11pm: Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th Anniversary Celebration
ALSO Sausage Sizzle Bunnings 9am to 5pm
SATURDAY 16th June 9am to 6pm: Sausage Sizzle Bunnings
SATURDAY 14th July 9am to 6pm: Sausage Sizzle Bunnings

Phew !  Let's have some music.........................

Within our ON DEMAND page for the website we now have back to back hour long collections of hits from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, David's Classical Collection and Music
For The One You Love.

Josh has completed the preparation work for 1980's and 1990's collections.

David, that's me,  now has to turn these into the format we use within the ON DEMAND  page.  It takes about ten hours to make a playlist, upload it to YouTube then add it to the website. I am going to be busy.

Here's something from the 1980's on Josh's playlist.

So what has Josh put into his 1990's playlist.

That's a great song isn't it ?

Did you know that Boy George now works as a DJ with his own mobile disco. Do you think
we could get him along to one of our Roadshows ?

David here typing up this page....................

I put that in as a bit of a joke but perhaps it could happen.

When Radio Love International goes live broadcasting on-line would it be safe to have Boy George present a show ?

This appeared on my facebook timeline posted by listener Maggie !

She suggested that these would be suitable costumes for Josh and I to wear at the Ladies Bingo Night on Friday 23rd February.  Jo what do you think ?  Josh I will if you will !

Do you know the film Kinky Boots ? Those costumes could do with some KINKY BOOTS. Maggie this song is for you !

And with that there is only one song that could follow Lola - The Radio Love International theme song:

Have a great day.

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