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Tell me about the music in your life

David here..............

For today's music blog I thought I would tell you something about the music in my life then ask you to tell me about the music in your life.

What was your first record ?

What was your first album ?

Which is your all time favourite song ?

What song do you hate more than any other ?

Music associated with milestones in your life.

So let's start with my first record and let me ask you what was the very first record you ever spent your pocket money on.

For me that is not something simple to report.  I went with my mother to Birmingham city centre, that would have been way back in 1961 when I was aged ten years old.  I had in my hand the sum of six shillings and nine pence. We were going to the record department in Lewis's, the biggest department store outside London.  I was not sure which of two records I was going to buy.

Could it be this ?

Or would my first ever record be this ?

I have no idea why I changed my mind, perhaps i did not think my mother would approve of Rock and Roll.  I came away with this, my very first 7" vinyl single.

That's a bit boring isn't it ?  African Waltz by Johnny Dankworth. It only made number 9 in the charts but it did remain in the charts for twenty-one weeks.

I was in Birmingham. Down the newly built M1 Motorway in a Buckinghamshire village called Wavendon lived Johnny Dankworth and his wife Cleo Lane.  I n the same village lived a family whose eldest daughter, seventeen years later, would become Mrs David.

So what was your first record ?  Was it something a bit more exciting than African Waltz. Drop me a line, e-mail me or tell me on Facebook.

When I left school I went to work in that giant Birmingham department store as a management trainee.  I worked in the soft furnishing department, my friend Tony who I envied so much worked in the record department. I would have given anything to have exchanged selling curtains for the latest hit singles.

I do wish someone would write a song I HATE GEEKS !  The geeks at Google are AGAIN screwing up the formatting of the blog !  IDIOTS !

Anyway my first LP came not from Lewis's Department store but from the record counter in Stones Newsagents, just across the road from where my grandmother lived. Adam faith's second LP album simply called ADAM.  That LP is long gone I am afraid but I did recently purchase a copy from e-bay.

Here's a trach from ADAM.

Weatherman Andy's theme song comes from that same LP album.

I never actually owned a copy of the world's greatest album when it was first released. I did  not need to.

As a student it was impossible to walk down the hall of residence without hearing this being played from friends' rooms. 

I love every track from this album. When I got a copy last year from e-bay I played it over and over and over again.

My favourite track, I believe the greatest piece of music every written is BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER.  I am going to play it now and play it from something I added to YouTube in December 2016.

I am old enough to remember Harold Wilson's Government passing The Marine Offences Act and killing the pirate radio stations. Horrible little man !

Wilson took away the likes of Radio Caroline and gave us Radio One. I have never liked Radio One - I call it Radio MINUS One.

When it first came on line it had a jingle.....................

Radio One is wonderful - B - B - C

Wonderful ? Was it heck ? We used to sing Radio One is wonderful - migraine headaches !

To be fair to it Radio One did get a bit better before it degenerated into what we know today. 

That brings me to my most hated piece of music. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING by The Spice Girls. Those unfortunate females for me mark the lowest point in British pop music. Sorry to be including this next song but I guess I have to to.

What an absolute load of old rubbish that is !

Of course Radio One loved it and played it all the time.

I'll come back to the unfortunate Radio One and its sad, pathetic playlist in a minute.

Yes Donald, I'll play something for you from your favourite radio station.

First I want to ask you what was your first car ?  Can you remember its registration number ?

Mine was a Triumph Herald registration LSS482D

It was a rust bucket but for a young guy that was a cool car.  My dream car is also a triumph. One day when I am rich I will own a fully restored Triumph TR7.

I wanted a Triumph TR7 when they were first manufactured and want one now. When Radio Love International becomes the world's biggest radio station and the lose change in my pocket would make Richard Branson look like a man on his way to the food bank I will own such a vehicle.

Let's play some car music.

Yesterday Josh and I went out to check where the studio of Radio CRMK is, we are going there tomorrow to talk about Radio Love International. Parked on the right, just across from
the studio was a Bentley. That's my next car, I said to Josh.  On the way home we passed Aston martin with so many cars lined up outside the factory.

And there's mine, Josh said.

What was your first car ?     What is your dream car ? TELL ME and I will expose your motoring history and desire to the world !  Drop me a line, e-mail me or tell me on Facebook.

I have been asked to take along some CD's to play on the radio tomorrow.  I am taking this, the very first song to be played on Radio One.

And this - the very first song played on Radio Love International's music blog.

This was my brother's first record.

I asked Josh to put that into the playlist for tomorrow's Radio Love International playlist at the Jo's Hope Bingo night.

Yesterday I went to Morrisons and purchased some lollipops.

Wait in anticipation ladies, wait in anticipation.

You not going to play any of my music on Friday then ?

Of course we are Freddie.  How about this ?

David shut up with that rubbish. Play this...................

Yes Freddie, for my money that is your best ever song.

I have just shared something on Facebook for TWICE BOUTIQUE............

Twice has some things for our Music Tombola on Monday 5th March in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

Freddie you know that mini-skirt you wore in the video I want To Break Free ?


Did you by any chance get it from Twice Boutique.

That my friend is for me to know and for you to wonder about.

I'll take that Freddie to mean YES.

If you like.

That brings us up to fourteen records played. Yesterday we played twenty songs so I'd better sort out another six.

Yesterday the Google Analytic graph for people visiting our website - freaked.

Will we be able to maintain that again today ?

Who were all of those new listeners ?  OK there was Donald Trump and there was Freddie Mercury but who were the others ?

Oh yeh I guess there was this guy as well.

Anyone recognise where that video was recorded ?

Not a million miles from where Radio Love International is based.  In May we will be playing music just down the road where this group once performed.

Only 16 songs today but it's six o'clock so I had better close the blog page and publish it. Listen and enjoy.

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