Thursday, 22 February 2018

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Today the talking stops and the action begins !

All the planning, all the meetings, all the talking moves today into ACTION. 

Now we will start to see if Radio Love International really will become the biggest radio station the world has ever seen.

The potential is here. We have an amazing, enthusiastic team.  We have a growing fan base of listeners. We have the vision.

Time now for.........................

Go to our website and click to the CLASSICAL section in the music on demand area.  Listen to this.

Within that collection of beautiful music you will find Tritsch-Tratsch Polka.  Tritsch-Tratsch means gossip.  Here's another version of the polka.  This is FUN.

That would make even an Andre Rieu concert dull !

Anyway, today we start taking music off the internet and out into the community.  At ten
o'clock this morning please CLICK THIS LINK and listen to David and Josh live on Radio CRMK speaking about Radio Love International.

Isn't it FANTASTIC that this radio station is helping Radio Love International ?


Yesterday our registration was accepted at company house and our appointment of directors approved.

Do you want to hear a funny story ?

First of all have a listen to this..............................

David, I am having problems with the digital system. I can not get any sound out of the

Oh Josh, I bet I know what the problem is. There's probably a faulty lead. I'll fix it.

Sitting In Josh's kitchen The Geriatric DJ and The eternal Teenager wired everything up. The lights on the deck were spinning indicating that everything was working properly.

There was a problem. A BIG PROBLEM. The equipment is essential for this evening's Ladies Bingo Night was silent.

The duo were puzzled.

On the speaker on the right can you see a button. That's the speaker on off switch and volume control. With a smile Josh gave it a gentle turn and sound came out !

Doh !

Have no fear everything is fine for this evening's music party.

Back at his home David came up with an idea.

A time travel through music with The Geriatric DJ and The Eternal Teenager.  It was published late yesterday and already nine people have checked it out on YouTube. Talking of listeners, how many listened to our music yesterday ?

We do have a FANTASTIC team here at Radio Love International.  It was only just today rather than yesterday when Andy filed his weather report.

While the duo was trying to fix the digital system Josh was saying how very important Andy's weather report is to Radio Love International.   At half past two in the morning
listener Simon was already commenting on the report.

We continue to count down the days to Monday 14th May when Radio Love International starts live broadcasting. Before then we need to find a FOOD CORRESPONDENT - Paul Foster we wondered about you for that job.  We could also use someone who would comment on the news. 

Any ideas, any offers ?

We know from the page tracking on our website and daily music blog that our audience is mainly younger people - 18 to 35 year olds, listening on their phones.  Highly sophisticated technology is employed by Google Analytics to provide that information.  Actually it's very simple - look at a person listening to music on their phone - if they are smiling they are tuned in to Radio Love International. If they are not smiling they are listening to a different station.

Listener Chris popped this on David's Facebook timeline yesterday evening.

How ever did Chris know that earlier in the day The Geriatric DJ and The Eternal Teenager had this conversation on Messenger ?

That is so spooky !

Chris how about you being our psychic correspondent !

David sexy ?

NAH  !

I was once !

Yeh a hundred years ago.

Please don't give him ideas.

Ann Summers is making an appearance at tonight's Ladies Bingo Night. It is rumoured that The Chippendales may be appearing a future event organised by Radio Love International's Director Jo.

Please Jo tell David he can NOT audition for a part.

Chris please do not encourage him.

Better play that sexy shirt song - Yeh !

Go on then.

Radio Love International is all about making people smile - NOT about splitting their sides with ridiculous laughter !  Company House are you sure you checked David out properly before you approved his appointment as a director ?

Radio Love International's Chairman Rachel has added a new phrase to our station's vocabulary....................

Director Jo recently went to watch the musical Sister Act. Spread The Love is a song from that show.

What is the greatest love song ever written ?  A google search says it is this...............

That brings us to eight songs played on today's music blog so far.  Better play another.

YES, today the talking stops. Today we start our diary taking love and music out of the Internet and ito the real world.  David and Josh will be appearing live on CRMK Radio then
we will all be there at the Jo's Hope Ladies Night spreading love as we help raise support for breast cancer patients.

Mama Jo's Kitchen will be there with its takeaway Carribean food service. 

Josh has some special Carribean music in the playlist.

David, The Geriatric DJ, told Josh to make sure he adds something into the playlist for a silly game he wants to play.

If you go to Morrisson's supermarket you will find the local store is currently out of stock of lollipops.

For goodness sake let David play his lollipop game !  We do not want him doing this !

Eleven songs played so far.

What's next ?

I have had this open on my laptop for a week, can I play it now ?

Oh go on David - if you must.

Today is a new dawning - The Dawning of Aquarius. It is the day when Radio Love International stops taking and starts DOING !

We have been asked to take some CD's along to the radio interview this morning. We are taking this - rapidly becoming a Radio Love International theme song. A song where we spread the love.

When Josh and David go to the radio station there will be another CD in the car, something not for the radio station but for Josh to play for mama Jo's Kitchen. Here's a track.

Josh, David is getting on a bit you know. Sometimes his mind gets a bit confused. When you asked him about Wet Wet Wet and he said he had them perform at Leon School he got the pop groups muddled.  It was not Wet Wet Wet but Westlife had had play to his students.  Here they are singing It's A Beautiful World.

Fifteen songs played. Just one more as we spread the love.

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