Friday, 2 February 2018

Josh is recruiting members for our team

Today's blog and music page is all about YOU - our audience. The three of us currently running Radio Love International will be taking turns to speak to you but we'll allow AGE to come before BEAUTY, respect the elderly and let David begin..............

Thank you for that. OK then this is David now writing, David aka The Geriatric DJ.

Can I begin by saying something specifically to Beck's friends. I have a big meeting with Ronald McDonald on Monday. At the moment the OurRebekah website has been taken down. Following the meeting it will be
back in a new and exciting format. Radio Love International was set up to play music at OurRebekah events but Beck's smile - that naughty, cheeky smile is now infecting a much wider audience.

That audience yesterday had 254 listeners. I hope you enjoyed the music. Do not forget you can hear ALL of the music ON DEMAND - just CLICK and LISTEN

I put this together yesterday for our lovely listeners. It is for you all but I would also like to dedicate it to Lina. I knew Lina was bi-lingual, yesterday I found she is fluent in FOUR languages.  Lina and all of our listeners I hope you find this a bit of fun.

Thanks David. It's now Josh speaking, David will be back in a moment - well you know he talks a lot LOL.

So then................

David read a poem to me yesterday.  I am going to share it with you shortly but first can I give you my contact details. You can e-mail me direct by waving your MOUSE RIGHT HERE.

David said this is called Desiderata. Lina may speak four languages but she does not speak Latin. David said it means desired things.

As well as putting the poem here and inviting all of our listeners to take note of the words can I offer it to everyone at the old bus station. You know who you are, these words are for you.

It's a bit of fun being a time lord you know. I have been cruising the decades trying to find a song about poetry and found this.

I think I will be adding that to my 1950's playlist.

Right then.  My job here at Radio Love International is TEAM LEADER. Thing is as of this moment I don't have a team to lead - he, he. Let's put that right shall we.  I need a small group of our listeners, say between 4 and 6, to fire e-mails to me giving your honest opinion about the music we play. Is it good or is it something to put out for the bin men ?  Would you
be a part of my team ?  David has given me three names - Alma, Rachel - we are meeting up on Wednesday next week I believe and Dianne - we have already met, thank you for the vinyl you gave to David and thank you for the phone you gave to me, as you can see I am making good use of it. 

Who else ?  

If you would like to be a part of my team could you send me an e-mail please. Would you also be so kind as to tell David on Facebook so he can add you to the Team Page on the website.

Back now to David. Let him have his say then over to Jo.


I have indeed set up a new Team Page on the website please have a look. CLICK HERE

I have also written a bit of silly fun as a Radio Love International survey. CLICK HERE, be silly and fill out the survey.  Go on I dare you !

Usually I start the daily page off with a motivational theme and Thought4Today.  I haven't forgotten. Here is Saturday's theme to make your day go well.

You can find all of Radio Love International's motivational music in the ON DEMAND AREA OF OUR WEBSITE.

Listener Paul Foster popped this on Facebook yesterday. I have picked it up to use for

Paul I find your Facebook posts a lot of fun. That you posted yesterday is sadly so true.

You will take our SURVEY won't you Paul.

It was great to bump into you in Tesco's a few weeks back. How did the curry work out.  I never did find asparagus soup on the shelves you know.

There is a Leonite reunion coming up in May, details will be sent out soon.

Paul it was back in May last year that I popped this on to YouTube for you.  I had that LP when I was in my twenties. It is best listened to through headphones, the stereo goes right through your head. Anyway Paul here it is again for you.

Speaking about Facebook. This was popped on to my timeline yesterday.

Please go along to the TWICE BOUTIQUE in Bletchley, opposite the bandstand in Queensway, and name the unicorn. I have my pound ready - see you soon.

Twice Boutique this is for you.

Thank you David, at last I get to speak !  Josh you are the team leader, can't you shut him up !

I want to share a few things if I may.  

Please CLICK HERE and visit our shopping mall. When we have our broadcasting licence and start playing music live into the Internet we will be able to sell advertising and have an income to pay for all we are doing. Until then please visit the mall, click on any banners for on-line shopping that interest you. We receive a small income 

David and I had a meeting at The National Trust last week, David and Josh went to meet with Manager Ro at Wrigglies
Exotic Pets, David is going to Ronald McDonald House on Monday, I am going to Asda. We are all busy setting up dates in our ROADSHOW DIARY.  Do you have an event we could play music at ? Please contact me.

You know how David likes to wind people up with the music he plays - of course you do, he has wound me up enough times. Now I am going to turn the tables and wind him up a bit.

Make sure you listen to this.

If you were to add Josh's age and my age together you still would not reach the advanced age of David. No David we do love you really.

That's cool Jo.

David calls you The lady with the big smile and even bigger heart.  It's true.

I have come back as there is something else I want to put out and ask help with.

We do not have any country music in our playlists. If you are a fan of country music could you drop me an e-mail with five or six songs we could put out for friends to listen to.

At least if you do that it will stop David keep playing infernal song !

Over to Andy for today's report.

I hope you have enjoyed the music today. Here's a big hug to you all from The Eternal Teenager, Jo and David.

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