Friday, 26 January 2018

Will you support me ?


It's the week-end, just in case you have not noticed. Here's The Geriatric DJ with today's music page and news update.

A lot has happened over the past twenty-four hours. There is a lot that could happen. I want to ask for your support to make it happen !

Yesterday's music page was viewed and listened to by  116 people and the graph showing how many people are not checking out our website is moving steadily upwards.  To make happen things that are in the pipeline we need that figure to rise to 1,000. So the help I am asking for is to SPREAD THE WORD.

Here's today's bouncy theme to help you make your day go well.

Our friends at Jo's Hope who worked with me at the Asda Roadshow are holding a Sausage Sizzle outside a local superstore today. Yesterday I bumped into the team's twelve
year old star.

I am going to skip breakfast and pop along for a hot-dog. My fellow DJ, The Eternal Teenager,  and his girlfriend are coming with me to say HI to Jo and her team.

Secretly we are hoping that Jo and her team will make up a music collection to play here on Radio Love International

Here's a dedication for Jo and Jo's Hope.  A perfect song, the work you do which makes people feel on top of the world.

And here is a dedication for one of our international listeners Grace.

Not my kind of music so I had better get The Eternal Teenager to explain it to me. 

The tracking tools within our pages and website show that the music we play is predominantly listened to by those in the 18 to 25 bracket. Most people are listening using their phones.

So that leads on to a plug for our sponsor Rock Jaw Audio. Please click the link.

Our technical adviser says he can very easily write the web pages needed for Radio Love International to become a fully fledged internet radio station. We need a few things to be put into place before that can happen.

  • We need to get our daily page viewers up to one thousand.
  • We need to build up our on-demand music content to a minimum of ten hours.
  • We need to find more than just The Geriatric DJ and The Eternal Teenager as presenters. Our technical wizard is building the system so presenters can broadcast from home.

Now here is the biggie - We need the licencing authority to licence us without this costing a vast sum of money.

Now I am going to wind up a very special friend. Rachel this is for you.

Did you like that Grandma ? You know I bet it must be terrific fun having Rachel as your granny. If she is your granny get in touch and I will tell you about her at school. (No - NOT

Rachel is one of my Leonite former students. She is a regular listener here on Radio Love International.

Yesterday she and I met up to discuss an OurRebekah event to support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. Yes of course Radio Love International will be playing the music at a Leonite Reunion.

Hey, those who have Rachel as your granny - send me your requests and I will play them for you.

Also part of that meeting yesterday was Dianne, another Leonite and lovely lady.

Dianne's husband, Pete, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last year. Pete was a fantastic lover of music and music played on vinyl.

Yesterday Dianne gave me Pete's 7" single collection to play in Radio Love International roadshows. 

Dianne I promise you the records will be loved and played to honour the memory of Pete.

I am building up a playlist of music on vinyl. Over the next few days I will record some of Pete's records, add the to the content we already have then use this to link each song together.

Here's something I already have in the IF IT AINT VINYL IT AINT MUSIC collection.

That was the first time The UK won the Eurovision Song Contest. When I was a teenager I had the hots for Sandi Shaw. I think it was a kinky fetish for the fact that she always sang bare footed. She had lovely feet you know !

I suppose all this teenage stuff and my love of Sandi Shaw's feet means I had better bring you up to date with The Eternal Teenager's 1950's collection. Ten minutes towards the hour long presentation. Nice music.

Do you think this guy went on the diet ?

Roy Wood, of course, comes from my home city. I am heading off to a meeting in Birmingham with Ronald McDonald House Manager Libby. We have a lot to talk about and plans for OurRebekah events. I am hoping to persuade Libby to let Radio Love International hold a music tombola party for the 64 families who stay there while they have a child sick in hospital.

Let's play something for Libby and her team, something else from Brummie Roy Wood.

It's 5am, I think I can  smell  those sausages sizzling.   Are you getting them ready Jo's Hope ?  I like mine well cooked and no onions or sauce please.

Jo and team this is for you.

It's 5.09am. I guess I need to bring this page to an end. Did you like the music played ?  Send me a request. Go to our website and click the link.

So will you support me ?   Will you help Radio Love International get to 1,000 listeners a day to this page ?

Our technical genius is working on the coding to allow us to become a fully operating on-line radio station. PLEASE those at PRS/PPL licencing be kind to us as you calculate how much
the fee will be.

The Eternal Teenager and The Geriatric DJ are going to find it a bit tough if we have to present 24 hours of music 7 days a week. Would you like to join the team ?  You will be able to log into the broadcast system and play music live from the comfort of your own home.

After I have eaten that delicious hotdog from Jo's Hope's sausage sizzle I am planning to call into McDonalds and munch on one of their delicious apple pies. Then it's back home to a growing list of DIY jobs my dear wife is drawing up for me. When it comes to the evening I think I will be needing this beautiful music to end my day.

And now to end this music page here's the Radio Love International signature tune.

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