Tuesday, 30 January 2018

WARNING - today's blog is boring !

Good Morning........

Today's page is being  written by three of us ?

DAVID - aka The Geriatric DJ

JO - The Lady  With The Big Smile And An Even Bigger Heart

JOSH - The Eternal Teenager

We now form the management team for Radio Love International. There are others in the team, as we will explain as we go along, but right now we are the ones at the centre of the project.


Let's have our Tuesday morning theme.

And now for Thought4Today. No text message on today's image. Just get up out of bed and kiss the day.

Both Josh and Jo are far too young to remember the BBC TV series Dixon of Dock Green, David is !   If we are all breaking the law then let's hope is is Mr Dixon who comes to arrest us !

The point of law we have to consider is:  Do we need a licence to broadcast music in the
way we currently are here on Radio Love International ?  Possibly we do not but if we do we are breaking the law ?

Nobody is going to come and arrest us, the licencing authority has been told what we are doing and how we want to develop Radio Love International to become an on-line radio station so we are not breaking the spirit of the law.
Music we play at the moment is via YouTube so probably we are not even breaking the letter of the law.  

David is proposing to his fellow managers and to you our listeners that we purchase a licence before the end of the week. That is going to cost £262.80 If we spend that sum of money it would mean our project would move up a gear and have things happen a little faster than we were originally thinking.

Let's have some music. Josh has his theme tune as The Eternal Teenager, David would like this to be his when he puts on The Geriatric DJ's wig and 1970's shoes.

Can we take you through where we are with Radio Love International then you, our
listeners can be the jury and decide if we are bigger criminals than the great train robbers.

We do have, waiting in the wings, a CHAIRMAN. Someone who will be the father figure and mentor for what we are doing. We need to discuss things a little yet so can not give you his name right now.

David, The Geriatric DJ, will assume the role of Station Manager to co-ordinate everything we do. Later today we will be setting up e-mails for our team. It does not work yet but David aka The Geriatric DJ will be dashford@radioloveinternational.com 

Josh, The Eternal Teenager, will be Team Leader. He will be tasked with finding the people we need to make everything work. The team will not just be music presenters but will include those who subscribe to our content with weather reports, news up dates and most importantly a team of moderators listening to our content and reporting back on its quality.

Here's Josh's theme tune.

You know Marty Wilde singing here looks so much like Josh !  Josh is the station's time lord. Did he actually travel back to t he 1950's and have a smash hit with this song ?

When we set up the e-mail system later today you will be able to contact Josh at jmorgan@radioloveinternational.com

Time for Andy's weather report.

Every morning, some time between 3am and 4am, Andy takes his dog for a walk ahead of going to work. He then posts his weather report on Facebook.  We have been very naughty, perhaps even breaking the law HE HE - we nick Andy's report and add it to our daily page.
Andy are you OK with that ?  We should have properly asked you not just assumed.

The three of us had a great meeting yesterday. Jo said she wanted to present a programme NOT PC. She had Josh and David giggling when she explained PC did not mean personal computer. 

Let's play something not POLITICALLY CORRECT for Jo

It is possible that we WILL all get arrested after playing that but have no fear Jo comes from a legal background and has a bag full of get of jail free cards. Now running the charity Jo's
Hope full time Jo was an international lawyer and barrister at law.

Jo will be bringing her legal expertise to Radio Love International to manage the legal side of everything we do. As the station develops to become Radio Line International Limited she will be our Company Secretary and Director of Legal.

Later today you will be able to e-mail Jo at jtomkin@radioloveinternational.com

Let's have something a bit sweeter, something to take Sid Vicious out of your ears.  How about this ?

Video may have killed The Buggles radio star back in 1979 but it most certainly will not be killing the star of Radio Love International.

Today Jo is going to see someone about a Radio Love International Roadshow while David and Josh will be speaking to another possible location.

Yesterday Jo was pushing very hard at our meeting for someone to join the team and take charge of generating money.  All three of the team have ideas, contacts and could do this job BUT we need a dedicated manager to sell advertising and find sponsorship. At the moment we run advertising banners on this daily page and on the website but we need to take this a lot further. We need someone to manage it and make it happen. We have no idea who this is going to be but here is their theme tune.

Today David will be adding fifty banners to a new area on our website, our shopping mall. When it is on-line please support us.

That leads on to another role we need to fill. David is our webmaster but is using technology
from 2002 !  What he knows he understands well but that he does not is an enigma. He is 100% self taught in web development and art was the only subject he failed at school. Josh thinks the website is not bouncy enough - he is right. Jo thinks the design makes content easily accessible - she is right.  Both Josh and David have contacts who can help us. We need a better website and we need the web pages to allow us to broadcast Radio Love International to the world.

We usually play our station's theme tune at the end of the page but let's play it now. We now have listeners in SIXTEEN different countries of the world.

Today David, assisted by Josh, will start to look for a base and a studio from where we can operate. We want the technology to enable presenters to broadcast from home but we do need a studio, an office and a base.

The licence, a studio and all other costs have to be met. Our Chairman is offering wisdom
and saying do not let all of this come from David's pocket. David is shrugging his shoulders and saying this is not a problem but what is the point of asking our Chairman to give advice if we ignore it ?  

If we buy the licence, which we have to, that means we need to form the company Radio Love International Limited. We probably need to do that before we find our studio. We then need a bank account - not a big problem there.  If we did have a bank account all that the money David would chip in for the licence and in so doing make certain we are not breaking the law could be regarded as a director's loan.

Heck that was boring !  Let's have some music.

In all this talk of licences, studios, bank accounts, company formation and all we MUST always have a clear view of Radio Love International's purpose for existing.

David supports OurRebekah and Ronald McDonald House. Jo supports Jo's Hope. Josh supports the homeless. Actually after yesterdays's meeting all three of us support all three good causes.

Probably time to bring this page to an end. Time for our end of the day theme.

Have a wonderful day:

David - The Geriatric DJ
Jo - The Lady With The Big Smile And An Even Bigger Heart
Josh - The Eternal Teenager

Josh does look a bit like Marty Wilde don't you think ?

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