Thursday, 18 January 2018

Up and running

DAY ONE for Radio Love International and 159 people tuned in to this blog page.

THANK YOU everyone.

The website is now up and running: 

At the moment there is a single page outlining the strategic plan for what Radio Love International is seeking to achieve.

So let's start Day Two by playing our morning theme, something to help you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY.

That's a great piece of music from the late, great Ritchie Valens who died so tragically on
3rd February 1959 - The Night The Music Died. Ritchie, Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper were all killed in a plane crash.

I was eight years old when The Night The Music Died robbed the world of these great artists. I have to confess I do not remember this in news reports of the day.

I am sorry about that.

Fifty percent of our audience listened in yesterday using a phone. Thirty percent used Google Chrome.

I am going to recognise our INTERNATIONAL audience with two music dedications. This is for ALMA in Tirana.

When I was a teenager it was the time of protest songs, we all knew them and we all sang them. My favourite was The Strangest Dream which looked forward to a better world, a world without war.  There was in my youth the Vietnam War and there was the Cold War. Alma you grew up in the world's most totalitarian state. When the Berlin Wall came down and democracy spread to countries like yours I shed a tear.  Some years later I was sitting on the balcony of your home listening to the radio.  When The Strangest Dream was played it was very special. The dream had come true. I hope you like my choice of song.

And now for Steve in Sacramento, California.

Steve, you and I will understand the significance of that song but for others let me explain. Before I became Head of Year at Leon School I was form tutor for 3 Blue, Steve was a member of that great class. OMG Steve how many years ago was that ?

I am not going to be around at the laptop very much today. I am driving up to Tamworth in the West Midlands to see my Dad and wish him a Happy 92nd Birthday. My 90 year old Mum will be there.

We live long in my family, on all sides of the family. I am not sure that my Mum and Dad would understand my outlook on life but through this maxim I plan to reach and pass my one hundredth birthday.....


Do you remember cars like this ?

The Reliant Robin. They were made in Tamworth, just down the road from where Mum and Dad live. Sadly these silly but fun little cars are no more.

Someone recently said to me PROGRESS DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN SOMETHING BETTER  How very, very true that is.

Need a time check ?  For me here in England it is 4.15am. For Alma in Tirana it is 5.15am. For Steve in Sacramento it is 8.15pm YESTERDAY !

4.15am and Andy has already posted his weather report for the day. Hey Andy how about we play something for those who, unlike you and I, are not early risers and are sill in bed !

It took me TEN hours. 

Ten hours to put together a playlist of one hour back to back hits from the 1960's

As I added song after song the clock appeared to be operating in a time zone of its own. I am not sure how many songs there are in THE GERIATRIC DJ PLAYS MUSIC FROM THE 1960's but I do hope you like my choice.

Have a listen - go on.

So that's the music selection for Day Two here on Radio Love International - well almost but not quite...............

Send me a request and I will play it for you on tomorrow's page. Add your comment here on the blog page, e-mail me at or hit me on facebook

If you look at the strategic plan on Radio Love International's Website you will see we need to get audience figures up to 1,000 a day. Please share this page with your friends and join our audience fan group on my facebook page.

And with that let me bring you my end of the day theme.......

Have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY and remember Life is a DISCO so DANCE. Be happy, smile and make others happy.

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