Saturday, 13 January 2018

Life is a lot more fun if you are silly

It is a week since the Secklow Radio Roadshow was in Asda. It was, of course, a phenomenal success with ten thousand people passing by our music decks.


The blog page I posted a week ago has now broken my previous record for the number of readers checking out a page.


If you missed it CLICK HERE

I  have been working for a year now on my novel The Bridge House. For those who do not know the story is of the times through which my grandmother Lily lived. She was born in
1980 and died in 1984. The story begins with the death of Queen Victoria and will end with the birth of Rebekah, she was the first Ashford girl to be born for one hundred years.

That's Lily on the right.

When Rebekah died in May I decided to write the book for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham with all royalties going to support its work caring for families who have a child sick in hospital.

I am now bringing the penultimate chapter to an end. In old age Lily is feeling depressed and longing for her youth. Cruel circumstances took her sweetheart, Henry Wilton, away from her.

I usually publish my writing in e-book format but The Bridge house will be sold in traditional form. I may also offer it as an e-book, I am not sure. Many of my readers are in Japan and South Africa, perhaps they want it as an e-book. I'll have to think about that.

Throughout the book different characters tell the story alongside Lily.

I have got to the mid 1960's, Lily is approaching her 76th birthday and I am co-telling the story with my dear grandmother.

Hey, I have not played my Sunday morning tune from my YouTube Channel.

Here you go....................

That was fun wasn't it ?  Take the inspirational theme with you all day and make it a super, fantastic day.

Ok let's take today's weather report from Andy.

Andy I am looking forward to Spring and Summer.

You may have heard that Facebook is recruiting new staff members to cope with the surge in on-line traffic now I have announced my next writing project.

This is a bit different, it is a community and friends project as I celebrate LEGENDS OF A GREAT CITY - Click Here and check the website I have set up for people to add in their memories, pictures and ideas for the book.

The list of legends is now up to seventy.  In the few hours the website has been on-line
thirty-five people have checked it out. THANKS. Now inundate me with your memories, ideas and pictures.

I have just added another legend to the list. Anyone know this ?

Time for some music.  Leonite Nigel was playing this on his Facebook time line yesterday.

I have a very wide taste in Music. I like country music and am just getting into it but I am afraid, Nigel, my tastes have yet to develop to your level. At the moment this is where I am !

Is this country music ?  Let me play something from that Asda Roadshow.

Tomorrow Young Tone will be joined on Secklow Radio by The Geriatric DJ to play
dedications for all who were involved in the Asda Roadshow.  I have picked the songs and having included something for Suzanna and all Asda Staff,  Jo's Hope, Medical Dogs,
OurRebekah, Partyrama, Secklow presenters Catherine Rose and Stuart Moore and something special for all my Leonite friends.

The show goes out live at 2pm tomorrow then will be repeated at 4pm on Saturday. As soon as it appears on demand I will let everyone know.

Catherine Rose, presenter of Secklow's Classics From Scratch  -  a brilliant programme by 
the way so check it out, does not like this piece of music. If you click on 29th December Catherine will be playing my choice of classical music.

Anyway I put this piece of music together to promote Catherine at Asda, I know you do not like it Catherine but will you forgive me if I play it now ?  PLEASE......................

You will have to listen to tomorrow's show on Secklow 105.5 to hear what song I have selected for Tony to play, for whom and why. 

Could I play something for you here on my daily blog ?  Just drop me a message or on Facebook and I will include it for you.

Life of course is a DISCO - SO DANCE !

I am training up my grandson Adam to become a DJ. In these pictures he is playing one particular song. It is a song I have added to the playlist for tomorrow's show.  

Well life is a lot more fun if you can be silly.

Would you not agree ?

I think I will make that the hook line and title for today's blog.

So who will Tony and I be playing this song for tomorrow ?  Who are we going to embarrass with this ?

You will just have to listen to the radio and find out.

Speak again tomorrow.

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