Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Isn't it fantastic to be alive ?

Good Morning everyone.....

Isn't it FANTASTIC to be alive ?

I have to aplogise fir there not being a blog page yesterday. I was not abducted by aliens, I was just facing a day full of things I had to do and, wrongly, let everything get in the way of the music. APOLOGIES....... 

I was overwhelmed with messages from people asking if I was Ok. I was, I am fine. THANK YOU.

Yesterday ended for me on a very high note and I am, today, looking forward to some very
special things happening.

Aint  it great to be alive ?

So let's have our morning inspirational theme.

I defy you not to feel happy and excited about today being a Wacky Wednesday after you listen to this.

Son't just skip the music by - LISTEN TO IT and take the Wednesday theme with you all day.

I had spent ten hours building up my one hour back to back 1970's collection so was not exactly thrilled when YouTube said it could not be played as it contained copyright material.
Of course it does. Every song was taken from YouTube and covered buy the social media's operating licence so why did the robot get its knickers in a knot ?

I have started to rewrite the collection removing the songs YouTube took exception to.

I have made contact with PRS/PPL to extend the permission we have to play music so this situation will not happen again.

Still a work in progress, only sixteen minutes so far, but here is The Geriatric DJ inviting you to rock through the 1970's

I already knew that my Facebook had pulled seven thousand LIKES but when this popped up on my timeline yesterday it brought a lump to my throat.

So let me now play a dedication for all of my wonderful friends. THANK YOU.

Time for Andy's weather report.

I have not looked out of the window yet but I can hear the wind blowing.  Still asleep in a tent outside a supermarket are two young people - Josh and Lina. Josh is scared and nervous, I have my fingers tightly crossed he will not change his mind, I am picking them
both up at ten this morning to attend an assessment meeting at the Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

There are places, there are beds ready for them. They will still be on the streets during the day but they will have a hot breakfast and evening meal. There are people ready and waiting to help them find a permanent home.

Josh and I talked a lot yesterday. Our conversation was private so I can not report it here. I just hope I can encourage them to stick it out. I asked Josh what he wanted out of life. His answer was simple. He and his girlfriend deserve everything he is looking for.  With one item which will take a bit longer, everything he wants can be achieved by the summer. They just have to stick it out and not give up when something does not go perfectly.

This is something which has been special to me ever sings Freshers Day at university way back in 1971.  It was read then as a poem. There is one line:

WITH IT'S SHAM, DRUDGERY AND BROKEN DREAMS IT IS STILL A BEAUTIFUL WORLD - BE HAPPY - perhaps not today but soon I want to share this with Josh  and Lina. Can I here share it with you.

I was more than overwhelmed with the support I have been given to support Josh and Lina. When I see them at ten this morning I will have the backing of so many friends. It was a Leonite Friend who gave me the contact for the night shelter in the first place.  Surround me with your love and power at ten o'clock this morning I am worried that Josh may bottle out.

This isn't my kind of music but aint it good to be alive ?

Yesterday Amazon delivered the DVD of Hair I had ordered.  I  popped it on to the player, here is the opening sequence. Be patient with the first few scenes until the song starts to play.

I stopped playing it. Some of the content in the next song did not quite meet with my now old fuddy duddy approval.

I remember the 1960's of course. It was a time when we all looked forward to a better world. I do not think we achieved what The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius wanted but it is a good song and this is a BEAUTIFUL WORLD.

Here's my back to back hour long collection of hits from the magical 1960's

I have a very good friend who has more technical ability in the tip of his little finger than I have in my whole brain. He has offered to help with Radio Love International. The only problem is he lives on the other side of the world !  I am going to contact him today and ask his help to write a webpage into which we can play music and webcam.  With this set up other people can present their music collections from home. This is my friend's all time favourite song so I am going to play it for him now.

We already have PRS/PPL permission to play music within our Roadshows. I am going to
be looking for locations to play the music. I will be asking you all for ideas.  I will be asking for your help.  PLEASE LOOK AT THE ROADSHOW PAGE ON THE WEBSITE   When you get there please also click on the JOIN THE TEAM link.  Let's make things happen sooner rather than later.

Am I being silly ?  Am I being over ambitious ?  I have this little dream growing that Radio Love International may be able to take music into that Winter Night Shelter. Then wouldn't it be great if Josh and Lina were to play the music ?

Heck this is a beautiful world, aint it great to be alive ?  Don't look down at the floor, that's where the rubbish is. Look to the sky - rain or sine that is where the beauty is. When you are on an aircraft and it soars through the cloud to break into the blue sky isn't that a great moment ?  Above every cloud that beautiful sky is waiting.

When I come to make my Hits From The 1950's collection this is something I will include. Why ?  Because I like it.

Well there's a lot of music for you to play today. Here's the theme for Wednesday evening.

And now time to end today's page with the Radio Love International theme. Isn't it great to be alive ?  Have a FANTASTIC DAY !

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