Thursday, 11 January 2018

Destiny I am going to buy someone a pair of barbed wire knickers

Been there -

Done it -

Now here is the tee shirt !

I am usually a bouncy, happy person but yesterday was what Winston Churchill called a BLACK DOG DAY.

You don't need to know the ins and out of Thursday but trust me it was a sod of a day making me feel very low in spirit.

I know who is to blame. I know EXACTLY who is to blame for my Terrible Thursday. In a moment I am going to name and shame the person responsible but Thursday was yesterday, today is Friday so let's bounce into the day.

So who was it who got up my nose yesterday and made me feel so miserable ?  I will tell you but first here's the weather report from Andy's Weatherline.

Are you worried just in case I blame you for my Trashed up Thursday ?  Have no fear - it was not you.

Destiny !  Destiny you were a miserable cow yesterday but I know why you gave me such a
rotten day. I do not forgive you but I know why you did it.

I have reached a part in writing my book THE BRIDGE HOUSE where Lily is feeling depressed and totally fed up with life. I was struggling a bit, writer's block was hovering over my head. Along comes Destiny and says I can solve that, I'll give you a rubbish day then you can write from experience.

Let's have a bit of music.

What would you like me to play ? 

I know...... YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS. A Milton Keynes Legend. How many remember  The Radcliffe Rollers Steel Band. That just has to be one of the legends in my next book - LEGENDS OF A GREAT CITY.

Anyone know anyone who used to play in the band ? I would love to talk to them for the book.

I am slipping the blog into my next writing project - LEGENDS OF A GREAT CITY. 

How many of you remember one of these ?

Milton Keynes Dial A Bus ?

How about this ?

There was a time when Milton Keynes Development Corporation vehicles were seen all all over the area.

Look at the logo on the van door. That was the original coat of arms for our city.

This afternoon Secklow 105.5's Tony Ingeldow and I are meeting to plan Milton Keynes Mayor David Hopkins appearing on Tony's Time Tunnel show on Monday 22nd January. Mayor David is something of a legend in his own right. He was born and has lived all of his life in our city. Before he leaves the studio I am going to give him a copy of my draft plan for this new book. I am sure he will have many, many ideas for legends to be included.

Heck I have just got to play something else from The Radcliffe Rollers - A MILTON KEYNES LEGEND.

Anyone know who this is ?
He has a place in my memories of Milton Keynes in its early days and will be featured in the book.

I bet you do not have a clue who he is !

Perhaps a second picture may help.

Still don't have a clue ?

Let me play you what is probably his greatest hit.

This comes from 1964 - OMG that was 53 years ago !

Remember this place ?

Before it was destroyed by fire and before Tony Blair destroyed the pub trade The White Hart on Whaddon Way, Bletchley, was briefly managed by a friend of mine - Gordon Broom.

In 1976 Gordon put Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas on stage at The White Hart. He asked me to help run the evening.

Fantastic night and a legend that has to appear in the book. Yes Billy I remember you.

But I am rambling now. Sorry !

Hey you - Mrs Barbed Wire Knickers !

You really did screw me over yesterday didn't you ?

The blog hit an all time record on Thursday. A record for the LOWEST ever readership it has received.

Only 55 people read the page !

Destiny, Mrs Barbed Wire Knickers, don't you DARE do that again. Do you hear me ?

I am going to close the blog for today, I am going to play out with something special for Mrs Barbed Wire Knickers..................

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