Friday, 5 January 2018

3.10am and the Geriatric DJ has everything prepared for the biggest music event of the day to hit Milton Keynes in just a few hours time.

Everything is ready and prepared save for my Zimmer Frame, I think I will leave that at home - just for today !

A few last minute jobs to do, a bite of breakfast then I'll head off to the biggest supermarket in the region and begin setting up.

I've just ripped a John Denver CD into the playlist. I am setting up a back-up laptop just in case this overworked machine fails me during the twelve hour marathon, either that or the inward looking geeks at Microsoft try to hijack the system with their downgrading updates.

E-bay, bless them, delivered my 7" vinyl copy of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, I will most definitely be playing that later today.

Thank you to those who sent in requests and dedications for the Roadshow, I have to download your tunes ready to play.

Then I will print off a play schedule and all will be ready.

The audience, of course, is guaranteed but that does not guarantee success for The Secklow Radio Roadshow. If people just pass by and listen to a bit of music that will mean all my efforts will have been a failure. If they stop and dance it will be a resounding success. My life maxim will today be put to the test.

It had been my intention, it had been my plan to have everything sorted and packed into the car by ten o'clock yesterday morning.  That finally came about at half past four in the afternoon !

We have one thousand balloons to give out to the children today. Asda staff are going to inflate them so yesterday I took the balloons and a pile of sticks I got from a local garden
centre to the store for this to happen.

I am not having a go at Asda but I am having a pop at the silly society we live in. Asda could not use those little sticks in case a child stabbed someone  with  one ! Health and Safety gone mad !  The only way the balloons could be given out was by fixing them to purpose designed balloon sticks. So you tell me where I could find one thousand of them in the city ahead of the Roadshow ?

I never previously knew it was there but I found a warehouse in the north of the city that runs an on-line party website. The lovely, lovely people at Partyrama helped me out so everything for the balloons is now in the office at Asda.  I can not thank you PARTYRAMA enough. I will be playing something special for you later today.

Probably this !

I have twisted the arm of Secklow Radio's presenter Tony Ingeldow to take me on to his Time Tunnel show on Monday 15th January.

I will give a report on today's extravaganza and  play music for different people who will be at the Roadshow. PARTYRAMA I will play Black Lace and The Music Man again for you all.


Catherine Rose who had me as her guest on Classics From Scratch last week is a great supporter of The Secklow Radio Roadshow. She will be taking over the microphone at two o'clock to change the disco dancing in the isles of Asda to a slightly more sedate waltz.  However, when Catherine is not looking I plan to slip this on to the turntable.

Well I like it !

Catherine will also be playing a request - PETER AND THE WOLF for Leonite Nigel Sholl.

Another Leonite Alexa reminded me of a school visit I organised to take a group of students to the BBC to watch a recording of the 1980's pop group KING.

Alexa, I remember that visit to the BBC so well. I recall the audience did not like the group that much but I did.  I also remember the stacked heel shoes they all wore. Those shoes are NOTHING to the costume I will be wearing for the Roadshow today. I will play the song you requested.

If you don't believe me about the shoes come along and see for yourself !

Oh it's going to be a laugh today.

Handing out those balloons, sweets and a special Vinyl Music Quiz will be Secklow Presenter Stuart Moore.  Stuart is another great supporter of Secklow Radio Roadshow and taking community radio into the community.

Thanks Stuart - you are a great guy and a fellow Jaguar Driver. 

I won't be wearing my Jaguar tee shirt today, it does not fit in with my costume. Stuart does not have a shirt like this, he does not qualify to own one. Yes, he does own a Jag but unlike me he is NOT and old man. However, with the two of us together today DO NOT underestimate the success we will being to the Roadshow.

Ten thousand people are expected to shop at Asda today. They will have to enter the biggest supermarket in the region, and leave for that matter, passing the Secklow Radio Roadshow. It is not an empty boast to say this will be the biggest music event in the city today.

Every day this week I have played the next piece of music on the blog.  It comes from my favourite ride in Disneyland California aka The Happiest Place On Earth.

Between 8am and 8pm today Disneyland in Southern California is going to have to give up its title and claim to fame, THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH today will be The Secklow Radio Roadshow in Asda Milton Keynes !

See you there - BE THERE OR BE SQUARE !

David aka The Geriatric DJ

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