Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Let's Have A Wriggle

This is the most viewed picture EVER for Milton Keynes on both Google Maps and Google Reviews.

David posted it after the OurRebekah frog challenge at Wrigglies Exotic Pets on Saturday 30th September 2017. It shows Mayor David Hopkins with a python round  his neck and intertwining itself in his chain of office.

Anyone who has ever been to this amazing little shop  will tell you they come away inspired and uplifted. There is something about Wriglies Exotic Pets that makes you Wriggle.

Yesterday Josh and David went to the shop to say HI to manager Ro and chat about Radio Love International supporting events they will be holding during the course of he year.

Let's have our morning theme.

And now for Thought4Today.

That thought rather sums up shop manager Ro.  David will tell you that he will visit Wrigglies Exotic pets just to come away inspired by manager Ro. Yesterday was no exception save
for the fact that Josh, who had been to the shop in the past but did not know Ro, was swamped by the magic and could not stop wriggling.

That is Ro on the right with giant tortoise Mikey. We looked at tortoises yesterday wondering if one in its own self-contained habitat would make a gift for Ronald McDonald House.

Josh liked the turtles and was busy filming them with his phone. There is a slight technical problem with setting up the Radio Love International e-mail system so right now we can not bring you the video he shot.

The picture on the left shows Mayor David checking out the turtles.

Let's play some music, Ro has asked that we play animal music. OK, yeh, well here's a butterfly.

Animals at Wrigglies live in their own self-contained environment. Ro is passionate about their welfare and care. Each animal lives in a vivarium specifically designed to its needs.  The weather does not trouble them as it does we human beings. Let's take Andy's weather report then wriggle to some more music.

Wrigglies does sell crocodiles, camen at least, but does not extend to wolves !  This is a beautiful piece of music.

While Josh was busy filming the turtles David and Ro were chatting about Radio Love International. David bounced an idea about having a SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. Ro said it would be better if EVERY day were a sunshine smile day.

In this picture who has the biggest smile ? David or the Giant African Toad ?

We could not find any music about toads but we all know this fun song about frogs don't we.

Let's play it and make Thursday a sunshine smile day.

After hitting a record audience figure earlier in the week things have been slipping a bit. Well never mind, those little speckled frogs will be listening today !

We had a message of support yesterday which we would like to share with you. It came from Director of Communications Trevor at Sheffield Wednesday FC hooking us up with the community programme at Hillsborough. It was a 0 0 draw in the last game, perhaps the boys need to WRIGGLE bit more.

David filmed that at Hillsborough before Christmas. Radio Love International looks forward to doing something with Sheffield Wednesday's community programme.

Patrick from Dockyard Discs in Plymouth posted this picture on Facebook yesterday evening.

Patrick, what animal music do you have in your Aladdin's Cave ?

Do you by any chance have BEN by Michael Jackson ?

It is a beautiful piece of music ?

What has it got to do with animals we can hear some of you saying.

BEN was the young Michael Jackson's pet rat.

Wrigglies Exotic Pets does not actually sell rats but Ro, himself, keeps a pet SKUNK !  Only Ro could do that he he...................

Here is Mayoress Susan with Ro's skunk.

Nobody told her that it had not had its scent glands removed !

Well  you've  got  to have a laugh haven't you ?

We'll play some more music in a moment but first can we tell you about something David has added to our website.

On yesterday's music page we talked about the way Radio Love International is developing towards becoming an on-line radio station. We are looking at the licencing options. We need a full radio licence to do what we want but we can only have a small radio licence until our income reaches £5,000. At the moment everything is coming out of our own pockets, to run the station we need income. We are not yet ready to seek out sponsors and until we start broadcasting we can not sell advertising. So David has set up a SHOPPING MALL.

CLICK HERE to check it out. If a listener clicks a banner then makes a purchase Radio Love International will receive a commission. So if there is anything there that tickles your fancy - well off you go....................

Enough of that. Time for more music.

No, Wrigglies does not sell dogs but it IS doggie friendly.  David's best friend is Jake. Jake moved in with David and Maureen four years ago. He was a lost and lonely little boy in a rescue centre. Now he is a happy and central part of the family.  David and Jake made this video.

That was lovely wasn't it ?

Are you a dog lover ?  We played that for you and your best friend.

This amazing creature made a visit to Wrigglies Exotic Pets before Christmas.

What bird music can we play for her and her owl feathered friend in the pic on the right ?

How about Fleetwood Mac and Albatross.

Or perhaps this played here on Radio Love International's traditional vinyl.

If you have never been to Wriglies Exotic Pets let GOOGLE help you - CLICK HERE

Thanks Ro for a fun visit yesterday.

That now brings our daily music page towards an end but first there is still some more music to play !

Our end of day theme is YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND.

You will ALWAYS have a friend at Wrigglies Exotic Pet's and you will always have a friend at Radio Love International.

And here's our signature tune.

It is indeed a small world, too small for those who do not smile and make others happy. Too small for those who are not nice, unkind or do not respect others. To conclude we showed Ro the pic of Radio International's management team. Ro held against Josh's face, The Eternal Teenager - our time lord is depicted by 1950's singer Marty Wilde. Yes, Ro said, I can see the resemblance.

Have a great day, smile and make people happy. Above all DO NOT FORGET TO WRIGGLE.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

WARNING - today's blog is boring !

Good Morning........

Today's page is being  written by three of us ?

DAVID - aka The Geriatric DJ

JO - The Lady  With The Big Smile And An Even Bigger Heart

JOSH - The Eternal Teenager

We now form the management team for Radio Love International. There are others in the team, as we will explain as we go along, but right now we are the ones at the centre of the project.


Let's have our Tuesday morning theme.

And now for Thought4Today. No text message on today's image. Just get up out of bed and kiss the day.

Both Josh and Jo are far too young to remember the BBC TV series Dixon of Dock Green, David is !   If we are all breaking the law then let's hope is is Mr Dixon who comes to arrest us !

The point of law we have to consider is:  Do we need a licence to broadcast music in the
way we currently are here on Radio Love International ?  Possibly we do not but if we do we are breaking the law ?

Nobody is going to come and arrest us, the licencing authority has been told what we are doing and how we want to develop Radio Love International to become an on-line radio station so we are not breaking the spirit of the law.
Music we play at the moment is via YouTube so probably we are not even breaking the letter of the law.  

David is proposing to his fellow managers and to you our listeners that we purchase a licence before the end of the week. That is going to cost £262.80 If we spend that sum of money it would mean our project would move up a gear and have things happen a little faster than we were originally thinking.

Let's have some music. Josh has his theme tune as The Eternal Teenager, David would like this to be his when he puts on The Geriatric DJ's wig and 1970's shoes.

Can we take you through where we are with Radio Love International then you, our
listeners can be the jury and decide if we are bigger criminals than the great train robbers.

We do have, waiting in the wings, a CHAIRMAN. Someone who will be the father figure and mentor for what we are doing. We need to discuss things a little yet so can not give you his name right now.

David, The Geriatric DJ, will assume the role of Station Manager to co-ordinate everything we do. Later today we will be setting up e-mails for our team. It does not work yet but David aka The Geriatric DJ will be 

Josh, The Eternal Teenager, will be Team Leader. He will be tasked with finding the people we need to make everything work. The team will not just be music presenters but will include those who subscribe to our content with weather reports, news up dates and most importantly a team of moderators listening to our content and reporting back on its quality.

Here's Josh's theme tune.

You know Marty Wilde singing here looks so much like Josh !  Josh is the station's time lord. Did he actually travel back to t he 1950's and have a smash hit with this song ?

When we set up the e-mail system later today you will be able to contact Josh at

Time for Andy's weather report.

Every morning, some time between 3am and 4am, Andy takes his dog for a walk ahead of going to work. He then posts his weather report on Facebook.  We have been very naughty, perhaps even breaking the law HE HE - we nick Andy's report and add it to our daily page.
Andy are you OK with that ?  We should have properly asked you not just assumed.

The three of us had a great meeting yesterday. Jo said she wanted to present a programme NOT PC. She had Josh and David giggling when she explained PC did not mean personal computer. 

Let's play something not POLITICALLY CORRECT for Jo

It is possible that we WILL all get arrested after playing that but have no fear Jo comes from a legal background and has a bag full of get of jail free cards. Now running the charity Jo's
Hope full time Jo was an international lawyer and barrister at law.

Jo will be bringing her legal expertise to Radio Love International to manage the legal side of everything we do. As the station develops to become Radio Line International Limited she will be our Company Secretary and Director of Legal.

Later today you will be able to e-mail Jo at

Let's have something a bit sweeter, something to take Sid Vicious out of your ears.  How about this ?

Video may have killed The Buggles radio star back in 1979 but it most certainly will not be killing the star of Radio Love International.

Today Jo is going to see someone about a Radio Love International Roadshow while David and Josh will be speaking to another possible location.

Yesterday Jo was pushing very hard at our meeting for someone to join the team and take charge of generating money.  All three of the team have ideas, contacts and could do this job BUT we need a dedicated manager to sell advertising and find sponsorship. At the moment we run advertising banners on this daily page and on the website but we need to take this a lot further. We need someone to manage it and make it happen. We have no idea who this is going to be but here is their theme tune.

Today David will be adding fifty banners to a new area on our website, our shopping mall. When it is on-line please support us.

That leads on to another role we need to fill. David is our webmaster but is using technology
from 2002 !  What he knows he understands well but that he does not is an enigma. He is 100% self taught in web development and art was the only subject he failed at school. Josh thinks the website is not bouncy enough - he is right. Jo thinks the design makes content easily accessible - she is right.  Both Josh and David have contacts who can help us. We need a better website and we need the web pages to allow us to broadcast Radio Love International to the world.

We usually play our station's theme tune at the end of the page but let's play it now. We now have listeners in SIXTEEN different countries of the world.

Today David, assisted by Josh, will start to look for a base and a studio from where we can operate. We want the technology to enable presenters to broadcast from home but we do need a studio, an office and a base.

The licence, a studio and all other costs have to be met. Our Chairman is offering wisdom
and saying do not let all of this come from David's pocket. David is shrugging his shoulders and saying this is not a problem but what is the point of asking our Chairman to give advice if we ignore it ?  

If we buy the licence, which we have to, that means we need to form the company Radio Love International Limited. We probably need to do that before we find our studio. We then need a bank account - not a big problem there.  If we did have a bank account all that the money David would chip in for the licence and in so doing make certain we are not breaking the law could be regarded as a director's loan.

Heck that was boring !  Let's have some music.

In all this talk of licences, studios, bank accounts, company formation and all we MUST always have a clear view of Radio Love International's purpose for existing.

David supports OurRebekah and Ronald McDonald House. Jo supports Jo's Hope. Josh supports the homeless. Actually after yesterdays's meeting all three of us support all three good causes.

Probably time to bring this page to an end. Time for our end of the day theme.

Have a wonderful day:

David - The Geriatric DJ
Jo - The Lady With The Big Smile And An Even Bigger Heart
Josh - The Eternal Teenager

Josh does look a bit like Marty Wilde don't you think ?

Monday, 29 January 2018

Passion + Love = Success

It's David aka The Geriatric DJ writing today's page but I am no longer writing alone, the words are now coming from a group of people who are passionate to share love and achieve success.

So speaking for us all I want today to explain where we are coming from, who we are, where we want to go and how we plan to get there.

And as we do that we will, of course, be playing music.

Our audience figures dropped slightly yesterday, from 398 on Sunday to 340 on  Monday. Still fantastic for the early stages of this project. If you are reading today's page please enjoy the music, share it and see how many we can win to Radio Love International today.

Let's play today's theme to start our day off well.


And here's Thought4Today................

WHERE ARE WE COMING FROM ?  I began writing my blog in January 2017, it was then called THE DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN. When my daughter Rebekah
died suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday 19th May 2017 that blog changed direction and became THE WAVE OF LOVE.

Beck's friends set up OurRebekah to support Ronald McDonald House Charities. In a very short time that little operation has done very well. Rebekah was always known for her cheeky and infectious smile. We put the smile at the very centre of what OurRebekah was doing with a mission TO HAVE FUN, BE A BIT SILLY SMILE AND MAKE OTHERS SMILE.

Through OurRebekah I found myself working with a community radio station. I hoped within it I could take the smile and share it with our local community. Unfortunately that has not developed with the radio station as I would have wished.  

I love music, music of all kinds. My colleague here on Radio Love International uses the word GENRE a lot. I love all genre of music. We are even going to play a bit of punk in a moment. But first here is something silly I added to YouTube a year ago. Our Tuesday morning theme is a song from Ken Dodd. Let's BE SILLY now and listen to it again.

Did you like that, did it make you smile ?

I have always played music on my blog and came up with the idea to rename the blog again, this time to RADIO LOVE INTERNATIONAL That was less that two weeks ago. With lightening speed people gathered round me, took my idea, added passion and started to run with it.

Let's have some music. This is lovely and sums up every day with Radio Love International.

WHO ARE WE ?  I am me, David - The Geriatric DJ.

Here's The Geriatric DJ at last Saturday's Sausage Sizzle organised by Jo's Hope. The lady holding the balloons is Jo. She will be joining Radio Love International as a music presenter. 


Jo comes from a legal background, she was a barrister at law but now devotes herself full-time to running Jo's Hope.

Let's play some music for Jo. What should we play ?  I Know..........................

Sorry about that Jo but we all know it made you giggle.

Jo, Josh aka The Eternal Teenager and The Geriatric DJ are meeting for lunch today to chat about our various good causes, our love of music and how we can use Radio Love International to meet its Mission Statement:

The Eternal Teenager is actually twenty-seven years old. Using my formula to explain age and birthdays he is 17 + 10.  The Geriatric DJ is 17 + 50.

Josh this song if for you. It rather sums up your outlook on life.  Which GENRE would you put this in ?  HE HE HE !

We have a great friend who is willing to become Chairman of Radio Love International and bring a lifetime of expertise to watch over and mentor all we do. Let's play this for our Chairman.........

Give Me A Little More Time by Chairmen Of The Board.

We have another very dear friend  offering help and support with technical issues. He lives in Canada so, unfortunately,  he will not be joining us for lunch in McDonald's today. Sokol, our technical genius I know this is your favourite song.

Every day Andy takes his four legged friend for a walk at the crack of dawn then posts a weather report on Facebook.  We nick that and make it Radio Love International's Weatherline.  Josh has developed a page within our website which gives the weather anywhere in the world where a listener may be. CLICK HERE AND CHECK IT OUT.

Let's play this for Andy.  Yeh, we have played it before but it's a great song isn't it.  Josh would tell you it comes from the GENRE of 1950's music.  

With that I guess I had better play the 1950's playlist Josh, or should I say THE ETERNAL TEENAGER is currently working on.

There is an important situation we need to fill. For want of a better tile let's call it our Commercial Director. We need someone who can reach out to find sponsors and advertisiers to finance all we do. It is vital that in finding these financial backers we do not detract from money going to the good causes we seek to support.  We need money to generate money if that makes sense.

Yesterday Josh, who is also our official photographer, took this. It's The Geriatric DJ with listener Dianne. She has given to Radio Love International a very special and very precious collection of vinyl records. If these discs were to be put up for sale they would easily fetch £1,000 or more. They belonged to her husband who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last year. We will be playing these with love and in memory of Pete.

Dianne is one of our listeners. We need to build up a small team of listeners within each of the FIFTEEN countries where people already tune in and listen to Radio Love International. We need these listeners, who we will here call MONITORS, to give feedback on what we are doing.

Every page is tracked. We know that our litterers are primarily in the 18 to 35 age bracket with slightly more men than women. 62% listen to our music on their phones.

Within that wonderful collection of vinyl Dianne gave us I found this. Eternal Teenager, what genre does this come from ?

We probably have the biggest collection of vinyl records in the country. Paul, owner of Turney's Bakery,  gave us hundreds of LP's. Paul this was among your vinyl. It's a bit silly but we like it. Josh THINKS it may belong in a country playlist.

Friend Patrick owns an Aladdin's cave of vinyl in Dockyard Discs in Plymouth. Hey Patrick it is just possible we may even rival your amazing shop.

So that's where we are coming from and it is who we are. 


At the moment we publish this daily music page which has listeners in 15 different countries of the world.

I lie !  That should be SIXTEEN - yesterday we had TWELVE listeners in Czechia. Not bad eh ?

We have a DRAFT website on-line at We are working on this draft to make it smarter and more exciting. Within the website you can listen on-demand to a growing library of music.

We have permission from the licencing authority to take this music out into the community by way of a series of roadshows. Part of today's meeting in McDonald's will discuss a diary of events. When we have finished munching on burgers and fries we will be meeting with the biggest supermarket in the region to set up a roadshow.

We have full public liability insurance to cover these events.

You will see that the music we play here on the daily page is via YouTube. We are using their licence to share songs with you.

We have the YouTube Channel I set up over a year ago under the name of THE PATRIOTIC PENSIONER.  Josh is frantically working to sort out the 300+ songs there and bring everything into order.

We are using Facebook as our primary base within social media. The Geriatric DJ's Facebook is always in the top 2% for activity month by month in the country.

Let's play some more music. How about this from Freddie and the boys.

We are waiting for the licencing authority to grant us permission to become a fully-fledged internet radio station. Fingers crossed the licence fee will be within our means.

Our plan is to set up our broadcasting in such a way that presenters can log in and broadcast from home. That we still plan to do. However, The Geriatric DJ and The Eternal Teenager thought yesterday that a small studio may be a good idea as it would give us an operating base and address.

We own the company name Radio Love International Limited. At the time we start broadcasting as an internet radio station we will need to take this name off the shelf and form it into an operating company with a board of directors managing all we do.

At the moment our thinking is we will reach this point at the end of July or early in August. We can then soft launch to test everything before a full launch in the Autumn from when on we can set the world on fire with our music.

We have the passion and we have the love. Success then becomes inevitable. OurRebekah supports Ronald McDonald House, Jo's Hope supports three special areas of need, Josh supports the homeless. All of these causes and many others will be brought into Radio Love International.

On Thursday The Geriatric DJ is meeting with The Operations Manager of The National Trust then on Monday he is pointing his car up the motorway - YES IT DID PASS IT'S MOT YESTERDAY - RESULT ! to meet with Libby, the house manager at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. She and David are both Brummies.  We have our friend Trevor - Director of Communications at Sheffield Wednesday FC who we know will offer advice and support.

Hey Libby, let's play some music for you.  THANKS for your kind e-mail regarding music we played the other day.  This is for you, your amazing team and the 64 families in Ronald McDonald House Brum.

If we say to you the words SOCIAL MEDIA what do you think?

Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Linked In   YouTube 

If we had asked that question a few years ago nobody would have known what we were talking about !

Could it be that in another couple of years time when that question is asked people would also say RADIO LOVE INTERNATIONAL ?      We have the music, we have the love and we have the passion so WHY NOT ?

And with that let's play our end of the day theme.  Please share this page with all of your friends.  Let's see how many people in how many countries we can get to tune in and listen.