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UNDER PRESSURE - can you help ?

My Christmas blog was read by 233 people. Time now to get back to writing a daily edition. Let's start off with some fun music to make our Thursday, it is Thursday isn't it, go well.

Now I am going to hand over to a good friend of mine.......

Freddie is the main character in one of my stories, The Great Pretender, and describes perfectly in that song how I am feeling right now.

I have never liked this time of year. The weird time of nothingness between Christmas and the New Year. A time when everyone is supposedly back to work yet no routine is in place. Roll on Tuesday 2nd January and a return to normality.

The turbo charger on the Jag has blown !  My local garage is not open until next Tuesday so I am having to drive our hideous little spare car. It does 0 to 60mph in three quarters of an hour !

What was it you said Freddie ?


On Sunday I have to drive to Bristol for my granddaughter's third birthday. Then on Monday I have to drive to Sheffield to watch Wednesday hammer Burton Albion.

Come Tuesday morning I will be a nervous wreck !

Sort it out for me Freddie will you ?

But having to drive a silly little car for a week and the prospect of a repair bill way the wrong side of a grand is not why I am under pressure. If I tell you about it could you help ? PLEASE ?????

SATURDAY 6th JANUARY from 8am to 8pm The Secklow Radio Roadshow is playing music in the entrance to Asda's giant supermarket in Bletchley.

Tomorrow, first thing, I am meeting the lady in charge at Asda to finalise the day. I am under pressure.
Under pressure to get all the planning in place and guarantee a perfect day.

The Roadshow Is happening to launch the new Asda Green Token Community Programme. Customers can vote using green plastic tokens collected from the tills for their favourite charity from the three Asda has selected for January to March. The winning good cause receives a generous donation of £500  from Asda with the two runners up each receiving £200. That's really something special if you ask me, something I want to give extra special support to on Saturday 6th January.

The three good causes are:

MEDICAL DETECTION DOGS - that's a great cause do you not think ?

A new organisation - JO'S HOPE which provides comfort bras for ladies recovering from breast cancer operations. As a man I can not properly understand what this involves for the patient but I can understand this is a great cause and something needing lots of Asda's green tokens in the ballot box.

The third good cause is OurRebekah !

Yes our very own OurRebekah supporting families with a child sick in hospital.

On Saturday 6th January I am in charge of the roadshow, I am representing ALL THREE good causes. I can not be associated with OurRebekah. But we do need representation there for Beck. Without that we will be failing Rebekah BIG TIME.

SO I AM UNDER PRESSURE  - Beck's friends, my Leonites, those who have supported OurRebekah since Beck died in May...... PLEASE is there any chance you could pop by even for an hour to represent Beck and tell people what OurRebekah is all about ?

One of the good causes has asked Asda if it could have collecting buckets out on Saturday.  That's great. At tomorrow's meeting I am going to suggest buckets are in place representing all three causes then at the end of the day when the money is collected it is divided into three with a share for Medical Detection Dogs, Jo's Hope and OurRebekah.

Secklow Radio's presenter Stuart Moore, he's a great guy you know, has offered to meet me at Asda for 7am on Saturday 6th to help set up.

Stuart did an mega job when the roadshow was at Wrigglies standing in the rain handing out sweets for the children.

With the Jag transporting all the gear to a roadshow is simple but with my silly little second car it is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE !  I am under pressure. Could anyone help me ? We would need to be loading up round about 6.30am at my home to get to Asda. I then need 
help at the end of the day.

I have three tubs of sweets for Stuart to hand out. If we run out there are plenty more on the supermarket shelf I can buy.

I have purchased ONE THOUSAND balloons to hand out. One thousand need to be blown up and tied to a length of string.

In my experience using one of those silly hand or even electric pumps you can buy to inflate balloons is a waste of time.  The only effective way is using your mouth. To ask anyone to blow up a grand of balloons is a bit much. I need lots of people with lots of puff throughout the day. 

Any offers ?

I don't suppose anyone has access to some helium inflating machinery do they ?

Joining Stuart from Secklow Radio is presenter Catherine Rose.

Hopefully Catherine and I will be working together on a  couple of other projects later in the year taking community radio into the community. I am actually appearing as a guest on her show tomorrow.

The Asda Roadshow lasts for TWELVE HOURS so yours truly will be behind the
microphone for most of the day !

NO that is not putting me under pressure.

See the handsome young guy holding the microphone in the picture below.  LEONITES you remember the 24 hour discos we used to hold. If I could do twenty-four hours back then surely the Gerriatric DJ could manage twelve on the 6th January.

No problem !

However, I want to break the time up with a fun DJ Competition.  Tomorrow I plan to see if I can get Asda staff to pick up the microphone and spin some discs. I am sure that Stuart Moore as he chats to customers will drag some of them in before they hit the shelves of Asda.

But how about this ?

Come on you LEONITES - we are the people ! How many of you can I persuade to drop by for an hour to play some music ?

I was head of year four times at Leon. This pic is just one of those groups. Look at Lord Muck sitting in the middle.  I was proud of you guys and girls then. I am proud to be in contact with so many of you today. Come along and lets share some memories on 6th January.  Come and see that Sir has not lost his ability to bop to the music.

I am working on a quiz sheet to hand out to people. The quiz contains fifty questions about vinyl music. Vinyl is, of course, making a comeback. Every supermarket now sells vinyl. If it aint vinyl then it aint music !

This song is in the playlist for Saturday and is in the quiz. YES, I will be playing it on vinyl. I hope I cue it in a bit better than I do in this video.

Let's have another bit of vinyl.

Don't tell Maureen what ever you do. I was sixteen years old when this record was released. OMG did I have the hots for Sandi Shaw !  Must have been something to do with her feet.
Are you old enough to understand that ?

Leonite Chris put this on my Facebook page last night.

THANKS CHRIS you are a great friend.

It's true of course.

Just wait and see the costume I will be wearing on Saturday 6th !

Leonite Rachel after the comment you made a few weeks back about the shoes your former head of year used to wear I got these.

Yes, I got this wig as well.

Life is a DISCO so DANCE.

When the word gets round to Tesco and Morrissons on Saturday 6th January that The Geriatric DJ is fooling about and dancing in Asda they may as well close their doors.



Help me out on Saturday 6th January and we will have an amazing day supporting all three great causes in Asda's Green Token Scheme.

One last piece of vinyl before I close and publish today's blog ?

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