Saturday, 9 December 2017

OMG I have spent a lot of money

The Devon Chamber of Commerce has called a special meeting to discuss the sudden and unexpected increase in trade. At the same time Halifax Bank has called an emergency meeting of its board today to decide how the sudden withdrawal of funds from my account can be managed without it starting a run on the bank !

I need a bigger car to take home everything I spent money  on yesterday during my little pre-Christmas visit to Teignmouth in Devon

Before I tell you all about my extravagance let's open the next window in the OurRebekah Advent Calendar.

Here's my vinyl purchases from yesterday. I got Ross Conway and Mrs Mills LP's for the old biddies who like that kind of music.

How old do you have to be before you become an old biddie ?

Hopefully I have quite a few years to go before I qualify.

I also gave the CDs on the charity shop shelves a bashing making purchases of: ABBA, The Carpenters, Edith Piaf and The Bachelors.

We will be playing lots of this music on Saturday 16th December at Wrigglies Party in Old Stratford.

Are you coming ?

The Wrigglies party, where I will be playing music with Radio Secklow 105.5 and OurRebekah will be providing the birthday, cakes is going to be absolutely MEGA !

I can now reveal that Radio Secklow 105.5 will have a new DJ making his first appearance. Make sure you come along, meet him and ask for his autograph.  Here's a little preview.

This is not a piece of vinyl we could play at the roadshow on Saturday next week but I wondered if we could have some kind of competition where it became the prize.

What do you think ?

On yesterday's blog I reported the sad story of the lonely and unloved teddy bear who is hoping someone will adopt him next Saturday and make his Christmas very special.

To keep him company i found this big fellow today. Wrigglies Exotic Pets has some pretty amazing animals but to the best of my knowledge it does not have any PINK ELEPHANTS !

Both will be going home from Wrigglies Party and the Seclow Radio Roadshow with someone to give them new homes.

Do you watch Mrs Brown's Boys ?

You naughty person !

I found this from the show in a shop today. It was only for display even if I did try to buy the tree from last year's Christmas edition of Mrs Brown's Boys.

Actually I think the tree is a bit defective, either that or or it is a ventriloquist !

No, I did not buy it. It could have been a bit of fun at the party roadshow though couldn't it ?

I did buy this a smilie face football. I thought we could get people to autograph it next Saturday then send it as a gift to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. As people autograph it they could throw a few coins into a donation bucket for the house.

I thought it could go with the ball the boys from Sheffield Wednesday autographed for Ronald McDonald Birmingham.

Here's another football I removed from a charity shop shelf. It is not really a football but a radio and CD player,  I thought we could run it into the deck and play Secklow live into the party.

We already have a big bag of Christmas chocolate coins to give to the children. I got some small sticks of seaside rock to add to them. 

To remind everyone the party is happening on Saturday 16th December at Wrigglies Exotic Pets in Old Stratford.

For those who do not know where Wrigglies is, simply head out of Milton Keynes on the A5 towards Towcester. It is on the left adjacent to Hobby Fish Farm.  Look out for the big blue notice at the entrance to the car

The party is celebrating Wrigglies third birthday and supporting OurRebekah's work for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. OurRebekah is providing the birthday cakes and Secklow Radio Roadshow will be playing all of the party music.

We are expecting about one thousand people during the course of the day. Please come along and swell the numbers.

OMG I did spend a lot of money today !

I found a shop that is closing down so had a 20% discount on all goods. I dipped into my pocket and snapped up every giant Christmas sack the shop had. These will be perfect for us to deliver the Secret Santa gifts to Birmingham on Monday 18th December.

Cool eh ?

On Thursday next week I am driving to The Churchill Hospital in Oxford to take some Christmas goods to staff in the renal ward and the transplant clinic. 

Ahead of that on Tuesday I am visiting Milton Keynes Hospital with gifts for staff in their renal department.  

I found these fun bags to put the gifts in.

Today is my last day in Devon before heading home. I have heard there is a county-wide ban in place to keep me out of the charity shops but surely there is a lot more vinyl waiting to be rescued and played.

After that unfortunate result at Carrow Road yesterday I am wondering if there is a magic wand on a charity shop shelf I could buy for the club. Failing that I will seek out Russ Conway playing WHO'S SORRY NOW !

Can you lend a hand ?

Tony Ingeldow needs a lift to the roadshow. He needs picking up at Central Milton Keynes or 10am.

We need someone to oversee the games - the teddy and pink elephant, the vinyl clock.

We need someone to hand out the quiz sheets and the chocolate coins.

PLEASE do not be shy.

Step forward and join the fun.

Help everyone support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham as it puts a loving arm around families with a child sick in hospital.

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