Friday, 8 December 2017

I need someone to love me

I am sorry there was no blog yesterday. I was on the road and driving to Devon at the time I am normally writing the page. But here we are bright and early today.

Here in Devon, I am taking a break in Teignmouth, I found this little chap in a shop. I asked him if he would like to come to the Wrigglies Exotic Pets Party in Old Stratford next Saturday.

He said he was very sad and lonely in the shop, he wanted someone to love him.

I asked him what his name was.

He told me he did not have a name, nobody had ever given him one.

Next Saturday at Wrigglies, as part of OurRebakah, this little fellow will be asking people to suggest names. The one he likes best he will go home with. This will be a FREE to enter, fun game.


Time to open today's window in the advent calendar.

.The event at Wrigglies Exotic Pets one week today is a bit of a TRILOGY.

The shop is celebrating its third birthday. About one thousand people are expected to attend during the day.

OurRebekah is providing the birthday cakes and accepting donations on behalf of Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Secklow Radio Roadshow will be playing the music all day and generating a happy party atmosphere.

For those who do not know where Wrigglies is, simply head out of Milton Keynes on the A5 towards Towcester. It is on the left adjacent to Hobby Fish Farm.  Look out for the big blue notice at the entrance to the car

We will be playing a mixture of party, Christmas, classical and bubblegum music. Milton Keyness Mayor David Hopkins will be spinning some discs with us.

Shop manager Ro has asked that we play some "Animal" music.

Something a bit like this Ro ?

Or is this what you had in mind ?

We have a quiz sheet to hand out to people, fifty animal music questions they can take home and do their best to answer,  On Monday 18th December the answers will appear on
the OurRebekah website.

The charity shops down here in Devon are packed with vinyl records, yesterday I spent a little too much !  These and other LP's will be at the roadshow next week.

Today I am going in search of some 7" singles.

Beck's Friends I hope you will all be able to come along next week.

LEONITES - my extra-special friends come along, bring your families - your children will love the animals. Ro is bringing in his pet skunk and I am told there will be an owl joining the
snakes, lizards, frogs and crocodiles.

We have a big tub of chocolate coins for all the children.

A prince among we Leonites, Andy Ward and his son are coming along at 7.30am on Saturday morning - will it be light by then - to help set up the roadshow tent.

I do need help with transport.

Secklow Radio's DJ Tony Ingeldow needs a left from Central Milton Keynes to Wrigglies at 10am on Saturday. 


So please come along on Saturday, have lots of fun and help Teddy to find someone to love him.

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