Tuesday, 12 December 2017

I love Milton Keynes Hospital and all who work there

I came to live in Milton Keynes in September 1971. It was then little more than an idea on a piece of paper.

Our city may be celebrating 50 years but that is the anniversary of the strategic plan. When I came to live here that plan was only just being put into action.

The plan called for the city to have a hospital but back in 1971 that was a part of the plan which was a long way off into the future.

Within the strategic plan an area, a large field, was designated to house the hospital. Many thought the timing within The Milton Keynes Development Corporation's Strategic Plan for a hospital should be given a much higher priority. The Milton Keynes Hospital Action Group was formed. A large question mark was erected in the field and the slogan MILTON KEYNES DYING FOR A HOSPITAL was coined. 

The nearest hospital was Stoke Manderville in Aylesbury. A fast ambulance could take a
patient there in twenty minutes but it usually took longer. It was not until 1983 that Milton Keynes finally got its hospital.

Forty-six years years since I came to live in The New City of Milton Keynes what a fantastic hospital we now have. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful hospital.

More than most I understand our National Health Service. Throughout Rebekah's life I was a part of her medical care. As a child I would take her to the pediatric chronic renal failure clinic in Guys Hospital, London. In adult life I was her taxi taking her to the renal departments in Milton Keynes and Oxford Hospitals.  I am able to make an expert opinion on the working of our NHS and of Milton Keynes Hospital. I love our NHS, I love Milton Keynes Hospital. 

Early this morning, before staff are there I will be visiting the renal department. I am going to dress in festive attire and leave a bag of gifts for the staff who cared for Rebekah. Some gifts to nibble on during their break.

Renal Consultant, Phil Mason, said to me I DO NOT TREAT MY PATIENTS - I CARE FOR THEM.  How true, how very true. That is the philosophy of everyone in our wonderful hospital.

Tomorrow I will undertake a similar mission visiting The Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

If you love our hospital please share this blog as a thank you to all who work there.

I have just opened the latest window on OurRebekah's Advent Calendar. Today I would like to play the song not only for Ronald McDonald Houses but for Milton Keynes Hospital, indeed for all hospitals and for those who work there - every hospital up and down the country, hospitals within our wonderful National Health Service.

THANK YOU to all who work there.

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