Monday, 4 December 2017

Hours in the day !

Who was it who decided there should be twenty-four hours in the day ?

I am sorry but twenty-for are just  not enough !

If I can get to the end of today with my sanity intact it will be something of a miracle !  The doings list for Tuesday 5th December 2017 is - well there is no a hyperbole able to describe it...............

HE HE HE. Or should that be HO HO HO ?


Let's have today Advent Calendar window opened and enjoy a lovely piece of Christmas Music.

I like that song, don't you ?

It was fun playing Christmas music yesterday in the West Bletchley Community Centre's charity shop.  All would have been fine if I had stuck to just playing the music but you now me, I can't leave things simple can I ?

I decided to switch the webcam on and broadcast into Facebook. Fifty-six people logged in and started to watch. The image was OK but NO SOUND.  Oh dear.

Thank you Maplin Electronics. I now have a new webcam which they tell me will do the job today. As well as buying the cam I invested in a lead so the cam can be behind me, looking over my shoulder at the shop. People today will not have to look at my ugly face !

I all goes well I will have the cam broadcasting live into Facebook from 8.30am to 11.30am.

They tell me that Tuesday is the busiest day of the week in the shop.

Immediately I have finished playing music I will be heading to Bletchley Youth Centre for a meeting. I must remember to take off my Santa gear before I go.

This evening I have a treat in store for myself. A bit of indulgence for yours truly. I am going to watch a performance of The Nutcracker by The Royal Ballet Company. I love all kinds of music but I have to say ballet is my favourite. The Royal Ballet Company is not actually my favourite ballet company, that accolade belongs to The Bolshoi in Moscow. Here's a little clip from The Nutcracker.

I will be going to watch The Nutcracker performed by The Bolshoi a little later in the month.

Hang on a minute I am going to stop writing. Be back in a moment.

BACK !  Just spent £20, well £19.99, with Amazon to by the DVD of The Bolshoi performing The Nutcracker. A little pre-Christmas treat for myself.

OK - back to the blog.

THANK YOU to all who sent me details of their first car following yesterday's little feature.

Thank you to: 

Simon Nobes Mine was a Ford Anglia 105E in sky blue. WRO 466E it had a V shaped front where Paul Hale stopped in front of me.  Also XR1 on the boot in 3 inch letters

Richard Ashford: My first car was an Austin 1100, PNT127G and my dream car (vehicle) would be a VW Campervan.

Cherrill Saunders My first car was one of these. Not this particular one, but the same colour and same year.

I did hope a few more people would have responded. I did say I would make a musical presentation for those who did respond but I have not had time yet to do that so, tell you what, I'll let it run for another 24 hours. 

I have everything ready for playing music at Wrigglies Exotic Pets birthday party on Saturday 16th December. Well almost !

I need some help.

Firstly I could do with a hand setting everything up. Mainly putting up the tent which will house the tent. 

Anyone feel strong ?

I need help - wait for it - at 7.30am so we are ready to Rock and Roll well before the shop

I also need help with something else.

I am putting together a bit of a fun quiz sheet to hand out to people. A quiz people can try to answer from their own knowledge then as Mr Google for help if there are any questions they can not manage solo.

The plan is to have twenty-five animal related music questions. At the moment I have only twenty-one.

These are the questions I have at the moment. Can you come up with another four ?

1.     How many hit songs can you name by the group THE ANIMALS ?  List them.
2.    The were recycling scavengers in SW19…………….
3.    You, Me And A Dog Named ?????? A hit from Lobo.  What was the dog’s name ?
4.    Who had a hit with Doggie In The Window ?
5.    Who lived in a Dutch windmill ?
6.    Deuteronomy was a character in which musical ?
7.    In which Disney film do two Siamese Cats feature.
8.    Who had the original hit with a song about a frog called Barney ?
9.    What was the colour of the horses Jackie Lee sang about ?
10. According to the song which animal was left out of Noah’s Ark ?
11.   Captain Beaky sang about a snake.  What was the snake’s name ?
12. John Williams composed the theme music to the film Jaws. In which year was the film released ?
13. Michael Jackson sang about Ben. Who was Ben ?
14.  Lulu had a feline hit. Name that tune.
15. Which animal dis Rolf Harris want tethered ?
16. Which animal sleeps in the song Wimoweh ?
17. In the song Hole In My Shoe which bird’s back did the singer climb upon ?
18. In Cat Stevens hit which bird has spoken ?
19. Which insects did Buddy Holly sing with ?
20.The Forces Sweetheart sang about what bird flying over the Kent Coast ?
21. What kind of dog did Lonnie Donnegan’s father find in a dustbin ?

The music at Wrigglies on Saturday 16th December began as an OurRebekah event, it still is, but when I joined the team at Radio Secklow 105.5 I opened the event to launch The Secklow Radio Roadshow..  Mayor David Hopkins is coming to spin some discs as DJ to
launch the roadshow.

At the top of my DOINGS LIST before I get into my Santa Suit and head off to play Christmas Music is to e-mail all of the presenters at Secklow 105.5 and invite them to come along.

At the very start of planning The Secklow Radio Roadshow I decided it would have its own theme tune.

Here it is....................

What do you think ?

And with that I'll sign off and end today's blog.  Watch out for the webcam on Facebook. Tell me about your first car. Can you help on the 16th ?  Any ideas for the animal quiz ?

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