Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Do you like my jumper ?

Yesterday 157 friends read the blog bringing the weekly total to 789.  

Christmas will soon be here, don't know about you but I am nowhere near ready.

As I start writing this blog page the Advent Calendar Window for today is uploading to YouTube. Let me have a look and see how it's doing...................

Oh that's cool - just finished.  Here you go.

The JustGiving page is still at where it is. There's another £410 from Little Houghton Day Nursery's Christmas Raffle yet to be added which will bring it up to £2,819. I would so much like it if we hit £3,000 by Christmas Day.

If the boys from Sheffield Wednesday score two goals on Saturday against Middlesborough that would do it. Brummie Owls Sponsorship for the day stands at one hundred pounds a goal.

I will be at Hillsborough cheering on the team.  I am not certain if my Christmas Jumper meets the club's dress code. I think ahead of the game I will visit the club shop and treat myself to a club tie.

That photograph of me in my jumper was taken yesterday in the studio at Secklow 105.5 as I reported on the two Secklow Radio Roadshows held last week. Our next roadshow is
happening on Saturday 6th January at Asda Supermarket in Bletchley.

I would like to have one or two Secklow Radio Roadshows every month. 

Do you run a community, social or sporting group ?      Do you have a business, large or small, which has an EFFECTIVE and ACTIVE community programme ?

Could we bring the Secklow Radio Roadshow along to support you and what you do ?

Roadshow events are NOT outside broadcasters but playing music to support what you are doing.

Please speak to me - don't be shy, let's get your group into the roadshow diary.

I was a good boy yesterday - a very good boy. I typed up all outstanding notes for my latest  book THE BRIDGE HOUSE. 

The remaining five or six thousand words are in my head, I just need to take them out and into my notebook then type them up into the draft edition.

If I  am a mega good boy that could be achieved by February.

The the hard work begins. I could do with some help there. I need people to proof read the text and help me eliminate the typos !  I need short review comments to appear on the back cover. Could you help me ?

The story has reached the point where this photograph was taken.

That's me playing cricket with Mac, the family pet dog. I write under the pen-name of Max Robinson. Robinson is my Mother's maiden name and Max is a slight alteration of the name Mac.

I am going to do now something which is very much out of character. I am going to shut up. Let's keep the blog short today. 

Catch you again tomorrow.

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