Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bristol - A city proud to be scruffy !

Bristol - WHAT A DUMP !

Do not stand still anywhere in this scruffy city - someone will appear from out of nowhere and spray paint over you.

There are few surfaces anywhere in this unfortunate British city that have not been vandalised in such a way.

The strange thing about this is the city is proud of itself for the mess.

What ever happened to SHIP SHAPE AND BRISTOL FASHION ?

Bristol a city proud to be scruffy !

I go to Bristol to see my granddaughters. I had a lovely day with them yesterday.

I wish there were some way to be transported in and out of their home without having to drive through  the scruffy dump which is Bristol.

In contrast I will today be driving to Sheffield.  Yeh, yeh I am a Sheffield Wednesday fan - you all know that and YEH I am going to Hillsborough again but I have known Sheffield for a very long time, well before I discovered the football club. We are talking thirty and more year here. 

SHEFFIELD - the city with a warm welcome.  That's true you know. From the car park attendant to the club director I know I will be made welcome today and do you know what ?  I can guarantee there will not be a single piece of graffiti to be seen anywhere.

A question for you ?

Is this graffiti ?

The image is BANNED from being viewed by anyone in Bristol - I do not want it appearing on any walls !

Setting modesty aside I like it.  Yeh I know I have not looked like that for centuries.

The failed dental surgery has destroyed my smile and the receding hairline, RAPIDLY receding hairline, does not do much for me. I have this fear that 2018 could be the year when silver takes over.

I wonder if some Bristol spray painter could change the way I look !

That pencil drawing of Yours Truly came from one of those fun little things you find now and then on Facebook. When it was shared on my timeline so many people said that is how they remember me. The hair, the crooked tie and outside the image the platform shoes.

So here we are 4.28am Monday 1st January 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way.

What will this New Year bring ?

A thought.........

I hope what ever it brings comes more from locations like Sheffield and NOT from scruffy places like Bristol.  That is a metaphor of course.

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